Jury Declaration

Juror's Declaration

A Commitment to Fairness and Confidentiality in Design Evaluation

The Juror's Declaration is a formal commitment by jurors of the A' Design Award & Competition to uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring impartiality, confidentiality, and integrity in the judging process. This declaration binds jurors to a strict ethical code, promoting transparency and protecting the intellectual property of participants, which enhances the credibility and value of your A' Design Award success.

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Impartial Judging

Upholding Integrity, Fairness and Meritocracy

The Juror's Declaration, created as part of A' Design Award's commitment to ethical judging, is an important document designed to ensure that every member of the A' Design Award's jury adheres to the highest ethical standards. The Juror's Declaration is a binding commitment that jurists make to guarantee impartiality, confidentiality, and integrity throughout the evaluation process. By signing this declaration, jurors affirm their understanding and acceptance of the responsibility to judge entries based solely on merit, free from any personal bias or external influence.

For winners of the A' Design Award, the Juror's Declaration reinforces the legitimacy and fairness of the A' Design Competition. Our commitment to ethical judging enhances the value of the A' Design Award for participants by ensuring that each entry is evaluated solely on its design excellence, innovation, and alignment with competition criteria. This creates a level playing field where the quality of work, rather than connections or external influence, determines the winners. Such a transparent and merit-based evaluation process is crucial for participants looking for a fair assessment of their work, providing them with genuine recognition and feedback that can propel their careers forward.

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Balanced Jury

Building Trust Through Fair Judging

By mandating jurors to sign the Juror's Declaration, where jurors affirm their understanding and acceptance of the responsibility to judge entries based solely on merit, free from any personal bias or external influence, the A' Design Award fosters a trusted environment where all participants can be confident that their work is judged fairly and respectfully. The rigorous adherence to the principles outlined in the Juror's Declaration, together with blind-peer review and anonymous voting process solidifies the reputation of the A' Design Award as a fair and prestigious platform by instilling trust among participants and observers.

Knowing that the A' Design Award & Competition adheres strictly to ethical standards reassures entrants and the broader design community that the A' Design Award is a true reflection of skill and creativity. This trust enhances the A' Design Award & Competition's prestige, attracting high-quality entries from around the world and maintaining the integrity of the A' Design Awards. As a result, the A' Design Award becomes not just a competition, but a benchmark of excellence in the global design landscape, revered for its commitment to fairness and ethical conduct.

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Jury Oath

Protection of Intellectual Property

A' Design Award & Competition's Juror's Declaration, in conjunction with the Jury Agreement, establishes a robust ethical framework to protect the intellectual property of entrants. The Jury Agreement delineates the responsibilities and ethical obligations of jurors, emphasizing confidentiality and impartiality. Meanwhile, the Juror's Declaration acts as a formal pledge by jurors to adhere to these standards. The framework is designed to impose significant consequences, including fines, for jurors who breach established protocols. This measure is intended to act as a deterrent, underscoring the serious commitment required from jurors and emphasizing the ethical standards they are expected to uphold.

This framework not only enhances the competition's security by maintaining rigorous conduct standards for jurors but also cultivates a supportive environment where designers can confidently showcase their innovative and commercially sensitive projects. The inclusion of concealed categories for patent-pending designs provides an additional safeguard, enhancing protection for creators' intellectual advancements. While no system can completely eliminate the risk of bad faith actions, this comprehensive approach significantly strengthens the integrity of the A' Design Award, positioning it as a highly prestigious venue for displaying innovative designs and contributing positively to the design standards worldwide.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize is a comprehensive package awarded to the illustrious winners of the A' Design Award, designed to celebrate and amplify their success. This prize package includes a series of promotional, recognition, and marketing tools that aid in advancing the careers of the winning designers. Integral to this prize is the Juror's Declaration, which is designed to ensure that all awarded designs have been judged under stringent ethical standards, reinforcing the value and prestige of the accolade.

Design Prize

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