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Second-Chance Policy

Supporting Continuous Innovation and Creative Potential

The Second-Chance Policy by A' Design Award is a transformative initiative that prioritizes the growth of designers and creative agencies over specific competition outcomes. This policy awards a free digital nomination for future entries to designers whose work initially receives high preliminary scores which may not align with final results, highlighting a commitment to recognize and develop talent consistently. Whether their initial entries won or not, eligible entrants are encouraged to leverage their recognized potential to explore new ideas and refine their designs. This approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement within the design community and ensures that designers feel valued and motivated to persist in their creative endeavors.

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Second-Chance Rectitude

Nurturing Design Mastery

The Second-Chance Policy exemplifies A' Design Award's commitment to cultivating a supportive environment that encourages continual learning and improvement. By offering designers a fresh opportunity to compete with new or enhanced projects, the policy acknowledges the complex journey of design mastery. This nurturing approach recognizes that true talent can flourish with persistence and the right opportunities.

For A' Design Award winners and participants, this policy is a testament to the competition's dedication to their long-term success. It reassures designers that their efforts are recognized and valued, not just at a single event but throughout their evolving careers. This continued engagement helps build a strong, innovative design community that remains dynamic and competitive.

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Second-Chance Policy

Promoting Resilience in Design

A' Design Award's Second-Chance Policy serves as a motivational tool by demonstrating that setbacks can become opportunities for growth and recognition. By allowing designers to re-enter the competition without an additional fee, A' Design Award encourages them to take constructive feedback and apply it creatively, turning potential disappointments into drivers of innovation.

This aspect of the policy enhances the resilience of designers by promoting a mindset that views each challenge as a stepping stone to success. Such resilience is crucial in the competitive field of design, where trends and standards continuously evolve. Participants learn to adapt and persevere, qualities that are essential for anyone looking to make a significant impact in the design world.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize represents more than just recognition — it is a comprehensive package designed to amplify the success of its winners through a wide array of promotional, networking, and professional development opportunities. Included within this prize package is the Second-Chance Policy, which embodies the competition's ethos of fostering lasting growth and innovation. By providing additional chances for recognition, A' Design Award ensures that creativity and effort receive the exposure and appreciation they deserve, encouraging a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Design Prize

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