A' Design Award Fees and Costs
A' Design Award and Competition entry fees depend on four factors: 1. Account Type, 2. Nomination Period, 3. Entry Type and 4. Preliminary Score. It is free to register an account, upload a design and get a preliminary score.
Calculate Nomination Fees

Nomination Fee Calculator helps you to see a definitive price for taking part in the A’ Design Award and Competition. You will be asked to make four choices for Account Type, Entry Period, Entry Type and Preliminary Score and the Nomination Fee Calculator will give you the exact price of nomination.

Account Types

A' Design Award and Competition engages in positive price discrimination for the entry fees. Individuals pay less while companies and businesses pay more for entry. Refer to A' Design Award Account Types list to ensure you participate with the correct account type.

Entry Period

Early, Regular and Late are major nomination periods in which you could submit your entries for design award consideration. It costs less to nominate an entry in early or regular period compared to late entry period. It is a good idea to enter your work earlier when possible to benefit from preliminary score and preliminary jury comments to improve your presentation.

Entry Types

Normal participation to A' Design Award and Competition is called Professional Entry where you compete and become eligible for the whole A' Design Award Prize if your work is selected as a winner. A' Design Award and Competition also allows you to make a Digital Entry, where nomination fees are highly discounted in return for giving your rights to physical components of the A' Design Prize such as trophy, yearbook, printed certificates, printed posters and similar. Learn about Digital and Professional Entry now.

Preliminary Score

Preliminary Checks is a free of charge service provided by A’ Design Award and Competition for all entries, where a preliminary jury member provides your work with a complimentary preliminary score. It is not obligatory to have a preliminary score to take part, however if you have a preliminary score, and if your preliminary score is high, you could get a discount for participation.

No Further Fees

A' Design Award and Competition has a very special no further fees policy that is aimed to ensure that participants could take part in the competition without being worried about any unexpected fees or costs. A' Design Award however have some other fees and fines that you should be aware of, check the no further fees policy to learn all about these.

Account Services

A' Design Award and Competition provides several account services free of charge and many other optional services with a nominal fee. Account Services cover almost everything a participant could need, ranging from custom signed letters to services where you request us to do something on your behalf.

On Demand Services

On Demand services are additional services that could be requested by design award laureates and participants during, before and after their participation. Services range from turnkey nomination to presentation improvements, on demand services include but not limited to visualization, presentation and submission to design award as well as other additional promotion services such as video interviews, social features and more.

Nomination Tickets

Nomination Tickets are prepaid design award entry waivers that allows you to bypass payment and complete the nomination procedure. Participants purchase nomination tickets in advance to save costs on nomination. Nomination Tickets are valid for 365 days, Nomination Tickets are usually sold during promotion campaigns and they could be bought in bulk to save entry fees.

Multiple Entry Discounts

A' Design Award and Competition offers bulk nomination packages for designers and enterprises who wish to nominate multiple designs for award consideration. Bulk Nomination packages contain multiple nomination tickets that could b e used within 365 days of their purchase at greatly discounted prices.

Making a Payment

Making a Payment to A' Design Award and Competition is easy. We accept all major credit cards, as well as wire-transfers and several other methods. Payments’ Page lists all accepted payment methods and provides information you might need to make a wire-transfer. We are also able to issue proforma invoices that you might require for making a payment.