TIGER PAN Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea Beverage
Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea Beverage is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea Beverage

WANGLAOJI’s Black Herbal Tea is known to many in China through the packaging designer after he posted the design on his social media. The graphic design depicts the networked lifestyle of most young people, presenting interesting scenes and playthings from their daily life. The packing box is designed into a hexagonal prism with a storage of 12 bottles. The special model will distribute the carrying weight by the handle of thick and wide paper, which will stimulate people to consume and share the product. And the colorful black is not only arresting but also creative and innovative.

Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea Beverage
TIGER PAN Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea
TIGER PAN Beverage
TIGER PAN design
TIGER PAN design

TIGER PAN is a contemporary, valuable packaging designer, and is recognised in the industry as the “craftsman” with both aesthetic spirit and business value. With his own characters and a restricted quantity of products, he only produces 10 designs annually, but receives the most awards in the industry. This includes 5 Red Dot Awards (including the first mainland China “Red Dot Award Best of the Best”) and 50 different awards including 11 Pentawards. He always had a strong belief that products were the best representation of design value. By using a subversive, creative design, it pushes forward the product’s evolution of aesthetic appreciation and upgrade of value. There is never a need of conflict or negotiation between design and business, because an unexpected business value is always created with the design. He is constantly studying and exploring in the field of aesthetics, and is also a guest professor at seven Chinese institutions of higher learning. Because of some mild deep-rooted arrogance, he has even stricter guidelines for himself than those around him. As a designer, it is rare that he doesn’t stay up late, and his working hours are from 5am to 10am. The rest of his time is used for cross country running, supercar racing, caravan camping, antique collecting, and other interests and hobbies. He has a passion for his life and work, and enjoys sudden inspiration and the joy it brings.

Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Wanglaoji is a very famous company in China and their main product of herbal tea is known to all Chinese families. It is so welcome that people gradually realize and accept the notion that herbal tea can be consumed every day for the sake of health. And this new product of black herbal tea targets at young people and it is already well-known to many after the package design is made.