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A' Design Award is a prestigious and highly regarded recognition, bringing together talented designers and brands from all over the world, celebrating exceptional design work in a grand showcase. The competition is known for its rigorous judging process and high standards, making it a sought-after accolade for designers everywhere.

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Fame, Prestige, Publicity and International Recognition

The A' Design Award & Competition is an international, annual, juried design accolade in which thousands of designers, architects, creative agencies, brands and product manufacturers from around the world participate in a variety of good design competitions to showcase their outstanding design talents, capabilities, innovations and achievements. The ultimate aim of the competition is to recognize and celebrate good design worldwide.

Thanks to its highly developed methodology, as well as ethical, philanthropic and altruistic founding principles, the A' Design Competition, provides a very fair, trustworthy, ethical and competitive platform for designers, brands and enterprises to get recognized for their design excellence where good design achievements are recognized in a meaningful and impactful manner.

Every year, the A' Design Awards and its extensive media coverage and exposure provide its laureates with the chance to attain national and international fame. The A' Design Award Winner Logo, provided to awardees in recognition of good design, helps distinguish winners from the rest of the competition, and positions winners as leaders in their industry.

The A' Design Prize, given to most esteemed winners of the A' Design Awards is a highly coveted, precious and comprehensive winner's kit that includes a rich array of public relations and publicity services aimed at celebrating and promoting the winner's success at an international level.

The A' Design Prize, includes but not limited to worldwide, perpetual and unlimited license to use the design award winner logo, the exclusive 3D printed metal trophy, hardcover yearbook, design excellence certificate, physical exhibition of award-winning works, black-tie gala-night and award ceremony invitation, and guaranteed publication in over hundred design media channels.

A' Design Prize was synthetically created and masterfully crafted to help winners maximize the benefits of obtaining the design award. A' Design Prize helps award-winners leverage the recognition they received to enhance their reputation, helping awardees connect with world's leading journalists, media and publications in all countries, and helps position the award-winners as leaders in their industries through meaningful events and initiatives that highlight and promote award-winning works throughout the year.

A' Design Prize

International, Multicultural and Multidisciplinary

A' Design Awards aims to promote good design and its benefits. By encouraging designers and businesses to create superior products and projects that benefit society, we want to help create a more accessible, inclusive, and functional world for everyone. With the A' Design Awards, we wish to raise awareness for good design, encourage innovation, recognize excellence, share knowledge and foster collaboration.

The A' Design Award & Competition connects best designers, leading brands, innovative thinkers and creative minds from all over the world. By participating in the award, you will have the perfect opportunity to showcase your designs and ideas to a global audience, receive much deserved recognition and exposure for your good design work, and join an elite community of designers and brands who share your passion for good design.

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Celebrate Your Success and Talents

The A' Design Award is an excellent way to have your good design recognized, celebrated and cherished. Winning the A' Design Award can be a significant boost to your career and business, providing you with the much needed recognition and exposure to take your work to the next level. The award is also a valuable marketing tool, helping you reach journalist and media worldwide, and helps you build and reinforce brand awareness and credibility in your field.

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Make a Positive Impact with Good Design

Promoting good design is about creating a better world for everyone. By fostering a culture of good design, we can help to create products and environments that are functional, accessible, and enjoyable to use. With good design, we can achieve increased accessibility, efficiency, productivity, which leads to increased mental and physical health, economic growth and safety for all.

Good design has the power to transform our world for the better. By taking part in the A' Design Award & Competition, you will have the opportunity to contribute to our crucial mission of making the world a better place with good design, in which your superior products, projects, services and experiences contribute and advance society. Whether you're a designer, a company, or an architect, your designs and ideas will help make the world a better place.

The A' Design Award and Competition is dedicated to promoting good design and supporting designers and companies who create outstanding designs. By participating in the A' Design Award, you'll be part of our very important, philanthropic and altruistic mission to create a global appreciation and understanding of good design, and help create a better future.

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