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In an ever-competitive world, visibility is paramount. To aid our esteemed A' Design Award winners, we present a comprehensive suite of press release tools and services to spotlight your design achievements. Leveraging these tools increases your exposure to journalists, editors, and media professionals globally, turning your accomplishments into wider brand engagement and recognition.

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Press Release Distribution

Your Key to Global Visibility

Every laureate is graced with three unique press release opportunities: a meticulously crafted release from the A' Design Awards, followed by a DesignPRWire release credit, and a /DESIGN/Newswire release credit for each winning work for multilingual local, niche and international outreach. Created to encapsulate your unique design story, your press releases serve as your ticket to global visibility and acclaim.

This triad of press releases is a strategic advantage. By integrating press releases into your communication strategy, award-winning brands and designers stand to gain enhanced media exposure and recognition. By broadcasting your victory, you position yourself at the forefront of design excellence, garnering attention, recognition, and potential business opportunities.

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Press Release Broadcast

PRDS System for Local and Niche Media

Beyond global recognition, A' Design Award recognizes the value of local and niche media. While our press releases offer a broad spectrum of media coverage, the PRDS system narrows down to your specific target audience. Designed with a precision-focused approach, A' Design Award's PRDS System allows winners to identify and reach local and niche media, ensuring a comprehensive and potent media presence, we empower winners to reach the specific markets and demographics crucial to their success.

Tailored for the A' Design Award winners, PRDS system ensures that your achievements resonate deeply where it matters most. Targeting local and niche media equates to speaking directly to your core audience, where every mention can translate into tangible business opportunities. Instead of you reaching out, let us, as the awarding body, attest to your excellence, making your award victory all the more impactful. When A' Design communicates on your behalf, it not only adds authenticity but also underpins the weight of your achievement.

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Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

A' Design Award's press release distribution amplifies your accolade to thousands of media channels, encompassing traditional, new, and social media. It is our commitment to ensure your design achievements receive the recognition they deserve. With our robust press release distribution, we work hard to ensure that your accolades don't go unnoticed. From global media stalwarts to burgeoning new platforms, we help your achievements reach far and wide.

As an A' Design Award laureate, you possess not only an award but a story worth telling. Our distribution services helps your narrative to reach the right ears, creating ripples of acknowledgment and opportunity worldwide. Our distribution services not only validate your achievement but also enhance your brand's reach. Through extensive media networks, your award-winning designs find their way to potential clients, collaborators, and admirers worldwide.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize is more than just an accolade; it's a testament to your innovation, commitment, and excellence in design. A' Design Award offers a rich assortment of services and opportunities to its winners, celebrating and propagating their design impact. As part of this prestigious recognition, you're entitled to an exceptional suite of promotional services that amplify your achievements to a global audience. Among these benefits is our Release Tools and Services. Imagine having not one, but three distinct press releases championing your design – each tailored to resonate with different media platforms, in different languages. And with the PRDS system, even local and niche outlets, often overlooked, are within your reach. This meticulous, multilingual, multi-pronged approach ensures your design narrative is broadcasted far and wide, fortifying your brand's reputation and visibility.

Design Prize

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