TIGER PAN Yep Collagen Product
Yep Collagen Product is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Yep Collagen Product

Yep uses products with beauty and content to convey the attitude of sweet life and cool work to young and energetic people and fashionable and cutting-edge women with attitudes. The shape of the outer box is a triangle, which means the stability and powerful power of the product and consumer women. The pink and elastic logo conveys the touch of youthful vitality and seeks the balance between trust and fashion.

Yep Collagen Product
TIGER PAN Collagen Product
TIGER PAN design
TIGER PAN design
By-Health Co., Ltd.

BY-HEALTH was founded in October 1995. In 2002, BY-HEALTH systematically introduced dietary nutritional supplements into the non-direct sales field in China, and rapidly grew into a leading brand and benchmarking enterprise of dietary nutritional supplements in China. By-Health implements a scientific nutrition strategy, relying on modern Nutrition Science has established a comprehensive scientific system of dietary nutritional supplements; joined hands with global frontier scientific research forces, continued to carry out scientific nutrition and nutritional intervention research on chronic diseases, and created the ultimate scientific nutritional product power with the ultimate scientific spirit.