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At the A' Design Awards, we are keen on fostering not just design excellence but also championing the personal brand stories of our laureates. Dive into our unique Media Hosting for Public Relations initiative that allows laureates to upload high-resolution photographs and visuals, made ready for journalists to conveniently feature their winning work, meanwhile spotlighting their brand persona. These images are effortlessly incorporated into the Newsroom and Press Kit of the winners, enabling every laureate to harness the power of global media presence.

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Advanced Media Hosting - Where Stellar Design Narratives Meet Global Public Relations

With the digital landscape evolving, having a prominent media presence is paramount. A' Design Awards provides cutting-edge Media Hosting for Public Relations, crafted to meet the contemporary needs of illustrious designers, star architects and exceptional brands who help make the world a better place with their superior products and projects that benefit and advance society. Beyond their award-winning good design that makes a positive impact, every laureate has a unique story to share and the A' Design Award provides high-resolution image hosting services, allowing designers to communicate their narrative and quality to journalists and media worldwide.

For A' Design Award winners, the ability to upload high-resolution photographs, visuals and images representing their brand persona means a richer representation in the media, providing a multi-dimensional view of their journey and accomplishments, helping laureates stand out in the crowded design landscape. These additional images are further incorporated to the extensive media kit of our laureates, ensuring that journalists, bloggers, and media houses have all they need to feature the laureate's work, amplifying their reach and influence in the industry, in a seamless fashion.

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At A' Design Award, our vision extends beyond celebrating exemplary designs. We are on a mission to elevate and broadcast the masterminds behind good designs. Our Media Hosting for Public Relations, offered as a part of the illustrious A' Design Prize, is not just about media presence. It is about fostering a global understanding and appreciation for good design. By creating a comprehensive platform for designers to share their narratives and works, we hope to inspire a global environment where good design is celebrated and sought after. This endeavor is intrinsic to our core mission: making the world a better place with good design. And in this journey, every story, every image, and every design matters. We are deeply honored to play a part in this grand narrative.

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