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The Brand Design Rankings is a globally acclaimed platform that adjudicates and ranks brands on their exceptional prowess in design and innovation. Derived from the award-winning works in the A' Design Awards, the Brand Design Rankings are a testament to a brand's commitment to design excellence, innovation, and superior quality. Committed to promoting visibility and recognition for brands across numerous industries worldwide, the Brand Design Rankings serve as a competitive benchmark, offering brands, consumers, potential partners, and media a valuable resource to engage with leading brands in design and innovation.

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The Brand Design Rankings is a merit-based ranking platform serving as a testament to your brand's innovation and design prowess. Brand Design Rankings system, built on a transparent scoring algorithm, celebrates and promotes brands that consistently push the boundaries of art, science, design and technology in their industries, achieving recognition through the juried A' Design Awards. Brand Design Rankings Certificates and Infographics, bestowed upon leading brands, serve as potent tools that augment marketing, enhance brand image and public relations efforts.

A' Design Award winners benefit immensely from Brand Design Rankings Certificates and Infographics to leverage their good design recognition in their marketing narratives, enhancing visibility, strengthening brand reputation, and creating compelling engagement with their audience. provides a platform to showcase their commitment to design excellence and innovation. Brand Design Rankings help award-winning brands to connect with potential partners, clients, consumers and the media, in a positive way, ensuring long-term business growth.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

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The A' Design Prize, a sought-after honor, presents an extensive array of services, goods, and merchandise to celebrate and spotlight the successful laureates of the A' Design Award. Committed to promoting excellent designs, designers and the brands, the A' Design Prize encapsulates the Brand Design Rankings - a symbol of global recognition of design excellence and innovation. As part of the A' Design Prize, the Brand Design Rankings serve as a catalyst to amplify the winner brand's success, fostering a global appreciation of good designs that benefit and advance society.

Design Prize

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