TIGER PAN Luckin 2.0 Drip Coffee Packaging
Luckin 2.0 Drip Coffee Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Luckin 2.0 Drip Coffee Packaging

The top five Luckin Coffee beans of the first generation were upgraded to the second which brought a specific image to consumers, Luckin Coffee displayed the origin of Africa, Yunnan(China), and more coffee-producing areas on the packaging. Local plants and animals are portrayed as eco-friendly scenes in the eyes of consumers. The new 2.0 series retains the original packaging information layout and maintains the familiarity of consumers with this product.

Luckin 2.0 Drip Coffee Packaging
TIGER PAN Luckin 2.0
TIGER PAN Drip Coffee Packaging
TIGER PAN design
TIGER PAN design
Lucky Coffee Technology (China) Co., Ltd.

Luckin Coffee, headquartered in Xiamen, is one of the largest chain coffee brands in China. With the mission of "creating lucky moments and stimulating the desire for a better life", Luckin Coffee makes full use of the new retail model of mobile internet and big data technology, and cooperates with high-quality suppliers in various fields to create high-quality consumer experience and create lucky moments for customers.