License Process

License and Declaration

Supercharging Global Promotion with License and Declaration to Empower Media Outlets

The License and Declaration processes at the A' Design Award & Competition supercharge the global promotion of award-winning designs by instilling confidence in media outlets to showcase your work extensively by providing the necessary assurances for journalists and publishers to promote your designs without reservations. The License and Declaration process further ensure the legal and ethical integrity of every submission and significantly enhance the global promotion of award-winners, making your achievement more respected, recognized and valuable.

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License Declarations

Empowering Media to Amplify Your Success

The License provided to the A' Design Award serves as a powerful tool that empowers media outlets around the world to confidently promote your designs. By granting specific permissions and establishing clear usage rights, the License reassures publishers and broadcasters of the legality and safety of showcasing your work. This assurance is crucial in today's digital age, where concerns about intellectual property infringement can deter media entities from engaging with and promoting creative content.

For A' Design Award winners, this media empowerment translates into enhanced exposure and recognition. The ability to be featured prominently in publications, online platforms, and exhibitions without legal concerns significantly boosts the reach and impact of your designs. This widespread media coverage not only celebrates your achievements but also connects you with potential clients, collaborators, and markets, driving forward your professional and creative endeavors. This extensive promotion directly contributes to building your reputation as a respected designer in the global community, fostering opportunities for growth and success.

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License Ethics

Ensuring Fairness and Originality in Competition

The Declaration process at the A' Design Award & Competition plays a pivotal role in maintaining the competition's integrity by requiring that all submissions are the original work of their creators and that they hold the necessary rights to have these designs evaluated, published and promoted. The Declaration process is essential in fostering a competitive environment where fairness and authenticity are paramount. By committing to the declaration process, by requiring entries to be original designs, participants underline their dedication to high ethical standards and contribute to a reputable and honorable competition landscape.

The benefits of the Declaration for A' Design Award winners are profound. Declaration boosts professional credibility and strengthens trust among peers, jurors, and the wider audience. The trust brought forward by declaration enhances the perceived value of their designs and the A' Design Award itself, making each award and recognition received more prestigious. Your declaration of originality and compliance with intellectual property rights significantly mitigates the risk of future legal challenges, allowing brands and designers to focus on their creative processes and market their works more confidently. By requiring that all participants adhere to high ethical standards, A' Design Award & Competition elevates the status of the winner designs and the designers, making the A' Design Award a true symbol of excellence and integrity.

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License Integrity

License and Declaration for Comprehensive Advantages

The synergistic combination of the License and Declaration at the A' Design Award & Competition provides comprehensive benefits that enhance both the legal standing and marketability of award-winning designs. This dual approach ensures that each entry is not only original but also fully authorized for public showcasing and promotion. By integrating these processes, the highly esteemed A' Design Award & Competition requires that all recognized works adhere to global intellectual property standards, enhancing their legitimacy and appeal.

For winners of the A' Design Award, this combined system means that their designs receive a very high level of exposure and respect. The clarity and security offered by the License and Declaration processes empower award-winners to leverage their success in the competition to attract business opportunities, connect with media and foster networking opportunities. The required originality and legal clarity make it easier for journalists and promoters to feature A' Design Award winning-works, leading to broader recognition and enhanced brand value. The License and Declaration amplify the impact of winning the A' Design Award, heighten the prestige of winning, enhance media outreach, increase peer-respect and prestige as well as help mitigate intellectual property dispute risks.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize is an extensive package of awards, services, and recognition granted to winners of the A' Design Award, designed to celebrate and amplify their success. The prestigious A' Design Prize showcases winners' designs and promotes them globally, aiming for maximum exposure. Integral to the A' Design Prize is the robust License and Declaration process, which reinforces the legitimacy and originality of each awarded design. This process requires that every winning work is not only recognized for its aesthetic and functional excellence but also for its ethical creation and compliance with international legal standards. By including License and Declaration processes as part of the A' Design Prize, we highlight our commitment to promoting high-quality, original designs that contribute positively to the design world and society at large.

Design Prize

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