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/DESIGN/Newswire specializes in distributing press releases within the design industry, connecting A' Design Award winners with the world's most influential design journalists and media publications, aiming to increase media coverage and presence of award-winning good designs.

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/DESIGN/newswire simplifies the process of connecting A' Design Award laureates with journalists, media, and content creators interested in design, architecture, innovation, visual arts, and creativity niches. The /DESIGN/newswire platform serves as a centralized hub where award-winning designs are showcased, making it easy for media professionals to discover and feature exceptional works.

By leveraging /DESIGN/newswire, A' Design Award winners gain direct access to a targeted audience of industry influencers, journalists, media and publishers. /DESIGN/newswire exposure can lead to increased media coverage, interviews, and feature articles, ultimately boosting A' Design Award winner's reputation and credibility within their respective fields, offering enhanced visibility and recognition.

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As part of the A' Design Prize, laureates are granted free press release distribution and dedicated newsroom via the /DESIGN/newswire network. /DESIGN/newswire's press distribution and dedicated newsroom services streamline the process for journalists to gather information and assets about award-winning works, helping your award-winning designs receive widespread attention from media outlets, increasing the likelihood of being featured in prominent publications.

The complimentary press release distribution and newsroom preparation services at the /DESIGN/newswire platform enhances exposure for A' Design Award winners at no additional cost, presenting winner works in a professional manner that aligns with journalists' expectations and preferences. Adherence to journalistic standards enhances the potential for media features by delivering information in the format journalists are accustomed to, thereby facilitating broader recognition for the winning brands.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize is a prestigious and comprehensive suite of services, goods, and merchandise, bestowed upon the distinguished winners of the A' Design Award. The highly coveted A' Design Prize is meticulously curated to celebrate the achievements of the winners and amplify their success, effectively promoting the outstanding designs that play a pivotal role in enriching our world. Central to its mission of advocating for superior design across the globe, the A' Design Award incorporates the /DESIGN/newswire service as a key component of the A' Design Prize. /DESIGN/newswire dedicated newsroom and press release transmission services are specifically included within the A' Design Prize to showcase the innovative work of A' Design Award winners to a worldwide audience of key design journalists, editors, and esteemed publications.

Design Prize

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