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A' Design Award has partnered with leading design, art, and architecture publications and news networks to provide our winners with a global platform for showcasing their work, gaining visibility, recognition, and business opportunities. Reach journalists, consumers, customers and clients as an award-winner. Get inspired and inspire others with your good design.

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Winning A' Design Award: A Newsworthy Achievement

Winning the highly prestigious A' Design Award is a notable and important accomplishment in itself, a newsworthy event that is worthy of media attention and coverage. A' Design Award laureates represent some of the most talented and innovative designers, architects, and brands globally, and being a recipient of the A' Design Award provides a legitimate opportunity for award-winners to connect with journalists, share their work, and promote their good design to a worldwide audience.

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Amplify Your Design's Reach with Our Exceptional Media Partnerships

Good design deserves great recognition and celebration worldwide, yet it can be a challenge to gain exposure and reach a wider audience due to sheer volume of competition, if not for lack of connections and time. That's where our media partnerships come in. By showcasing your award-winning designs through our exceptional media network, we help bridge the gap between you and your audience, bringing your exceptional designs to the forefront and providing you with the recognition and exposure you deserve.

At A' Design Award, we understand the importance of media partnerships and have established relationships with leading design, art, and architecture publications and news networks. Our media partners are carefully selected to ensure that our winners' works are showcased in the best possible light and our media partnerships provide a valuable opportunity for brands and designers to gain exposure and recognition for their work, to reach clients, customers, consumers, buyers and journalists worldwide.

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Design Award Exhibition Placement

Empowering Recognition: A' Design Award's Media Partners Celebrate Outstanding Design Across the Globe

A' Design Award's media partners have the autonomy to choose which designs to feature themselves, resulting in a fair and impartial process that highlights outstanding design work from around the globe. This helps to showcase a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, and promotes inclusivity and creativity in the design industry. By giving voice to different perspectives and showcasing a variety of design approaches, our media partners help to foster an environment that is supportive of innovation and excellence, and that encourages collaboration and growth in the design community.

Through our partnership with influential press and media outlets, A' Design Award Winners receive unparalleled exposure and reach worldwide. A' Design Award's media partners are truly passionate about design and pledge to provide coverage of A' Design Award events, exhibitions and initiatives, ensuring that good design gains the recognition they deserve. Check our media list now to discover these prestigious publications showcasing our winners, get inspired and see where your work could potentially be published if selected as a winner.

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Design Award Yearbook Publication

Immortalize Your Design in Print

Winners of the A' Design Awards are featured in two yearbook, each with a distinct ISBN number, where you are noted as a co-author. The first book is our prestigious hardcover annual of best designs, which is printed in Italy on high-quality, acid-free paper and has a hardcover protective cover with oversewn binding. This book is distributed to our laureates free of charge during the gala, and the second is the digital yearbook, which also has a distinct ISBN number.

In addition to being featured in our two yearly books, A' Design Award winners have the unique opportunity to be published in our Prime Editions, which are ultra-premium hardcover publications featuring highly selective contents in collaboration with Museo del Design and DesignerPress. These limited edition coffee table books are profusely illustrated, showcasing only the most excellent content from grandmaster designers, artists, and architects.

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Design Award Media Placements

A Book of Your Own: Elite A' Design Award Winners Get Dedicated Print Publications

Printed on archival-grade paper, Prime Editions are limited-edition books bound with a hardcover case and presented in a protective slipcase and color dust jacket featuring the winner's work. With a size of 32 cm x 35 cm, Elite A' Design Award winners can showcase their design excellence through the profuse illustrations of their award-winning works, which could serve as a source of inspiration to others in the industry.

Designers and brands leverage A' Design Award's annual publications as well as prime editions as a valuable marketing tool to demonstrate the value and impact of good design to their clients and stakeholders. With no fees or expenses required for inclusion in the publication, our laureates can focus on producing great designs while we handle the layout and design of their pages.

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Design Award Gala Winners

Become the Next Design Legend: Get Interviewed and Published

A' Design Award conducts interviews with every single winner to provide them with an opportunity to share their insights and perspectives with a global audience. These interviews are then published across multiple media channels, including Design Interviews, Designer Interviews, Legendary Designers, and Magnificent Designers platforms.

Through interviews published and promoted by the A' Design Awards, brands and designers have the opportunity to share their unique design process and motivations behind their award-winning designs, creating a compelling story that helps form a personal connection with potential clients and customers as well as journalists and media members.

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Reach a Wide Audience Through Major Streaming Media Platforms

Design Award Winner Video

In addition to our books and media coverage, we also publish winner videos on popular streaming media platforms, providing an opportunity for the public to see the designs in action and learn more about the creative process behind them.

Video and textual interviews give brands and designers a platform to showcase their expertise, establish trust and credibility, and connect with new audiences. By showcasing their experiences, brands and designers can establish a rapport with their audience, form lasting relationships, and demonstrate the value and impact of good design.

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International Design News Network

Maximize Your Reach and Unlock Global Potential of Your Good Design

At A' Design Award, we recognize that having an international reach is crucial to the success of good design. That's why we've founded the IDNN - The International Design News Network to offer our winners even greater exposure and recognition. By reaching out to design-oriented audiences around the world, IDNN helps you increase your brand reputation, attract new clients and customers, and potentially increase sales.

A' Design Awards is proud to offer its winners free translation services for their award-winning works through IDNN, which is published in over 100+ languages. By leveraging the power of IDNN, our winners can maximize their reach, connect with potential clients and customers, and increase their brand reputation globally without the worry of language barriers.

With the International Design News Network, your designs will be published in over hundred design publications, in 100+ languages, reaching 99.995% of the world population in their native language. Imagine the international recognition, spotlight, and publicity you could receive by having your award-winning works published in all these different languages.

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Design News Exchange Network

Gain Global Visibility with DXGN Network

A' Design Award and Competition is paving the way for innovative and effective ways to showcase the talent and creativity of award-winning designers. With the DXGN network, composed of over hundred publications and websites, winners have the opportunity to expand their reach and be seen by a global audience.

Design News Exchange Network (DXGN) is a powerful tool for award-winning designers, brands, and architects to expand their reach and gain exposure on a global scale. By publishing all A' Design Award winners, DXGN makes it easy for journalists, potential clients, and consumers to discover and explore the exceptional work of A' Design Award winners. This translates to increased visibility and more frequent appearances in search results for winners, ensuring that their talent is recognized and appreciated by audiences worldwide.

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Best Design Creative Network

Get Discovered Among the World's Best Designs

BDCN Network is a global platform showcasing visually stunning, creative work from around the world, featuring top-ranking, award-winning, and original design from different countries and regions. By being part of the BDCN network, your work is showcased as one of the best designs in your country and region, giving you the opportunity to gain international recognition and publicity in addition to attaining national fame.

BDCN is an excellent platform to showcase, promote, advertise, and outreach your good design, as a leader in design from your region. A' Design Award & Competition winners are automatically placed in the BDCN network, allowing them to promote their products and projects to worldwide audiences, helping potential clients, customers, and consumers discover your designs when they search for the best designs in your locality. Discover BDCN and how it can help you expand your reach today.

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Tap The Power of Outreach with A' Design Award & Competition

GOOD Network provides a powerful platform for A' Design Award winners to showcase their award-winning designs in an inspiring and easily accessible way. The network features designs in an inspiration board style, making it easier for press members, journalists, design-oriented audiences, prospective clients, and consumers to discover and explore good, original, and outstanding designs across various categories.

By featuring award-winning designs in this way, GOOD Network provides an additional layer of publicity for our laureates, and increase their chances of being discovered by press members, journalists, design enthusiasts, and potential clients and consumers, making it a valuable platform for designers and brands alike.

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Best Designers Network

Join the Ranks of the Best, Get Featured with the Very Best

BEST Designers Network is an exclusive platform that offers a visually stunning showcase of the best designers, brands, and creative minds from around the world. With distinct platforms dedicated to designer and brand leaders in different industries, BEST Designers Network is a valuable resource for discovering top talent, innovation, and cutting-edge design.

By being featured on the BEST Designers Network, designers and brands can gain greater visibility and recognition, which can lead to increased business opportunities and revenue. Additionally, being listed among the best designers, brands, and creative minds from around the world can enhance the reputation and prestige of the designer or brand, making them more attractive to prospective clients and customers.

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Get in the Spotlight with A' Design Awards

When you win the A' Design Award, you gain access to a global network of press partners and journalists who are eager to share your award-winning designs with the world. We work with leading publications in art, design, and innovation industries, as well as general interest media outlets, to give your designs the exposure they deserve.

With media coverage in over 100 languages, your designs will reach a wide and diverse audience, helping you expand your brand's reach and visibility. And with complimentary press releases, media kits, and distribution services, you can ensure that your brand and designs are promoted to your target audience.

This exposure not only boosts your brand's reputation and credibility, but it also increases customer trust, driving sales and opening doors to new opportunities. When you're ready to take your designs to the next level, join the ranks of A' Design Award winners and get your work in the spotlight.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Experience the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Award is not only about the recognition and prestige, but it also comes with a fantastic prize package that will help take your brand to the next level. As a winner, you will have exclusive access to the A' Design Prize - a one-of-a-kind collection of top-notch services, goods, and merchandise meticulously designed to celebrate and amplify your success. This comprehensive package is a testament to the value we place on our esteemed winners, and we go above and beyond to equip you with every tool necessary to propel your brand to new heights of recognition and excellence.

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