World Design Consortium

World Design Consortium

Expand Your Design Capabilities with the Global World Design Consortium Network

The World Design Consortium is a prestigious, globally-recognized organization, comprised of leading design agencies, big brands and experienced professionals from around the world. The World Design Consortium (WDC) can be likened to an extremely big global design agency, connecting tens of thousands of brilliant designers, agencies and enterprises from every discipline and country. Via their membership to the dynamic World Design Consortium, and by collaborating with specialized peers, the A' Design Award winners can take on any design, architecture or engineering task, regardless of size or scope, broadening their horizons and potential for success.

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World Design Consortium Marketing Collateral

Expanding Horizons with World Design Consortium Marketing Collateral and Peer Capabilities

The World Design Consortium brings together a diverse range of design professionals and agencies, offering a rich tapestry of design expertise and specialization. This network leverages a wide array of skills and insights to produce groundbreaking designs, challenge conventions, and inspire new trends. Winning the A' Design Award grants brands and designers access to this dynamic network. Being part of the World Design Consortium empowers designers to collaborate with design professionals worldwide, access diversified design insights, and benefit from a wide array of specialized expertise, thereby enhancing their ability to create superior designs that benefit society. A' Design Award winners, as WDC Members, are privy to an enriched field of opportunities. WDC Members can outsource tasks to highly specialized partners, expanding their project scope beyond their personal or company limitations. This not only enables them to take on more complex projects but also to grow their professional network, learning from the best in the industry.

The World Design Consortium provides its members with an array of potent tools designed to enhance their visibility and credibility. Starting with the WDC Membership Certificate, a tangible testament to a designer's association with this prestigious consortium, members are granted a mark of recognition akin to an academic accreditation. The WDC Annual, a comprehensive publication featuring industry best designs, serves as a repository of knowledge, a source of inspiration, and a tool for benchmarking a designer's work against global standards. These tools open a world of opportunities for A' Design Award winners. The WDC Annual's personalized page provides a platform for self-promotion and personal branding, allowing designers to showcase their unique value proposition to a broad audience. The WDC Business Card, featuring the consortium's logo, serves as a conversation starter and a reminder of the designer's esteemed affiliation. Lastly, the WDC Membership Badge, when displayed on various media, provides an implicit endorsement of the designer's skills and capabilities, further enhancing their marketability and perceived value.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize, a highly revered and comprehensive package, is awarded to the extraordinary winners of the A' Design Award who demonstrate outstanding design capabilities. The A' Design Prize serves as an affirmation of their design prowess and a celebration of their contribution to a better world through superior designs. The World Design Consortium Membership, as part of the A' Design Prize, is an integral component of this reward system, providing winners with a unique platform for growth, collaboration, and global recognition. The mission of the A' Design Awards to promote excellent design and designers worldwide aligns perfectly with the World Design Consortium's goal of fostering design excellence on a global scale.

Design Prize

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