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The Popular Designers Index, also known as POPDES, is a dynamic popularity-based ranking offered by A' Design Awards. It is a strategic platform that measures, promotes, and leverages the visibility and influence of designers based on a variety of factors such as press member views, designer profile views, design views, and social media interactions and impressions. As an A' Design Award laureate, the inclusion in the POPDES rankings represents a significant opportunity to amplify your marketability, extend your reach, and strengthen your reputation in the global design community.

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POPDES Rankings

A Unique Opportunity for A' Design Award Laureates

POPDES's benefits to A' Design Award winners are manifold. It serves as an effective marketing tool, bolstering your brand image and attracting potential clients. Your high POPDES score can be used to justify premium pricing and can open doors to collaborations and endorsements, enriching your professional journey. As you gain popularity and recognition, your designs, creativity, and innovation get the appreciation and visibility they deserve.

POPDES not only affirms your recognition as a famous designer but also extends it, opening new avenues for success. From enhancing your reputation and attracting new clients to attracting investors and boosting crowdfunding campaigns, your POPDES score is a testament to your market potential. Moreover, it positions you as a design influencer and provides opportunities for design education, licensing deals, and talent attraction.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize is a comprehensive and prestigious package that celebrates and amplifies the success of A' Design Award winners. This package offers an array of services, goods, and benefits designed to promote the laureates and their winning designs, which contribute to society's progress. The inclusion in POPDES index represents a significant aspect of the A' Design Prize, enabling laureates to leverage their popularity and marketability in the global design community. Discover the transformative potential of the A' Design Prize and its associated benefits, including the powerful POPDES ranking system.

Design Prize

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