A' Design Prize

A' Design Prize

Good Design, Great Prize.

A' Design Prize is a coveted, rich and grand package of services, goods and merchandise granted to eligible winners of the A' Design Award to celebrate and amplify their success.

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Design Award Winner Logo

Award Winner Logo

Leverage the A' Design Award Winner Logo to Boost Credibility, Prestige, and Sales

The A' Design Award Winner Logo is a powerful symbol of design excellence, offering your brand numerous benefits such as enhanced credibility, customer influence, and promotional impact. Integrating the prestigious A' Design Award Winner Logo into your visual identity and marketing strategies showcases your commitment to high-quality design, setting you apart from competitors. The prestigious A' Design Award Winner Logo enables your brand to attract and retain customers, drive sales, and strengthen its market position.

Displaying the A' Design Award Winner Logo fosters a culture of innovation and excellence within your company, boosting employee morale and attracting top talent. This dedication to design excellence strengthens business relationships, opening opportunities for growth and expansion, further solidifying your brand's reputation as an industry leader.

Leveraging the A' Design Award Winner Logo in your marketing materials increases visibility and recognition, capturing the attention of journalists, influencers, and potential clients. Ultimately, the A' Design Award Winner Logo can help increase your sales and profitability by reducing marketing costs through positive impact on consumer preferences and purchasing decisions.

Winner Logo

Design Exhibition

Design Exhibition

Experience the World's Best Design at A' Design Award Exhibition

The A' Design Award Winner's Exhibition offers a distinguished platform for designers to showcase their award-winning designs on a global stage and reach an influential audience of design enthusiasts, industry leaders, journalists and cultural elites. The exhibition also provides a unique opportunity for designers to have their work added to the permanent collection of our prestigious design museum, highlighting their contribution to the field of design and celebrating their creativity and innovation.

As a pro-edition laureate, you'll benefit from a range of services provided free of charge, including premium physical space allocation in Italy and abroad, expert handling and installation of your designs, exhibition certificates, and preparation of posters and infographics to showcase your work to the world. Our comprehensive exhibition services and extensive publicity can also help you elevate your brand's presence, boost your career, and contribute to a greater cause that benefits society as a whole.

With the exhibition first physically displayed in Italy and then moved to several countries across the globe each year, you'll have a unique opportunity to gain global exposure and reach new audiences of design enthusiasts and industry professionals. Join us now and be part of a community that values good design and its potential to make a positive impact in the world.

Design Exhibition

Media Partners

Media Partners and PR Network

Showcasing Award-Winning Designs to the World: A' Design Awards' Global Platform for Design Excellence

A' Design Awards has partnered with leading design, art, and architecture publications and news networks to provide winners with a platform to showcase their work, gain visibility, recognition, and business opportunities. This exceptional media network helps bridge the gap between designers and their audiences, bringing exceptional designs to the forefront and providing recognition and exposure for the hard work that goes into creating them.

A' Design Awards is committed to providing a fair and impartial process that highlights outstanding design work from around the globe. Media partners have the autonomy to choose which designs to feature, showcasing a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, and promoting inclusivity and creativity in the design industry. Through our partnership with influential press and media outlets, A' Design Award winners receive exceptional exposure and reach worldwide. Additionally, A' Design Awards offers free translation services through the International Design News Network, which publishes winners in over 100+ languages, maximizing their reach and unlocking global potential for their good design.

Winning an A' Design Award is a newsworthy achievement that provides designers and brands with the opportunity to connect with journalists, share their work, and promote their good design to a worldwide audience. Our media partners are passionate about design and pledge to provide coverage of A' Design Award events, exhibitions, and initiatives, ensuring that good design gains the recognition it deserves. Through interviews and video coverage, designers and brands have the opportunity to share their unique design process and motivations behind their award-winning designs, creating a compelling story that helps form a personal connection with potential clients, customers, journalists, and media members.

Media Partners

Grand Award Jury

Grand Award Jury

Expert Jury and Rigorous Methodology: The A' Design Award's Path to Recognizing Excellence

The A' Design Award is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious design competitions globally. Its rigorous evaluation process is what sets it apart, with a large and diverse Grand Award Jury Panel made up of scholars, press members, creative design professionals, and experienced entrepreneurs from around the world. This jury is responsible for evaluating the submissions using a standardized scoring mechanism that includes the use of z-scores to provide a fair and objective evaluation of the designs.

In addition to its large and diverse jury panel, the A' Design Award values and promotes ethical behavior in the design community, which is reflected in its anonymous evaluation process. The identity of the designer or design team is not revealed to the jurors during the evaluation process, ensuring that the evaluation is based solely on the quality and merit of the design itself, rather than the reputation or other factors related to the designer or design team. Anonymity helps to eliminate biases and provides a fair and objective evaluation of the design.

The A' Design Award also places significant value on ensuring impartiality and fairness in its evaluation process. To this end, in addition to anonymous voting, the jury panel is refreshed annually to maintain a diverse and unbiased pool of experts, with new jurors selected based on their experience and expertise in their respective fields. This practice ensures that new perspectives and ideas are taken into consideration, which is crucial in promoting the highest standards of design and ensuring that the most deserving submissions are recognized. The inclusion of new jurors also helps to maintain the integrity and credibility of the award and underscores our commitment to promoting ethical behavior in the design community.

Grand Award Jury

Benefit for Brands

Benefits and Advantages for Brands

Unlocking the Benefits and Advantages of A' Design Award for Brands

The A' Design Award provides a range of benefits and advantages for brands looking to set themselves apart from the competition and establish themselves as design leaders. By winning the A' Design Award, brands can boost their reputation and credibility, create positive brand differentiation, and benefit from networking and expanding their connections. The award serves as a powerful marketing tool, demonstrating a commitment to quality and innovation, and differentiating the brand from competitors.

Winning the A' Design Award also certifies the quality and innovation of the brand's work, providing an official Excellence in Design Certificate, and Affidavit-Based Creativity, Innovation and Design Quality Certificates upon request. Brands can also elevate their brand's reputation with the A' Design Award Winner Logo, which can be prominently displayed on products, marketing materials, and website.

Furthermore, winning the A' Design Award can increase brand reach through media partners and press coverage, showcase the brand on a global stage through physical and digital exhibitions, and be included in the A' Design Awards' Brand Design Rankings, which showcases the most innovative and design-oriented brands across multiple industries. By joining the A' Design Award, brands can be part of a distinguished group of design leaders driving change in their industries and inspire others with their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and design excellence.

Benefits for Brands

Credible and Trusted Awards

A' Design Award Winner Embeddings: Designed to Enhance Brand Credibility and Visibility

A Unique Tool to Enhance Credibility, Visibility, and Competitive Advantage : Transforming Recognition into Market Advantage with A' Design Award Winner Embeddings

The A' Design Award Winner Embeddings are meticulously crafted tools that include a set of images, text, and code snippets, designed to highlight and promote your esteemed award status. They serve as an extension of your recognition, aiming to effectively communicate your design prowess to clients, customers, and the media. Designed with the intent to augment your brand's reputation, these embeddings can help accentuate the superior quality and innovation associated with your brand, potentially increasing profits and drawing positive attention to your work.

In the vast expanse of digital space, the Winner Embeddings are engineered to amplify your online presence and credibility. By creating a tangible link back to your awards page, they aim to enhance your brand's search engine optimization performance and overall digital footprint. Moreover, they offer an element of verifiability, thereby fostering transparency and building trust among your audience, an essential factor in today's digital era.

As a celebrated laureate of the A' Design Award, the exclusive privilege of using these prestigious Winner Embeddings is yours. This testament of success not only differentiates your brand in the marketplace but also opens the door to premium pricing and the acquisition of high-quality talent. Additionally, showcasing these accolades can uplift the morale of your workforce, contributing positively to your organizational culture and potentially enhancing profitability. A' Design Award Winner Embeddings offer a unique possibility to enhance your brand, engage your audience, and chart a path to greater success and profitability.

Winner Status Embeddings

Award Winners

Unleash Your Brand's Potential with the A' Design Award Winner's List and Showcase

Elevate Your Brand's Visibility, Credibility, and Success Through the Power of Detailed Award Status Explanations in the A' Design Award Winner's List and Showcase.

The A' Design Award Winner's List and Showcase celebrates and promotes the achievements of the world's most innovative and influential brands and designers. As a winner of the A' Design Award, your brand will be featured in this prestigious showcase, alongside detailed explanations of your award status. These comprehensive descriptions delve into the unique qualities, innovative features, and societal impact of your award-winning design, providing a deeper understanding of your brand's accomplishments and expertise.

Inclusion in the A' Design Award Winner's Showcase, coupled with the detailed award status explanations, serve as a powerful third-party validation, elevating your brand's perception and credibility in the eyes of consumers, industry peers, and journalists. By articulating the rigorous criteria met and the exceptional aspects recognized, the A' Design Award helps establish trust in your brand's achievements and differentiate you from your competitors which can lead to new business opportunities, enhanced media coverage, and a stronger connection with your target audience.

Recognizing the strategic importance of marketing and exposure, the A' Design Award Winner's List and Showcase is integrated as a key component of the A' Design Prize. This inclusion underscores the commitment of the A' Design Award to promoting design excellence and supporting the brand growth of its winners. Through A' Design Awards, awarded designers and brands gain a mark of prestige and further receive a comprehensive suite of promotional benefits that highlight their success and innovation in design, drive business growth, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

The A' Design Award Winner's List

A' Design Award Video Elements

A' Design Award Video Elements: A Powerful Tool for Communicating Your Award-Winning Status

Express Your Prestigious A' Design Award Status to Clients, Customers, Consumers, and the Media

A' Design Award Video Elements are high-quality, professionally crafted audio-visual assets designed to highlight your award-winning status. These elements include Animated Logos, Lower Thirds, Winner Introductions, Trophy Animations, Content Transitions, Animated Backgrounds, Intro/Outro Slides, Film Scripts, Keyframe Suggestions, and Event Footage from A' Design Award Gala Night and Award Ceremony as well as Exhibitions.

By utilizing these elements, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and communicate your design excellence in a visually compelling way. Such an approach, along with the prestige of the A' Design Award, has the potential to enhance your brand's reputation, increase visibility, and foster an environment that could potentially lead to an increase in demand, sales, and profits.

The A' Design Award Video Elements are included in the A' Design Prize and can be used by winners free of charge. Their integration into your marketing efforts can serve as a testament to your achievement and a reminder of your commitment to design excellence. With this potent tool at your disposal, you have the potential to amplify your brand's message and reach a wider audience.

Award Winner Video Elements

Prime Clubs

Bridging Innovation and Recognition: The Prime Clubs

Catalyzing Growth and Recognition for Global Design and Business Leaders

Prime Clubs are esteemed global platforms that champion design and innovation across diverse sectors. These clubs are an integral part of the A' Design Prize, an honor bestowed upon distinguished designers, brands, and institutions. The Prime Clubs are dedicated to recognizing, celebrating, and promoting excellence, thus acknowledging the transformative impact of superior design and innovation on our society.

Through Prime Clubs, award-winning designers and brands can attain global recognition and brand enhancement. This prestigious affiliation not only amplifies visibility within the industry, but it also inspires the pursuit of higher standards of design and functionality. Membership in Prime Clubs thus represents a significant milestone in one's career, enhancing credibility and serving as a testament to exceptional achievement.

By offering avenues for networking and mentorship, Prime Clubs open the gateway to a thriving global community of industry leaders and design enthusiasts. These connections can catalyze growth and provide access to exclusive industry resources, paving the way for future collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities. An invitation to join the Prime Clubs is included as part of the A' Design Prize - a clear indication of your hard-earned success and a confirmation of your significant contributions to societal advancement. With Prime Clubs, continue to set benchmarks in your field, shape the world through design, and perpetuate the ethos of excellence that propels our society forward.

Prime Clubs

Designer of the Year Award

Grand Honors: Designer of the Year Nomination

Exclusive Recognition for Outstanding Creativity

The Designer of the Year Award is an esteemed recognition that celebrates one unique individual annually for their exemplary contributions to the fields of design, art and architecture. The Designer of the Year accolade is highly special as it bears the wet signatures of 40 distinguished award-winning designers, a testament to its authenticity and grandeur. The Designer of the Year honor lauds designers who are not only meticulous and creative but also have the drive to effect positive changes through their groundbreaking designs.

Being a laureate of the A' Design Award comes with many distinctive benefits, one of which includes the exclusive eligibility for nomination for the illustrious Designer of the Year Award. This privilege is only extended to top A' Design Award winners, further amplifying their prestige and success.

Designer of the Year

Design Interviews

Power of Your Story: Design Interviews

Seize the Opportunity to Shine: Get Published and Amplify Your Design Journey with Design Interviews

Design Interviews, an integral part of the A' Design Award ecosystem, is an innovative platform where award-winning designers narrate their inspiration, philosophy, and design journey. These interviews, published on globally recognized platforms such as Design Legends and Magnificent Designers, offer a personalized narrative of each designer's unique creative process, amplifying their voice in the global design community.

Participating in Design Interviews provides a remarkable opportunity for A' Design Award winners to increase their visibility and reach. By crafting meaningful dialogues around their design process and philosophy, winners can foster deeper connections with their audience. The published interviews, rich in context and personal insights, serve as compelling content for media houses, potential clients, and design enthusiasts worldwide. This not only aids in brand-building and reputation management but also bolsters opportunities for networking and collaboration.

As a part of the comprehensive A' Design Prize package, the opportunity to feature in Design Interviews is indeed a privilege. This service is one among many benefits provided to celebrate and amplify the success of our laureates. By participating in Design Interviews, designers can effectively utilize the A' Design platform to articulate their vision, values, and the impact of their award-winning designs. Ultimately, Design Interviews contributes to our mission of creating a nurturing environment for good design to flourish, encouraging global understanding, appreciation, and demand for exceptional design work.

Design Interviews

Design Award Certificate

Master Your Success with the Excellence in Design Certificate

Validate your design prowess and amplify your brand's market presence with Excellence in Design Certificate

The Excellence in Design Certificate, a prestigious recognition awarded to winners of the A' Design Award, serves as an international testament to your design skills, creativity, and innovation. This certificate is more than a token of achievement; it is a hallmark of design excellence, recognizing your unique talent and the exceptional quality of your work.

With this certificate in your arsenal, you can effectively communicate your design excellence to clients, consumers, customers, industry peers and the media. It empowers your marketing efforts, enhancing your brand visibility and offering a competitive edge in the bustling design landscape. For potential clients, it works as a trust signal, verifying your commitment to superior design and quality. For existing customers, it reaffirms their trust in your brand, cementing loyalty. In media interactions, the certificate serves as a potent talking point, showcasing your credentials and boosting your brand's newsworthiness.

The Excellence in Design Certificate is one of the exclusive benefits included within the A' Design Prize. We believe in celebrating and promoting design brilliance, and this certificate serves as a vehicle for that mission. It is our way of helping you gain the recognition you deserve and leverage it for your continued success in the design world. Eligible laureates obtain their Excellence in Design Certificate, printed and framed, during A' Design Award's Gala-Night and Award Ceremony.

Excellence in Design Certificate

Design Award Luminary Guide

Capitalize on the A' Design Award Gala Night with the Luminary Guide

Navigate the Gala Night with Ease and Purpose, Engaging in Meaningful Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

The Luminary Guide serves as an interactive directory that provides information on the A' Design Award winners who will be attending the Gala Night and Award Ceremony. It includes details such as the laureates' names, photos, design specializations, and links to their design portfolios. The Luminary Guide is an indispensable tool for winners of the A' Design Award. It serves as a roadmap to the Gala Night and Award Ceremony, the pivotal event where design enthusiasts, professionals, and pioneers gather to celebrate the best designs of the year. The guide provides an overview of who's who, enabling winners to strategize their interactions and maximize their exposure.

The Luminary Guide's value extends beyond a mere directory. It acts as a catalyst for creating meaningful connections and collaborations with fellow award-winners, esteemed jury members, design patrons, and the international media present at the Gala. With this guide, winners can take advantage of the rich networking potential of the Gala Night, forming alliances that could shape their design career and business growth. It's an opportunity to stand out, showcase your design prowess, and directly reach consumers, clients, customers, and media.

The Luminary Guide is one of the many benefits encompassed within the A' Design Prize. We believe in providing comprehensive support to our winners, from award recognition to the exposure and networking opportunities that the Gala Night brings. Our exclusive Luminary Guide complements the A' Design Prize's mission - to celebrate, publicize, and push forward the boundaries of design excellence.

Luminary Guide

International Design News Network

Amplify Your Design's Global Reach with Multilingual Translations and Publications

Unlock global exposure for your award-winning designs with our comprehensive translation and international publication services.

The International Design News Network (IDNN) is a groundbreaking initiative by the A' Design Award, aiming to transcend language and geographical barriers, and bring your design to a truly global platform. Our complete commitment to multilingual promotion means your award-winning designs are not just celebrated, but translated into 108 languages and published across an international network of design-focused publications.

Imagine the exponential growth and recognition your design could achieve when your creative work resonates in the native language of the reader. The A' Design Award equips you with the invaluable advantage of speaking the language of your potential customers, partners, and media across the world. Our multilingual translations and publications via IDNN are your gateway to expanding business opportunities, reaching new markets, and connecting with a diverse, global audience who can truly appreciate and engage with your award-winning designs.

As an award-winning designer, this unique benefit of multilingual translations and publications is included in the A' Design Prize package. We understand the power of global visibility for driving your design career forward, and so we have designed this service to ensure that your creative excellence finds appreciation across the world, in numerous languages, cultures, and markets. Be part of the A' Design Award community and let your designs converse with the world.

Multilingual Translations and Publication

World Design Consortium

Gain Global Recognition with World Design Rankings

Elevate Your Prestige and Expand Your Influence Worldwide with World Design Rankings Inclusion

World Design Consortium stands as one of the world's largest design, architecture, and engineering consortiums. The membership to the World Design Consortium is an exclusive benefit of the A' Design Award, enhancing the commercial recognition and potential of the winners in the international design market. World Design Consortium members can undertake and deliver design services on a global scale, even outside of their specialized domains, thanks to the diversity and specialization of the other WDC Members. This unique collaboration mechanism significantly broadens the range of projects your brand can tackle, fueling your business growth.

Securing membership in the World Design Consortium presents a wealth of opportunities for A' Design Award winners, offering a global platform to showcase and deliver design services worldwide irrespective of location, specialty, scale or project complexity, with potential to access high-profile, government-level tenders for the creation and development of innovative products, services, and architectural designs. A valuable array of marketing tools, including the World Design Consortium Membership Certificate, a personalized World Design Consortium Annual, exclusive World Design Consortium Business Cards, and the World Design Consortium Membership Badge awaits laureates. These key assets serve as powerful resources for amplifying brand visibility and credibility, significantly strengthening market standing.

The inclusion of World Design Consortium membership in the A' Design Prize embodies the A' Design Award's commitment to foster not just design excellence but also the commercial success of the winning brands. The WDC membership is a catalyst for business growth, providing winners with the networking, resources, and recognition they need to thrive in the international design arena.

World Designer Consortium

Prime Design Mark

Unveiling the Prime Design Mark: Your Ticket to Global Design Recognition

Gain a Unique Competitive Edge with This Verifiable Emblem That Celebrates Originality and Innovation in Design

The Prime Design Mark is a distinct, verifiable symbol awarded to products that exhibit significant originality and innovation in their design. More than an aesthetic emblem, this mark serves as a testament to the depth of thought and creative ingenuity embedded within your product's design. It stands as a beacon that communicates the unseen design values and philosophies that set your product apart.

Being a bearer of the Prime Design Mark offers A' Design Award winners a multitude of advantages. It bestows your product with an additional layer of recognition, underlining your commitment to pioneering original design. In a marketplace replete with commoditized offerings, the Prime Design Mark sets your product apart, enhancing brand visibility and reinforcing your narrative of innovation. More than a symbol, it acts as a powerful marketing tool, helping you reach consumers, clients, and the media, while simultaneously communicating the intrinsic design value of your product.

The opportunity to apply for the Prime Design Mark is one of the many unique benefits included within the A' Design Prize. This opportunity is exclusively presented to A' Design Award winners in the Industrial Product categories. By integrating this special privilege into the A' Design Prize, we aim to further promote and celebrate design excellence, fostering an environment where superior design can thrive, and contributing to our mission of making the world a better place through good design.

Prime Design Mark

World Design Rankings

Gain Global Recognition with World Design Rankings

Elevate Your Prestige and Expand Your Influence Worldwide with World Design Rankings Inclusion

World Design Rankings is a prestigious system that ranks countries based on the number of design awards won by each country. World Design Rankings serves as a snapshot of the innovative potential and design prowess of nations worldwide. WDR platform showcases the best designers worldwide and fosters healthy competition, promoting excellence in design on a global scale. The World Design Rankings further provides you with an understanding of which countries are leading in design and where the future breakthroughs are likely to occur.

As an highly esteemed A' Design Award winner, being part of the World Design Rankings isn't just an honor; it's an opportunity. The World Design Rankings platform enhances the visibility of your design excellence on a global scale, connecting you to a broader network of potential clients, consumers, and media. Your work's inclusion in the World Design Rankings signals your creative proficiency and contributes to the international reputation of your country's design industry. World Design Rankings helps to amplify your success and enables you to use your ranking as a tool to differentiate yourself and to gain a competitive advantage in your business.

World Design Rankings inclusion is an integral part of the A' Design Prize. The prestigious A' Design Prize, awarded to winners of the A' Design Award, not only celebrates their achievement but also provides a comprehensive package of services designed to promote and further their success. The World Design Rankings inclusion, certification and listing is one such service, providing outstanding visibility and recognition, thus helping to foster a nurturing environment where good design can flourish.

World Designer Rankings

Brand Design Rankings

Spotlight Your Brand's Design Excellence with Brand Design Rankings

Showcase Your Brand's Commitment to Sustainable Good Design with Brand Design Rankings

Brand Design Rankings are a critical component of A' Design Award and Competition, working as a global platform that recognizes and appreciates brands for their exceptional design prowess. These rankings are meticulously curated based on the number of design awards won by each brand, providing a fair and comprehensive representation of a brand's commitment to design excellence.

As a winner of the A' Design Award, your brand gets included in these esteemed rankings, providing a potent tool for promoting your brand's design competence to consumers, potential clients, and the media. The visibility that Brand Design Rankings afford your brand can significantly enhance your credibility, influence, and reach. It elevates your brand above the competition by showcasing its creativity, innovation, and design superiority to a global audience. This global recognition leads to numerous business advantages including heightened brand awareness, increased customer trust, and improved market position.

The inclusion of your brand in the highly regarded Brand Design Rankings is a valued part of the A' Design Prize package, offered to A' Design Award winner brands. Brand Design Rankings underscores the A' Design Award’s commitment to not just recognizing good design but also ensuring that award-winning remarkable designs and the brands behind them gain the global exposure they deserve. Brand Design Rankings reaffirms our pledge to promoting good design and its creators, contributing to a world where design's role in improving society is fully recognized and appreciated.

Brand Design Rankings

World Design Ratings

Amplify Your Design Influence with World Design Ratings

Make Your Design Distinction Visible by Unlocking World Design Ratings Honorific Title and Rank Designation Advantages

World Design Ratings stands as a vibrant platform that illuminates the best and brightest stars of the international design scene. World Design Ratings functions as a reliable indicator of sustained design excellence across a diverse range of disciplines, countries, and industries. By ranking and conferring honorific titles to designers, artists, and architects, World Design Ratings not only acknowledges their design accolades but also presents a compelling display of their design proficiency to a global audience.

Honored A' Design Award laureates secure a prestigious spot in the World Design Ratings. The accolade of World Design Rating Honorific Titles and WDC-Ranks serves as a badge of honor, underlining the design acumen of A' Design Award recipients. By enhancing your visibility, World Design Ratings aids you in capturing the attention of potential clients, consumers, and media outlets. Your rating embodies your ongoing dedication to superior design, offering a significant competitive edge in interactions with business partners, stakeholders, and the broader market. Furthermore, the World Design Ratings Certificates and Infographics create a visually striking testament to your design accomplishments.

Participation in World Design Ratings is one of the many exclusive benefits granted within the A' Design Prize, a carefully crafted package intended to provide A' Design Award winners with a notable competitive advantage. By featuring A' Design Award winners—innovators who drive societal advancement with their superior products and projects—through the esteemed platform of World Design Ratings, we aim to nurture worldwide appreciation and comprehension of high-quality design. Your success in the A' Design Awards escalates into heightened visibility and influence in the design community, which is vividly reflected in your World Design Ratings. This distinct benefit underscores our relentless commitment to acknowledging, championing, and boosting exceptional design and its creators.

World Design Ratings

Designer Rankings

Unleashing Potential with R+ Designer Rankings

Boost Your Design Prestige with Comprehensive Recognition and Exposure

The R+ Designer Rankings is a distinctive system designed to rank all the designers who have been bestowed with the prestigious A' Design Award. This system meticulously takes into account not only the award winners but also the runners-up, granting points for each award won. Winning a high-value award, like the Platinum A' Design Award, is given greater weight, equivalent to winning several of the lower-tier, yet still important awards. This comprehensive and transparent ranking system thereby gives a well-rounded view of a designer's accomplishments and expertise.

Being featured in the R+ Designer Rankings offers A' Design Award winners an interesting opportunity to stand out in the highly competitive design industry. High-ranking designers naturally attract potential clients, employers, and media attention, thereby expanding their professional reach. Additionally, the tangible proof of competence provided by these rankings justifies a premium pricing strategy for the winners, enhancing their business prospects. R+ Designer Rankings essentially functions as a robust marketing tool, helping award winners effectively communicate their accomplishments and strengthen their industry status.

The R+ Designer Rankings is an integral part of the A' Design Prize, offered to the A' Design Award winners. It is designed with the intent to celebrate and amplify the success of the winners, providing them with a platform for enhanced global exposure and recognition. A' Design Prize's mission is to promote good design and good designers, and the R+ Designer Rankings perfectly aligns with this mission, celebrating design excellence and encouraging a nurturing environment for good design to flourish.

R+ Designer Rankings

DAC - Design Classifications

Unveiling the Power of Design Classifications

Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Industry Titans in Manifesting Design Excellence in Your Industry

DAC - Design Classifications system presents a thorough evaluation of design specialties, emphasizing brands' and designers' prowess in different industries. DAC offers a distinct categorization of various design disciplines, placing award-winning designs within the appropriate context of their respective field. This unique classification system forms an indispensable reference tool that highlights the best designers and brands globally, granting them high-profile visibility, recognition, and influential status in the industry. Design Classifications magnify your reach, enabling you to connect with relevant consumers, clients, customers, and media outlets, fortifying your design excellence.

The Design Classifications play a crucial role in brand storytelling and reputation management. Design Classifications provide a robust platform for brands to exhibit their commitment to design excellence and affiliation with top-tier designers. This powerful narrative enhances brand relatability, memorability, and appeal. Moreover, inclusion in the Design Classifications instills confidence in potential collaborators, clients, and customers, reducing perceived risk and creating a magnet for business opportunities. The complimentary Design Classification Certificates and Infographics, provided to A' Design Award winners, significantly boost their marketing efforts, enhancing brand differentiation and reputation.

The inclusion in the Design Classifications is a significant element of the A' Design Prize. Design Classifications is a gateway to a host of professional and business advantages. From increased visibility and recognition to enhanced negotiation power and industry influence, the Design Classifications confer numerous benefits to A' Design Award winners. By providing these benefits, the A' Design Prize not only celebrates the winners' design excellence but also propels their growth and their positive impact on the global design industry at large.

Design Classifications

Design Leaderboards

Ascend to New Heights with Design Leaderboards

Celebrate Your Creative Triumphs, Expand Your Reach, and Make Your Mark in the Global Design Community

Winning the coveted A' Design Award opens the door to many new opportunities and exposure. The inclusion in the Design Leaderboards amplifies this recognition, fostering increased visibility and credibility. Design Leaderboards serves as an efficient tool for reaching potential clients, customers, and media outlets, demonstrating the consistency and excellence of your creative work. In addition, the Design Leaderboards provides tangible evidence of your place in the international design scene, which can significantly influence business opportunities and partnerships.

Honored A' Design Award laureates secure a prestigious spot in the World Design Ratings. The accolade of World Design Rating Honorific Titles and WDC-Ranks serves as a badge of honor, underlining the design acumen of A' Design Award recipients. By enhancing your visibility, World Design Ratings aids you in capturing the attention of potential clients, consumers, and media outlets. Your rating embodies your ongoing dedication to superior design, offering a significant competitive edge in interactions with business partners, stakeholders, and the broader market. Furthermore, the World Design Ratings Certificates and Infographics create a visually striking testament to your design accomplishments.

The Design Leaderboards is an integral part of the A' Design Prize package. We understand the value and importance of recognition, not just at the point of victory, but also in maintaining and advancing your industry standing. The A' Design Prize is not just about acknowledging a moment of success, but about supporting your long-term growth and influence within the design community. This is why inclusion in the Design Leaderboards, along with a host of other services and benefits, forms part of our comprehensive prize package.

Design Leaderboards

Popular Designers Index

Amplify Your Design Reputation with the Popular Designers Index

Propel Your Recognition and Expand Your Influence Globally with the Popular Designer Index

The Popular Designer Platform and Rankings is an exclusive benefit afforded to the laureates of the A' Design Award. This distinctive system, which is part of the prestigious A' Design Prize, indexes and ranks designers based on their popularity and recognition in the design industry and beyond. It is an invaluable tool for showcasing your talents, achievements, and contributions to a global audience.

Inclusion in the Popular Designer Platform and Rankings amplifies the visibility of your work and enhances your reputation in the global design community. Being listed among the most popular and influential designers in the world boosts your credibility, increases your exposure to potential clients and collaborators, and attracts media attention. This platform acts as a catalyst for your design career, opening doors to new opportunities and propelling your business forward.

The inclusion in the Popular Designer Platform and Rankings is one of the many exclusive benefits incorporated within the prestigious A' Design Prize. This privilege is uniquely accorded to the A' Design Award laureates, acknowledging their design excellence and influence. With this specialized feature embedded within the A' Design Prize, we strive to accentuate and amplify the winners' design brilliance, cultivate an atmosphere conducive to the growth of superior design, and advance our mission of bettering the world through the power of exceptional design.

Popular Designer Rankings

A' Design Star

Communicate Consistently Superior Design Capabilities with the A' Design Star

Signal Persistent Excellence and Unwavering Commitment to Design Quality with A' Design Star

The A' Design Star is an esteemed recognition granted to designers, artists, architects, and creative agencies that continuously generate remarkable designs, making a significant impact year after year, demonstrating consistent excellence in design. A' Design Star is given for relentless dedication to good design, design quality, and innovation. Recognizing those who consistently raise the bar in the design industry, the A' Design Star is a testament to the untiring pursuit of design excellence, celebrating those who repeatedly make a significant impact on society through their outstanding design contributions.

A' Design Star designees earn an enhanced level of credibility in the international design community through repeated demonstration of their design excellence. A' Design Star can open doors to high-profile clients including big brands, governments, and large institutions who are seeking long-term design partnerships that deliver consistent value. The A' Design Star recognition reinforces your status as a leader in design, establishing a foundation of trust with key stakeholders and enabling you to create more impactful designs on a larger scale.

The A' Design Star forms an integral part of the prestigious A' Design Prize, a comprehensive package of services, goods, and merchandise designed to celebrate and amplify the success of the winners. The A' Design Star acknowledges and rewards those who continually contribute to design excellence, reinforcing their significant role in society and the design industry. The A' Design Star is one of the many ways that the A' Design Prize serves to promote good design and the diligent creators who make a difference.

A' Design Star


Boost Your Design Business with Designer.org

Harness the Designer.org Marketplace to Expand Your Business

Designer.org is a highly prestigious spotlight venue, a global marketplace and community for good design where the finest minds in the design industry gather to exhibit their exceptional projects to prospective clients, design buyers, customers, and the media, with a clear call to take action towards business and collaboration. Showcasing award-winning designers, star architects, top-tier creative agencies, innovative companies and leading brands, the Designer.org platform operates as a bustling hub where innovation meets excellence, connecting good design with global media, design aficionados, and potential buyers.

For the coveted winners of the A' Design Award, the Designer.org platform functions as a dynamic landing page, displaying their exceptional designs prominently along with strategic call-to-action prompts that encourage visitors to connect with the featured designers. The Designer.org platform adeptly allows award recipients to connect with potential clients and media outlets, facilitating seamless interactions, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation worldwide.

Joining the ranks of the A' Design Award winners grants you a privileged position to get listed at Designer.org platform, a cornerstone initiative within the larger A' Design Prize framework that provides extensive support and comprehensive benefits to award-winning designers, brands and agencies worldwide. Our ultimate goal at Designer.org is to provide award-winning designers and brands with the resources and opportunities they need to venture deeper into creative exploration. This initiative is vital in cultivating a community that embraces innovation at its very core.

Designer.org Showcase

Ars Futura Cultura

Ars Futura Cultura: An Exclusive Realm for Design Leaders

Harness the Power of Network, Learning, and Innovation - A Unique Opportunity Exclusively for A' Design Award Winners

Ars Futura Cultura (AFC) is an exclusive symposium providing a unique arena for A' Design Award winners to engage, network, and learn. Ars Futura Cultura is a prestigious event that acts as a catalyst, facilitating interaction among the brightest minds in design from across the globe. In this inspirational setting, A' Design Award winners can immerse themselves in innovative dialogues, thought-provoking discussions, and collaborative opportunities that are vital in propelling their design journey forward.

Gain access to a rich network of award-winning designers and design enthusiasts and obtain actionable insights from industry leaders and trendsetters. AFC's highly curated program and activities aim to stimulate creative thinking and generate transformative ideas. Participating in Ars Futura Cultura also opens avenues for enhanced brand visibility, offering you unique opportunities for leveraging your award status for further media coverage, international exposure and business. This synergy of networking, learning, and brand promotion can significantly bolster your professional growth, helping you connect more effectively with potential clients, consumers, and media outlets.

The opportunity to take part in the exclusive Ars Futura Cultura symposium forms a substantial part of the A' Design Prize package. We strongly believe in fostering a climate where creativity is highly rewarded and design excellence is celebrated. Our mission is to advance good design practices and promote outstanding designers who contribute significantly to society with their superior products and projects. Being a part of Ars Futura Cultura is a key step in this journey, providing you with invaluable resources and opportunities to augment your design influence and impact.

Ars Futura Cultura

Prestige System

Unlock Exclusive Added Benefits and Services with Your Prestige

Leverage the Power of Prestige: Amplify Your Success and Expand Your Opportunities as an A' Design Award Winner

The Prestige Framework, encompassing the Prestige System and Prestige Tokens, is a distinctive feature of the A' Design Prize. The Prestige Framework is an innovative rewards system to provide added benefits and services to the A' Design Award winners beyond the A' Design Prize. As an emblem of excellence and recognition, it goes beyond a traditional award system, granting our esteemed laureates the ability to access truly exclusive and unique opportunities.

The Prestige Token system offers laureates exclusive access to events, services, and experiences that are not available to the general public. By using Prestige Tokens, laureates can unlock opportunities to promote and advertise their designs, communicate with potential customers and media outlets, and gain higher visibility. These tokens provide a strategic way for laureates to choose the benefits that align with their goals, creating an enriched platform to showcase their design work and reach a wider audience.

As an integral part of the A’ Design Prize, the Prestige Framework underscores our commitment to celebrating and promoting our laureates' exceptional achievements. We believe that recognition should not be a one-time event but rather an ongoing process that fosters continuous growth and enhancement. Therefore, the Prestige Framework is not just a benefit; it is a testament to our mission of promoting good design and advancing the careers of our laureates in the global design industry.

Prestige Framework

Design News World Network

Capture the Attention of Global Lifestyle Readers with Design News World Network

Reach International Lifestyle Readers Passionate About Art, Architecture, Design, Creativity, Innovation, and the Latest Products via DNWN

The Design News World Network (DNWN) is a group of international lifestyle publications featuring good design, art, architecture, fashion, innovation, and latest products worldwide. DNWN delivers its audience a visual feast with high-resolution images that emphasize the minutiae and magnificence of every design, combined with in-depth long-form editorial articles that delves deep into the essence and vision of your award-winning creations.

Winning the A' Design Award is a powerful affirmation of your design excellence. With the Design News World Network coverage, reserved exclusively for your award-winning designs, your success is broadcasted on a global stage in multiple languages, ensuring that your work resonates across diverse cultural and linguistic landscapes. Your DNWN coverage helps you connect with a diverse range of stakeholders, from potential business clients and partners to design aficionados, enthusiasts, editors and journalists.

Being featured in the illustrious international Design News World Network lifestye publications is a distinguished benefit reserved exclusively for the esteemed A' Design Award laureates. Within the scope of the A' Design Prize, every winner earns their well-deserved spot amidst the crème de la crème of global designs showcased on DNWN, further elevating the prestige, prominence and significance of their good design work.

Design News World Network

40×40 Design Events

Experience the Global Stage with the 40×40 Design Events

Win the A' Design Award and be part of a unique platform that showcases talent, inspires innovation, and fosters global connections

The 40×40 Design Events are a curated series of international design-focused initiatives powered by the A' Design Award & Competition. Unfolding across different parts of the globe, the 40×40 Design Events bring together designers from across the globe to celebrate design diversity, foster dialogue, and inspire cross-border collaboration. Encompassing awe-inspiring 40×40 Design Exhibitions that spotlight award-winning creations, along with insightful symposiums and lively networking sessions, the 40×40 Design Events offer a vibrant platform where creativity thrives, ideas are exchanged, and meaningful connections are forged.

Whether you're an organizer or a participant, the 40×40 Design Events offer unique opportunities. As an organizer, you curate meaningful experiences that spotlight design prowess, nurture talent, and fuel innovation, thereby playing a pivotal role in shaping the global design narrative. As a participant, you get to present your design to a worldwide audience, gaining international exposure and recognition, along with opportunities to connect with industry leaders, potential clients, and the media. Beyond this, the chance to immerse in a vibrant, multicultural design ecosystem, learn from peers, and form lasting relationships makes participating in the 40×40 Design Events a rewarding and enriching experience.

Being included within the A' Design Prize, the 40×40 Design Events align perfectly with our mission to promote good design and its creators. This global platform not only amplifies the reach of our laureates' design philosophies but also fosters an enriched global design dialogue. With the 0×40 Design Events, our goal is to create an environment that values and celebrates good design, supports the professional growth of designers, and ultimately contributes to making the world a better place through superior design projects, a testament to our commitment to elevate good design, its creators, and its impact worldwide.

40×40 Design Events

Advanced Media Hosting for Public Relations

Amplify Your Global Presence with Advanced Media Hosting for Public Relations

Seamlessly Showcase Your Brand's Essence: A Game-Changer for Journalists and a Golden Ticket for A' Design Award Laureates

At the A' Design Award, we understand the importance of visibility in the global design landscape. That's why we offer our laureates the Advanced Media Hosting for Public Relations service. Through this dedicated platform, we host your high-resolution images, making them instantly accessible to journalists and media professionals worldwide. The beauty lies in its simplicity: journalists and editors can swiftly access and download ready-to-feature images, eliminating any delays in their reporting process. This streamlined approach not only makes their job easier but also amplifies the likelihood of your designs being spotlighted. As your work garners more media attention, it naturally reaches a broader audience, including potential consumers, clients, and buyers, ensuring that your design brilliance gets rewarded.

The potency of Advanced Media Hosting for Public Relations extends far beyond just image storage; A' Design Award's Media Hosting for Public Relations is a strategic tool tailored to elevate your brand's narrative in the crowded design arena. In this age, every touchpoint matters. By offering diverse content options, we empower you to tell a fuller, richer story. Your portfolio becomes not just a showcase of your winning designs, but also a reflection of your brand's ethos and evolution. With journalists constantly on the hunt for compelling stories, your accessible, high-resolution images paired with your brand's narrative become an irresistible package. The end result? Enhanced media features, increased brand recognition, and a distinct competitive edge in the global design market.

The beauty of the A' Design Prize lies in its holistic approach, where every facet is designed to bring laureates to the forefront of design excellence. The Advanced Media Hosting for Public Relations is not an isolated benefit but an integral part of the A' Design Prize, which shows A' Design Award's commitment to its winners. We do not just celebrate your design achievements; we proactively elevate your design narrative, ensuring it resonates with the right audience at the right time. It is our mission to amplify your success, and our media hosting service for public relations stands as a testament to that dedication.

Advanced Media Hosting for PR

Press Release Services

A' Design Award's Threefold Press Release Powerhouse for Global Dominance

Crafted, Curated, Communicated: Your Design Excellence Amplified Threefold for Precision-Targeted Global Recognition.

The A' Design Award isn't more than a testament for design excellence, providing a gateway to exceptional global visibility. At the foundation of this visibility lies our exclusive three-tiered press release system. Each laureate basks in three distinct press release opportunities: an exquisite release directly from the A' Design Awards; a potent DesignPRWire release credit; and a multilingual /DESIGN/Newswire release credit. This isn't just about broadcasting a win; it's about narrating your unique design journey to a worldwide audience, ensuring your design story doesn't just get heard, but echoes far and wide.

The might of the A' Design Award's press release triad is not merely in its numbers, but in its strategic depth. By folding these press releases into your communication blueprint, you don't just stand on the podium of design excellence; you magnify your brand's resonance. The multifaceted media exposure, paired with the acclaim of the A' Design Award, thrusts winners into the limelight, converting recognition into tangible business opportunities, collaborations, and influential positioning in the design arena.

But global acclaim is just one side of the coin. The other, often more influential facet is the local and niche recognition. Here, our PRDS System steps in, a testament to A' Design Award's nuanced understanding of media dynamics. While our press releases cater to a broad audience, the PRDS system hones in on your target, ensuring your triumph reverberates in local and specialized niches. Tailored exclusively for our winners, PRDS ensures your accolades aren't just another news byte, but a resonating gong in the corridors of your core audience. And when it's A' Design Award that speaks for you, the weight of your achievement amplifies manifold, turning applause into business opportunities.

Press Release Tools and Services

Media Dispatch

Enhancing Your Reach with the Electronic Press Kit Dispatch Service

Elevate Your Award-Winning Designs with Precision-Targeted Media Outreach and Connect Your Work with Leading Media Outlets

The Electronic Press Kit Dispatch Service is a signature feature of the A' Design Award, designed to catapult your work into the media spotlight. Electronic Press Kit Dispatch Service enables A' Design Award winners to distribute their electronic press kits, which include high-resolution images and compelling design stories, directly to specific media contacts. It is a targeted approach that ensures your design reaches the right people in the publishing world.

Utilizing the Electronic Press Kit Dispatch Service, winners of the A' Design Award can significantly enhance their work's presence across key publications and connect with clients and customers who matter most. Electronic Press Kit Dispatch Service strategically targets your desired audience, ensuring that your design's story is effectively communicated and honored, potentially unlocking new business prospects and elevating your standing in the design community.

The Electronic Press Kit Dispatch Service is part of the A' Design Prize, reflecting our dedication to elevating designers whose work enhances society. Electronic Press Kit Dispatch Service equips our laureates with the means to achieve wider recognition, advancing the global appreciation of quality design. It is our honor to aid designers in making a significant impact with their innovative creations, fulfilling our mission to celebrate design that shapes a better world.

Electronic Press Kit Dispatch Service

Grand Scale, Massive Outreach

Legal Authority and Empowerment: A' Design Award Winner Logo License

Secure Your Award-Winning Design's Prestige and Market Presence with a Comphrehensive Perpetual, Worldwide, Unlimited, Royalty-Free Logo License

The A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document is a pivotal legal agreement, an important paperwork that resolves the need for clear legal permission and recognition validation for A' Design Award laureates, enabling them to use the A' Design Award's Winner Logos to enhance their brand's prestige and establish credibility in the design industry and beyond. This document provides winners with a perpetual, worldwide, unlimited, royalty-free license to use the A' Design Award Winner Logo, facilitating the legal authority to showcase and celebrate their design achievements on a global scale. The A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document legitimizes and amplifies the success of award-winning products and projects, allowing them to incorporate the A' Design Award Winner Logo into their packaging, marketing, and communication efforts legally.

For brands and designers who achieve distinction through the A' Design Award, the Winner Logo License Document becomes an essential asset. It lays down a robust legal framework that elevates the visibility and esteem of their design work. By granting the right to incorporate the A' Design Award Winner Logo into their brand identity legally, this license acts as a catalyst for enhancing brand recognition and credibility in the global market. The A' Design Award Winner logo, symbolizing design excellence, allows laureates to underscore their commitment to quality and innovation, thereby bolstering their appeal to clients, customers, and the media alike. This authentic and prestigious distinction is crucial in crowded markets, where it can boost consumer and media interest and competitive edge.

The A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document, crucial to the A' Design Prize, equips laureates with the global freedom to use the Winner Logo for unlimited, legal branding and marketing, enhancing their visibility without distribution limits. Enriched with strict usage guidelines, it not only preserves the A' Design Award Winner Logo's prestige but also reinforces the laureates' market presence, offering a competitive edge in showcasing design excellence. This strategic asset aligns with the A' Design Award's mission to promote outstanding design and its positive societal impact, embodying a commitment to fostering a design-conscious world where good design is celebrated and leveraged for global betterment.

A' Design Award Winner Logo License

Design Award Feedback

Amplify Your Brand's Reach: Leverage Feedback-Driven Promotion

Turn Your A' Design Award Into a Launchpad for Increased Sales, Publicity, and Brand Recognition

The A' Design Prize goes beyond a mere symbol of excellence; it is a strategic tool for catapulting your brand into the spotlight. Central to this prize is our innovative feedback system, meticulously crafted to understand and amplify the unique strengths of your brand. By engaging in our dynamic feedback process, you provide us with the key insights needed to tailor our support in a way that maximizes your brand's exposure, aligns with your market objectives, and enhances your overall profitability. This isn't just feedback; it's the groundwork for a targeted marketing strategy that elevates your brand.

How does this benefit your brand? By analyzing your feedback, we can identify the most effective channels and strategies for promoting your work. This means securing placements in prominent media outlets, showcasing your designs in high-impact tradeshows, and connecting you with key industry players. The result is a significant boost in your brand's visibility and appeal, leading to increased consumer interest, higher sales, and a more influential market position. Our goal is to transform your A' Design Award into a powerful driver of business growth and market success.

Incorporating this feedback-driven approach, the A' Design Prize becomes more than an award; it becomes a comprehensive service package designed to propel your brand to new heights. We understand that winning an award is just the beginning. It's about leveraging that success to build your brand's reputation, expand your client base, and significantly increase your market footprint. The A' Design Prize, enriched with your insights, is your gateway to not just industry recognition but tangible, measurable commercial success. It's our commitment to turning your creative achievements into profitable business outcomes.

Feedback-Driven Success

Design Encyclopedia

Establish Authority, Craft Credibility and Enhance Reputation with the Design+Encyclopedia

Elevate Your Brand, Establish Authority, Build Reputation and Leave a Lasting Legacy with the Design+Encyclopedia

Design+Encyclopedia stands as a distinguished platform for A' Design Award winners, enabling A' Design Award Winners, who are experts in design, architecture, and innovation to assert their authority and share their extensive knowhow on good design, creativity, product and service development. By contributing their insights and experiences to the esteemed Design+Encyclopedia, A' Design Award laureates not only affirm their position as thought leaders but also significantly contribute to the enrichment of the collective repository of design knowledge. A' Design Award winner's participation in Design+Encyclopedia not only bolsters their global visibility and reputation but also plays a crucial role in expanding the collective understanding of design. Taking part in the Design+Encyclopedia allows laureates to build a compelling presence that resonates with a global audiences, showcasing and demonstrating excellence.

Design+Encyclopedia serves as a vital conduit for enriching the global repository of design knowledge, offering A' Design Award winners a unique platform to showcase their innovations and contribute to the evolving narrative of design excellence. By sharing their diverse expertise and groundbreaking work, A' Design Award winners not only gain global recognition and respect but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of design discourse. The contribution of A' Design Award winners to the esteemed Design+Encyclopedia platform fosters cross-disciplinary learning, and helps preserving their design legacies, meanwhile inspiring the next generation of designers, thereby solidifying our laureates place in the annals of design history and contributing significantly to the enrichment of the global design community.

Design+Encyclopedia, as an integral element of the A' Design Prize, offers a multifaceted platform that celebrates and amplifies the achievements of A' Design Award winners, enabling them to share their expertise, philosophy, and know-how, contributing to a rich repository of design knowledge By getting featured on Design+Encyclopedia, A' Design Award winners elevate their brand, establish their authority, build a robust reputation, and create a lasting legacy. This synergy underscores the A' Design Award's commitment to nurturing design excellence, ensuring each winner's contribution is recognized and their influence resonates across the design community worldwide.

Design Encyclopedia

Icon of Good Design

Define Design Excellence : Influence How Good Design is Perceived and Valued Globally.

Leadership and Voice in the Iconic Design Award Program Allows You to Exercise Your Authority in Good Design.

Winning the A' Design Award is not just an accolade; it's a gateway to becoming a pivotal influencer in the design world. Laureates are granted the esteemed privilege of nominating works for the Iconic Design Award, a program that honors designs with historical and cultural significance. This opportunity is profound—it allows laureates to bring forward designs from their own countries, highlighting the unique cultural narratives and histories embedded in these works. Such an act is not only a celebration of design heritage but also a contribution to a global dialogue on the importance of design in shaping societal values and aesthetics.

As industry leaders, A' Design Award laureates' opinions in the field of design carry weight and respect. Their nominations are seen as endorsements of what constitutes 'good design', reflecting their professional expertise and deep understanding of the field. This recognition places them at the forefront of the design industry, where their choices and voices can lead trends, set standards, and influence the future trajectory of design practices.

Furthermore, being associated with the A' Design Award aligns laureates with the award's mission to promote good design globally. They become part of a prestigious institution that not only recognizes individual talent but also seeks to advance society through design. Their involvement goes beyond personal achievement; it's about contributing to a movement that values the role of design in improving lives, enhancing environments, and advancing societal progress. This connection reinforces the notion that good design is not a mere aesthetic choice but a vital component of societal development and cultural enrichment.

Iconic Design Award Programme

Design Adage

Expand and Extend Your Design Influence: The Power of the Design Adage Platform

Use Your Philosophy, Wisdom and Insights to Showcase Your Creative Vision and Gain Global Recognition as Part of the A' Design Prize

The Design Adage Platform, integral to the A' Design Prize, offers an exclusive opportunity to the world’s leading designers, architects, and innovators to share and spread their design philosophies and insights. The Design Adage platform allows A' Design Award winners to immortalize their creative wisdom, enabling a profound exchange of ideas within the global design community. The Design Adage platform is a strategic tool for award-winning professionals and brands to articulate and publish their most influential design thoughts and principles.

For the winners of the A' Design Award, the Design Adage Platform is a powerful tool for enhancing their professional visibility and establishing a global presence. The Design Adage platform provides a direct channel to reach consumers, clients, and the media, showcasing winner's thought leadership, expertise and excellence in design. This exposure not only reinforces their personal and brand identity but also opens doors to new business opportunities and collaborations, elevating their standing within the international design community, positioning them as authorities in the industry.

Access to the Design Adage platform is one of the distinguished benefits included in the A' Design Prize. Aligned with the overarching goal of the A' Design Awards to promote and celebrate good design worldwide, the Design Adage platform is a pathway to professional acclaim and international exposure for award winners. By contributing to the Design Adage platform, laureates of the A' Design Awards extend their influence and contribute to a global dialogue on design, enhancing the appreciation and understanding of best design practices and principles worldwide as influences and visionaries.

Design Adage

Award Categories

Expanding Reach, Amplifying Impact: The Power of A' Design Award Network

Expand Your Design Impact with Broad Outreach and Diverse Categories as a Gateway to Global Recognition and Market Penetration

The A' Design Award embodies the strategic application of Network Externalities, where the interconnectedness and diversity of participants and laureates enrich the value and significance of the award for everyone involved. A' Design Award's multidimensional and diverse categories and broad outreach approach goes beyond mere numbers; it is about creating a synergistic effect where the variety and quality of entries enhance the stature and impact of the whole network. Each category addition and laureate brings unique perspectives and audiences, contributing to a vibrant, multifaceted global platform, creating a cumulative effect that benefits all members, elevating the prestige and exposure of all A' Design Award winners.

Winners of the A' Design Award experience a multifaceted advantage. By participating in a platform that spans numerous award categories, laureates of the A' Design Awards tap into an expansive and diverse global network from all industries in all countries and cultures. This immense exposure transcends traditional and national industry boundaries, placing award-winning designs in front of a varied international audience in all industries, including potential clients, collaborators, and media. The A' Design Award's broad category spectrum ensures that designs are not just recognized within their niche, but are appreciated in a wider context, substantially enhancing visibility and market opportunities for winners. This opens up new avenues for business opportunities, consumer engagement, and media exposure.

The advantage of network externalities, arising out of the A' Design Award's diverse category spectrum, broad outreach, and multinational approach, forms an integral part of the A' Design Prize. A' Design Award's multidimensional network approach is meticulously crafted to ensure that award winners not only receive recognition in their niche, in their fields, in their industries, in their market, in their countries, in their language but especially enjoy the extended impact of their success, reaching audiences in other niches, in other fields, in other industries, in other demographics, in other markets, in other countries, in almost all languages for true universal reach. As part of the A' Design Prize, winners are propelled into a realm where their designs reach an international audience, A' Design Award winning brands gains global prestige, and their creative vision receives the acclaim they deserves on a worldwide platform. A' Design Award is a true gateway to global opportunities and recognition, and its strategic design that leverages network externalities is a testament to the A' Design Award's commitment to celebrating and promoting outstanding design in the most efficient and far-reaching manner.

Network Impact & Categories

World University Rankings

Academic Prestige Meets Design Excellence: Feature at World University Rankings

Elevate Your Brand’s Academic Legacy and Global Standing with World University Rankings — A Premier Benefit for A' Design Award Winners.

The World University Rankings, a significant element of the A' Design Prize, offer a unique platform that melds academic excellence with global design leadership. The prestigious World University Rankings initiative elevates the status of A' Design Award winners by aligning them with the world’s top academic institutions and universities, spotlighting their role in shaping the future of architecture, art, creativity, design, engineering and innovation, by showcasing their contributions to design, technology, and innovation. The World University Rankings is a dynamic arena where academic prowess meets design brilliance, providing laureates with an extraordinary opportunity to showcase their affiliation with educational powerhouses, thereby enhancing their global stature and influence in the design world.

Inclusion in the World University Rankings empowers A' Design Award winners with unique advantages. The World University Rankings inclusion and recognition enhances the profiles of A' Design Award laureates, amplifying their visibility in the international design community and opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations. This association not only fortifies their credibility but also strengthens their appeal to a discerning clientele, influential collaborators, and the broader media as well as helps them connect to prominent alumni via their academic heritage. The World University Rankings rankings serve as a testament of A' Design Award winners to the commitment to excellence, enriching their brand's narrative and establishing a legacy of innovation and leadership in their industry.

Integral to the A' Design Prize, the World University Rankings are an important honor as well as a catalyst for growth and recognition. World University Rankings inclusion is a specifically designed benefit that elevate A' Design Award winners, spotlighting their achievements and academic ties on a prestigious global platform. World University Rankings initiative is a clear demonstration of A' Design Award’s dedication to promoting not just extraordinary design but also the comprehensive impact of A' Design Award winners in the realms of education, creativity, and global innovation. The inclusion in the World University Rankings solidifies A' Design Award winners' position as frontrunners in the design community, underlining A' Design Award's mission to champion design excellence that resonates worldwide.

World University Rankings

Award Winner Sticker

Boost Your Market Presence with Personalized Award-Winner Ads

Leverage the Power of Personalized Award-Winner Advertisements to Elevate Your Brand and Connect with a Global Audience

Crafted to spotlight the distinctive achievements of its laureates, the Personalized Award-Winner Advertisements are custom-made promotional materials provided by the A' Design Award to its winning designers, architects and brands. These personalized advertisements are uniquely tailored to highlight each winner's specific award achievement, showcasing their winning design and the prestige of the A' Design Award. Personalized Award-Winner Advertisements blend the laureate’s design identity with the A' Design Award's distinction, creating a powerful visual statement that celebrates their success and showcases their talent to the world.

Personalized Award-Winner Advertisements serve as a vital tool for A' Design Award laureates, enabling them to effectively communicate their award-winning status to a global audience. Personalized Award-Winner Advertisements offer an excellent opportunity for winners to increase their visibility, attract new clients and collaborations, and gain recognition in the design community and beyond. By providing laureates with a professional, ready-to-use personalized ads, the A' Design Awards aims to simplify your marketing process, allowing you to focus on your creative work while still capitalizing on your achievements for business growth and brand enhancement.

Personalized Award-Winner Advertisements, are just one of many important value proposals included within the grand A' Design Prize, and underscore the commitment of the A' Design Award to supporting its winners beyond the initial recognition, award logo, exhibitions and ceremony. Personalized Award-Winner Advertisements service is a practical, impactful tool provided to the A' Design Award laureates to help them leverage their success. By including personalized ads in the A' Design Prize, the A' Design Award ensures that each winner's triumph is not just celebrated but also strategically utilized to advance their brand in the competitive marketplace.

Personalized Award-Winner Ads

Design Newsroom Icon

Boost Your Brand’s Global Impact with Design Newsroom

Unlock the Full Potential of Media Exposure: Transform Your Design Achievements into Worldwide Media Success Stories

In the competitive arena of design, innovation, engineering and architecture, distinguishing your brand and ensuring your products and projects capture the spotlight requires innovative strategies. The Design Newsroom, an integral feature of the A' Design Prize, offers precisely this: a bespoke solution tailored for brands seeking to dramatically increase their visibility and impact in the global market. Design Newsroom platform is specifically designed to overcome the challenges brands face in engaging with the media, offering a seamless, visually appealing showcase of award-winning designs that command attention and inspire coverage.

The Design Newsroom addresses the critical need for accessible, compelling content by providing journalists, content creators and media outlets with everything they need to spotlight your brand on the spot: from high-resolution images and engaging interviews to press-ready narratives. By simplifying the discovery and publication process for media professionals, the Design Newsroom service boosts your design excellence, making it not just seen but celebrated worldwide. Design Newsroom serves to increase your media placements, enhances your brand recognition, and provides a credible, prestigious market presence that can potentially influence consumer interest and sales.

The benefits of the Design Newsroom extend far beyond immediate media engagement and increased coverage. The Design Newsrooms lays the groundwork for building a lasting legacy within the global design community, fostering enduring relationships with key media figures and potential clients. Your participation in the Design Newsroom signifies more than just an achievement; it is a commitment to excellence and innovation, positioning your brand at the forefront of the industry and aligning your products and projects with the values and missions that drive the global conversation on good design.

Design Newsroom

Design Newswire Icon

Enhance Your Media Presence with /DESIGN/Newswire

Secure Access to Industry Journalists and Enjoy Complimentary Press Release Distribution and Dedicated Newsrooms

/DESIGN/Newswire is a powerful newswire designed to connect A' Design Award winners with the world's most influential journalists, content creators and media publications. By specializing in press release distribution within the design industry, /DESIGN/Newswire aims to increase media coverage and presence of award-winning designs. /DESIGN/Newswire provides A' Design Award winners with a dedicated newsroom and professional press release presentation, carefully crafted to attract the press and facilitate media placements by presenting the information in a format aligned with the expectations and preferences of journalists.

A' Design Award laureates gain access to /DESIGN/Newswire's targeted network of journalists, media, and content creators who are actively seeking innovative designs in architecture, visual arts, innovation, design, technology and creativity niches. /DESIGN/Newswire serves as a centralized hub for your design news, showcasing your award-winning works and making it effortless for media professionals to discover and feature your designs. By leveraging /DESIGN/Newswire's dedicated newsroom and professional press release services, A' Design Award laureates can enhance visibility of their good designs and reach a wider audience. /DESIGN/Newswire saves journalists time and increases the likelihood of securing valuable media placements.

The /DESIGN/Newswire service, including the dedicated newsroom and professional press release presentation, is one of the many valuable benefits included within the prestigious A' Design Prize. By incorporating /DESIGN/Newswire services, the A' Design Award demonstrates its commitment to promoting good design worldwide and help innovative work of its winners reach a global audience of key design journalists, editors, and esteemed publications. Through /DESIGN/Newswire, the A' Design Award and Competition aims to create a global appreciation and understanding for good design, by helping its laureates gain visibility and media attention for their superior products and projects that benefit and advance society.

Design Newswire

Grand Scale, Massive Outreach

Leveraging Global Outreach to Elevate Winners' Profiles Worldwide

Join A' Design Award and be Part of a Community That is Creating a Better World Through Good Design.

The A' Design Prize is distinguished not just by its recognition of excellence but also by its grand scale and massive global outreach. This element encapsulates the vast scope of the A' Design Award, characterized by billions of impressions, hundreds of millions of pageviews, and a diverse participant base spanning over 180 nationalities. This immense outreach represents not just numbers, but a dynamic platform that amplifies the visibility and impact of winning designs and designers across continents.

For winners of the A' Design Award, A' Design Award's expansive global reach offers important benefits. A' Design Award's massive outreach provides a powerful channel for laureates to showcase their designs, products, and projects to a worldwide audience, significantly enhancing their business prospects by connecting them with potential clients, customers, and media globally. The large-scale exposure contributes to elevated brand recognition and credibility, helping winners to stand out in the competitive industry. This exposure is critical for reaching diverse consumer bases and establishing a strong international presence.

The grand scale and the extensive outreach of the A' Design Award are integral components of the A' Design Prize. By winning the prestigious A' Design Award, architects, brands and designers gain access to a platform of extraordinary reach and influence. With its big numbers, A' Design Award is a gateway to opportunities, a catalyst for brand growth, and a means to contribute to global design innovation. The A' Design Prize, thus, not only honors exceptional design but also equips winners with the tools and visibility needed to make a significant mark on the world stage.

Grand Scale, Massive Global Outreach

Ancestry Mark Certification

Seal of Authenticity : Ancestry Mark Certification

Showcase and Communicate the Authenticity of Your A' Design Award-Winning Work with Ancestry Mark Affidavit Certification

The Ancestry Mark Affidavit Certification Program offers A' Design Award winners a unique opportunity to legally attest the authenticity of their creations. The Ancestry Mark distinguishes works that embody genuine, personal creativity, setting them apart in marketplace. In an era increasingly dominated by generative AI technologies, the Ancestry Mark makes it effortlessly clear and easy for creators to communicate the originality and authenticity of their creative works.

For A' Design Award winners, the Ancestry Mark certification is a valuable strategic asset in the global marketplace. By certifying their affidavits, creators can effectively communicate the authenticity and originality of their works to consumers, clients, and the media, bolstering trust and enhancing the perceived value of their designs. This differentiation is crucial in attracting discerning clients who value the irreplaceable touch of personal creativity and are willing to invest in authentic works. Furthermore, the Ancestry Mark enables winners to leverage the certification in their marketing and storytelling, transforming their award-winning designs into symbols of authenticity and genuine innovation.

The Ancestry Mark certification underscores A' Design Award's commitment to promoting excellence and integrity in design. A' Design Award winners are able to request Ancestry Mark certification for their award-winning work as part of their prize package, affirming their status as creators of authentically original works. Ancestry Mark is a valuable benefit that enriches the A' Design Award's mission to support and celebrate artists, architects, designers, brands and institutions who pioneer original and authentic creations, helpin their achievements recognized and valued across the globe. Through the Ancestry Mark, A' Design Award winners gain an advantage showcasing their dedication to authenticity and creativity in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Ancestry Mark

Design Award Growth

Empower Your Design Journey with A' Design Award's Second-Chance Policy

Maximize Your Creative Potential and Secure Another Opportunity to Shine in the Global Design Arena.

The Second-Chance Policy is an innovative facet of the A' Design Prize that exemplifies commitment to nurturing growth of designers, architects and brands that value good design. This policy grants a complimentary digital nomination for future entries to participants whose preliminary scores highly exceed their final results. Aimed at recognizing the inherent talent and potential of designers, it encourages creators to continually refine their work and explore new ideas without the financial burden of additional entry fees.

The Second-Chance Policy greatly benefits A' Design Award winners by offering them a platform to reassert their design capabilities. For winners, this means a valuable chance to maintain visibility and engagement within the industry, helping them reach a broader audience including consumers, clients, and the media. The policy facilitates continued creative growth and enhances their marketability, allowing them to leverage their initial success and exposure to foster business opportunities and establish enduring professional relationships.

As an integral component of the A' Design Prize, the Second-Chance Policy underscores our mission to celebrate and elevate high-quality design across the globe. A' Design Award's Second-Chance Policy is designed not just as a reward but as a strategic investment in the sustained success of our talented winners. This benefit ensures that every promising design gets the recognition it deserves, enhancing the overall impact of the A' Design Award on the global design community.

Second-Chance Policy

Jury Declaration

Upholding Excellence: The Juror's Declaration at A' Design Award

Embedding Integrity and Fairness in Every Award — The Juror's Declaration Reinforces Our Commitment to Ethical Judging and Merit-Based Recognition

The Juror's Declaration is a binding agreement signed by every juror participating in the A' Design Award & Competition, through which the jury members pledge to uphold the principles of meritocratic, fair, and ethical judging. By signing the jury declaration, jurors commit to assessing each submission impartially, based solely on its inherent quality and adherence to the competition's criteria, free from any personal biases or external pressures. This pledge is central to ensuring that all evaluations are conducted transparently and honorably, contributing to the award's reputation for fairness and integrity.

The Juror's Declaration significantly enhances the business prospects for winners of the A' Design Award by solidifying the legitimacy and esteem of their accolades. This rigorous standard of judging assures potential clients, investors, and the broader market of the credibility and merit of the A' Design Award winning designs, making them more appealing for commercial opportunities and collaborations. Moreover, adhering to such a transparent evaluation process greatly increases the media's interest in featuring these designs, thereby broadening their exposure and attracting further attention from industry stakeholders. Winners can confidently use the prestigious A' Design Award recognition in their marketing strategies, knowing that the fairness of their assessment provides a strong foundation for promoting their work. This not only helps in establishing a trustworthy brand image but also in expanding their professional network within an ecosystem that values and upholds high ethical standards.

A' Design Award Winners can confidently use their prestigious A' Design Award recognition in their marketing strategies, knowing that the fairness of their assessment provides a strong foundation for promoting their work. Incorporating the Juror's Declaration into the A' Design Prize illustrates our commitment to ethical practices and fairness. Via the jury declaration, the A' Design Awards reassures all participants and stakeholders of the unwavering dedication to a meritocratic evaluation process. This aspect of the prize significantly benefits award winners by reinforcing the legitimacy of their achievements. An A' Design Award, vetted through such a trustworthy and transparent process, becomes a powerful tool for winners to enhance their brand image, gain global recognition, and attract opportunities and interest from potential clients, consumers and investors who value integrity and quality in design.

Juror's Declaration

License and Declaration Process

Securing Success: How License and Declaration Elevate Media Engagement

Supercharge Your Design Recognition with License and Declarations That Enhance Media Coverage and Business Growth.

The License and Declaration processes at the A' Design Award & Competition are strategic tools that provide crucial benefits for award-winning designers, architects, brands and enterprises. A' Design Award's License and Declaration processes require that every design submitted is thoroughly vetted for legal clarity and originality, setting a solid foundation for prestigious global promotion. The License and Declaration process reassures media outlets worldwide, empowering them to feature your designs extensively and confidently. By facilitating such wide-ranging media coverage, the A' Design Award amplifies your brand's visibility on an international scale. Furthermore, this rigorous evaluation process facilitates broader brand recognition and respect, paving the way for successful brand expansions and the forging of valuable industry connections that are rooted in trust.

For award-winning designers, architects, brands and enterprises, the benefits of participating in the License and Declaration processes are manifold. First, by clearly defining the legal status of your designs, these protocols promote smoother and more effective promotional efforts, enhancing confidence among media and business partners. Furthermore, declaring the originality of your work not only boosts your brand’s credibility but also positions you alongside other esteemed enterprises known for their innovative and authentic designs. This positive association elevates your brand's prestige and recognition, opening doors to expanded market reach and fostering new business opportunities. These benefits collectively enhance your brand's profile, making it more attractive to collaborators and customers who value high standards of creativity and ethical practices in business.

The integration of the License and Declaration processes into the A' Design Prize magnifies the overall value and prestige of winning this esteemed award. By requiring that every design is legally sound and ethically vetted, these systems work in tandem to elevate the standing of the A' Design Award, making it a true benchmark of excellence in creativity and design. The heightened prestige brought forward by the License and Declaration process boosts the likelihood of media features and assures the global design community of the fairness and rigor with which each entry is judged. For winning brands, this trust translates into enhanced market credibility and an esteemed association that resonates with consumers and peers alike.

License and Declaration Process

Design Award Winner Manual

The A' Design Award Winner's Manual and Guidebook

Discover the Grand Guide to Leveraging Your A' Design Award Win for arket Success and Elevate Your Brand to New Heights

The A' Design Award Winner's Manual is a comprehensive guidebook, step-by-step guide meticulously designed to empower laureates with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to maximize the impact of their prestigious A' Design Award recognition. The A' Design Award Winner's Manual is a highly valuable resource serves as a roadmap for navigating the post-award landscape, offering exclusive insights and opportunities to enhance brand visibility, credibility, and success on a global scale through strategic advice on public relations, marketing, and brand positioning.

By leveraging the strategies and advice presented in the A' Design Award Winner's Manual, winners can effectively showcase their design award achievements, attract media, clients, consumers and collaborators, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. The A' Design Award Winner's Manual provides actionable guidance on leveraging the prestige of the A' Design Award to differentiate themselves from competitors. With insights on public relations, marketing, and networking, the A' Design Award Winner's Manual helps winner brands to create lasting relationships with customers and gain a competitive edge in their industry. With the A' Design Award Winner's Manual, laureates are equipped with the tools to drive business growth, inspire future generations of designers, and create a positive impact on society through groundbreaking design.

The A' Design Award Winner's Manual, a tome that allows winners to unlock their fullest potential for awards marketing and branding, is a testament to the A' Design Award's unwavering dedication to recognizing and empowering designers, architects, and brands who help create a better world with their good design. As a crucial element of the prestigious A' Design Prize, the highly valuable winner guidebook equips A' Design Award laureates with all the tools and strategies needed to effectively leverage their award achievements. By helping winners strategically and effectively use their accolades, the Winner's Manual boosts the marketing and public relations efforts of A' Design Award winners, enabling laureates to increase their influence and significantly enhance their impact within the global design community.

The A' Design Award Winner's Manual

Secret Society of Design

Harness the Power of Good Design with Secret Society of Design Membership

Join A' Design Award and be Part of a Community That is Leading the Way in Creating a Better World Through Good Design.

A' Design Award winners will have the coveted opportunity to join the Secret Society of Design and enjoy unique perks, opportunities, and benefits that are truly exceptional and not available anywhere else. These benefits include access to exclusive design events, workshops, mentorships, member-only forums, resources, and connections, as well as the opportunity to participate in further prestigious recognition programs. Based on the quality and quantity of A' Design Awards you win, you'll have access to higher tiers and more exclusive perks.

The Secret Society of Design Membership is an exclusive privilege reserved for the best and brightest minds in design. As a member of the Secret Society of Design, you'll join a group of like-minded thought leaders in design, arts and architecture who value creativity, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of what design can achieve. The mission of Secret Society of Design is to harness the power of good design to make the world a better place with superior products and projects that benefit society. We believe that great design can have a profound impact on society, and we work tirelessly to promote and support the best and brightest minds in the field.

Please note that the Secret Society of Design is not affiliated with any political organizations or parties. Our name is simply a reflection of our belief that good design has the power to transform the world in mysterious and exciting ways. We are a design-focused community with a passion for promoting and supporting the best and brightest minds in the field, and our ultimate goal is to make the world a better place through good design of products, architectural projects and services.

Secret Society of Design

Design Award Winner Kit Box

Tangible Benefits

Physical Components, Services and Goods Included in the A' Design Award

The physical components of the A' Design Award Winner's Kit include the 3D Printed Metal A' Design Award Trophy in a black luxury box, design excellence certificate printed on metallic paper and placed in a special frame, a gala-night invitation for two people to the award ceremony in Italy, participation and space allocation in the winners' exhibition in Italy and in other countries, pagination, preparation and publishing of yearbook page as well as a premium hardcover yearbook publication where your award-winning design is featured.

Additionally, the A' Design Award Winner's Kit includes further physical items and objects that help celebrate the success of winning the award and showcase the winner's achievement, such as badges, posters, promotional materials, a comprehensive and extensive manual for getting most out of your award victory, gold plated metal award-winner flag, accompanied by ultra-premium merchandise such as luxury pen and notepad, together with a special bag, presented in a black luxury box. It is important to remember that the physical benefits are made available only to pro-edition laureates. Eligible winners get their works accepted for permanent collection to our design museum.

A' Design Prize

Design Prize Digital Components

Intangible Benefits

Digital Components and Online Services included in the A' Design Prize

The digital components of the A' Design Prize include a wide range of benefits aimed at increasing the visibility and recognition of the winning designs and designers, a very large set of carefully curated services that are aimed at providing the winners with maximum exposure and recognition for their work and helping them reach a wider audience. A' Design Award winners are exhibited online in over thousands different media, via immense design news syndication networks. Winners are guaranteed article placement in very prestigious design related content and news networks. Award-winner works are translated and published in over hundred languages. Laureates enjoy video interviews and promotion in social media, as well as customized advertising and communication materials that helps winners with their media coverage, networking, collaboration and marketing efforts.

A' Design Award winners are published in A' Design Award winner's list which is a source of inspiration for many design enthusiasts, World-leading, most prominent design journalists often visit and feature award winning works from A' Design Award's winner's list. A' Design Award laureates benefit from a complimentary designers.org profile and designer.org listing, have opportunity to list their works for sale at Salone del Designer, Design Megastore and Buy Sell Design Networks. Winners obtain placement in prominent lists for designers. Winner designs are translated and published in over hundred languages.

A' Design Award winners get listed in important ranking and rating systems for good design, with each award contributing to a higher, more prestigious status in World Design Rankings, World Design Ratings, Designer Rankings, Design Classifications, Design Leaderboards, Brand Design Rankings and the Popular Designers Index. A' Design Award prepares a rich, highly professional electronic media kit for each award winner that contains press release, high-resolution images and special interviews conducted by the winner. Press releases are distributed to journalists and winner interviews are further published online.

A' Design Prize

Design Award Badge

Emotional Components

Beyond Tangible and Intangible Benefits: Positive Externalities and Worldwide Value

The positive externalities and emotional benefits of winning the A' Design Prize include the prestige and credibility that comes from being recognized as a leading designer and brand by a respected, experienced panel jury panel of world class designers, prominent academics and influential journalists, as well as increased international awareness and exposure thanks to exceptional media network, publication and promotion of award-winning works. By taking part and winning the A' Design Award, you help us with our mission to create a better world where superior products and projects benefit and advance society.

A' Design Prize comes with true recognition, real prestige, accomplishment, and validation that the laureates receive upon winning the award. Winning the A' Design Award, obtaining the A' Design Prize brings a rightful sense of pride and joy, and is a very significant source of motivation and inspiration. Laureates are granted access to a valuable platform that recognize their work, and help showcase their designs and achievements. Laureates of the A' Design Awards push the boundaries of art, science, design and technology with their original and good designs that help make the world a better place.

The A' Design Award and Competition is dedicated to promoting good design and supporting designers and brands who create designs that make a difference. By participating in the A' Design Award, you'll be part of our very important, philanthropic and altruistic mission to create a global appreciation and understanding of good design, and help create a better future, a better world for everyone. You will make a difference with your good design, and we will be supporting you fully.

Make a Difference

Design Prize

Beyond the A' Design Prize

Marketing Value, Business Opportunities and Live Services

In addition to physical and digital components, as well as the increased exposure and visibility, winning the A' Design Award could bring you increased credibility and recognition, help to establish a better reputation and open new doors for future opportunities.

A' Design Award winners can connect with other laureates, jury members, and industry influencers, potentially leading to new partnerships and projects, providing you with improved networking and collaboration.

Winning the coveted A' Design Prize can serve as a significant milestone in your journey, inspiring you to push your limits and pursue new heights in your careers, the recognition and prestige associated with winning the A' Design Prize can provide you with an additional boost to your confidence and inspire you further to create innovative and impactful designs.

Winning the A' Design Award could potentially help you increase sales of your products and projects and help increase your profits by reducing your marketing cost. Simply placing the A' Design Award Winner Logo, that is provided free of charge to you, in your product packaging, branding, marketing and communication, you may potentially experience increased sales, increase profits.

In this page we provided a list of only few examples of value that could be driven by winning the A' Design Prize, in reality, we do more, we provide more. A' Design Awards is fully devoted to organizing a design competition that helps make positive change. We at A' Design Awards, are devoted to promoting your good design, true and real, forever.

Design Prize

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