TIGER PAN Designer Profile
TIGER PAN is an award-winning designer with 40 featured award-winning projects.

TIGER PAN is a contemporary, valuable packaging designer, and is recognised in the industry as the “craftsman” with both aesthetic spirit and business value. With his own characters and a restricted quantity of products, he only produces 10 designs annually, but receives the most awards in the industry. This includes 5 Red Dot Awards (including the first mainland China “Red Dot Award Best of the Best”) and 50 different awards including 11 Pentawards. He always had a strong belief that products were the best representation of design value. By using a subversive, creative design, it pushes forward the product’s evolution of aesthetic appreciation and upgrade of value. There is never a need of conflict or negotiation between design and business, because an unexpected business value is always created with the design. He is constantly studying and exploring in the field of aesthetics, and is also a guest professor at seven Chinese institutions of higher learning. Because of some mild deep-rooted arrogance, he has even stricter guidelines for himself than those around him. As a designer, it is rare that he doesn’t stay up late, and his working hours are from 5am to 10am. The rest of his time is used for cross country running, supercar racing, caravan camping, antique collecting, and other interests and hobbies. He has a passion for his life and work, and enjoys sudden inspiration and the joy it brings.

Tsingtao White Beer
Snow Breweries-Jiang Xin Ying Zao  Beer
Kisseal Beverage
ZhuoQing Instant Tea Essence
Wen Niang Yellow Rice Wine
Snow Lion Beer Beer
Plant Doctor Skin Care Essence Packaging
Frangi Skincare Essence
Changyu CS Brandy
Lineage de La Foliole Packaging
Snow Breweries-Snow Beer Beer
Solar Media Package Reuse Solution
Niulanshan  Zodiac Ox Edition
Jianlibao Wepop Sugar-free Sparkling Water
Circle Unfulfilled Massage Device
Changyu Legend Fine Brandy
Fenjiu National Gifts Liquor Packaging
Jiugui Cave Storage Chinese Baijiu Packaging
Bestore  Gifted Box
Loch Lomond Whisky Packaging
Frangi Premium Skin Care Series
Hao Xiang Ni  Leisure Food
2000 meters Black Tea
Success Long Run Commonweal Poster
Wanglaoji Recipe 1828 Beverage
Snow Breweries-Ying Xiong Pu Beer
Great Wall No.9 Wine Packaging
Shuanghui Rebrand Packaging
Sunboy Gift Box Sunflower Seeds Packaging
C Cell Vitality Mineral Water Packaging
Ramen Fan Instant Noodles Packaging
Strong Tiger Chinese Baijiu Packaging
Bestore Handy Gift Series Snacks Gifts Box
Snow Beer: Marrs Green Beer
Luhua Xiaomo Sesame Oil
Fenjiu Reborn Chinese Baijiu Packaging
Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea Beverage
Shanghai Yaozao Liquid Soap
Harmony Cigar Tobacco
Liuliu Mei Plum Packaging