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Legacy of Excellence: The Iconic Design Award Program

Recognizing Timeless Creations, Inspiring Future Innovations

The Iconic Design Award Program is a prestigious initiative that celebrates and honors historically significant designs that have shaped cultures and industries worldwide. This program offers a unique opportunity for A' Design Award laureates to nominate designs from their countries, emphasizing the global impact and enduring legacy of exceptional design works.

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Iconic Design Award

Legacy of Excellence: The Iconic Design Award Program

The Iconic Design Award Program stands as a testament to design that transcends time. It recognizes works that have not only influenced the aesthetics and functionality of their respective fields but have also become cultural icons. This program highlights designs that are at least 15 years old, showcasing how they have remained relevant and inspirational over time.

For A' Design Award winners, this program represents a platform to showcase the rich design heritage of their countries. Iconic Design Award program offers A' Design Award laureates an influential voice in the global design community, allowing them to bring forward historical works that deserve global recognition and admiration.

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Elevate Your Professional Stature in the Global Design Arena

Winners of the A' Design Award are recognized as authorities in the design world. Participating in the Iconic Design Award Program allows them to exercise this authority, showcasing their insight and expertise in identifying designs that have shaped the industry. This involvement not only enhances the winners' professional reputation but also connects them with a global network of peers and potential collaborators. It's an opportunity to leave a personal imprint on the design world, influencing how design is perceived and valued globally.

The Iconic Design Award Program provides a unique platform for designers to highlight the enduring beauty and relevance of historic designs. By nominating works that have stood the test of time, participants demonstrate their deep understanding of design evolution and its cultural impact. For A' Design Award winners, this program is an opportunity to elevate their status in the design community. By selecting and nominating iconic designs, they not only pay homage to the past but also influence current and future design trends, cementing their role as trendsetters and thought leaders in the industry.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize is a comprehensive package of services, goods, and recognitions offered to A' Design Award winners, celebrating and amplifying their success. It embodies the A' Design Award's mission to promote excellent design and designers globally. The Iconic Design Award Program, as part of the A' Design Prize, is a unique facet of this celebration, empowering laureates to nominate and promote historical designs that have made a significant impact on society. This inclusion enriches the prize, intertwining the recognition of contemporary achievements with the reverence of timeless design legacies.

Design Prize

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