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Large, Diverse, Inclusive, Expert and Fair Grand Award Jury Panel Brings True Recognition and Prestige

Winning the A' Design Award is a mark of true recognition and prestige, due to the 200+ person, fair and expert Grand Award Jury that evaluates each submission. A' Design Award's jury process and evolution are impressive and are among the best in the world. The jury panel is composed of top-notch academics, influential journalists, and prominent professionals who possess an exceptional level of expertise and experience in their fields. With a large and multidisciplinary jury panel that brings a wide range of perspectives and expertise to the evaluation process, the A' Design Award's Grand Award Jury ensures that every nomination is evaluated fairly and at the highest level possible.

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Uniting Design Minds: A' Design Award's High Level of Expertise

A' Design Award employs a jury panel made up of established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals, and experienced entrepreneurs from around the world. These individuals are carefully selected for their expertise and experience in various design-related fields, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to the evaluation process.

The high level of expertise of the A' Design Award's Grand Jury Panel ensures that winning entries are recognized for their true merit and excellence, as they are evaluated by experts who can identify and appreciate the finer details and nuances of the designs. The jurors also provide constructive feedback to the participants, which can help them to refine and improve their work.

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Fostering Collaboration and Excellence: The Multidisciplinary Jury of A' Design Award

The A' Design Award's multidisciplinary jury includes established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals, and experienced entrepreneurs from around the world. This diverse panel of experts enables the A' Design Award to take a comprehensive and inclusive approach to evaluating design, as the jury members bring a range of perspectives, experiences, and expertise to the evaluation process. By collaborating and sharing their knowledge, the jury panel is able to identify and recognize the most innovative and impactful design submissions.

The multidisciplinary expertise of the jury panel helps to elevate the prestige and credibility of the A' Design Award. The recognition of winning the award by a panel of renowned design experts can be a valuable asset for the designers and brands, as it can increase their visibility and credibility within the design industry and beyond.

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Power in Numbers: A' Design Award's Large Jury Panel

A' Design Award is proud to have a diverse and knowledgeable jury panel, consisting of a large number of experienced professionals from different fields of design. Having a large jury panel helps eliminate personal biases and ensure that the most deserving submissions are recognized, providing more accurate and fair evaluations.

Having a large jury panel also allows for a greater variety of perspectives and expertise to be taken into account, resulting in a more comprehensive and well-informed evaluation process.

Additionally, our large jury size is an indicator of the prestige and significance of the A' Design Awards, as it reflects the competition's ability to attract and engage a large pool of talented and respected design professionals from around the world.

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Promoting Global Diversity in Design: A' Design Award's Vision

A' Design Award strives to be a truly global platform for designers from all over the world. The competition welcomes submissions from designers of all nationalities, backgrounds, and levels of experience, and seeks to promote the best and most innovative designs, regardless of the designer's country of origin. The goal of promoting global representation is rooted in the belief that great design ideas can come from anywhere and anyone.

By creating an open and inclusive competition, A' Design Award aims to give designers and enterprises from different backgrounds and regions the opportunity to showcase their talent and connect with a global audience. This approach also helps to promote diversity in the design industry, which can lead to a more inclusive and innovative design culture. A' Design Award promotes global diversity by establishing a network of ambassadors worldwide. This network supports and encourages designers from all backgrounds to participate, offering resources to help those with limited access to design education or industry connections.

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Upholding Ethical Design Practices: A' Design Award's Code of Conduct

Design is not just about aesthetics or functionality, as it has an ethical dimension. Designers have a responsibility to ensure that their work upholds ethical standards, is inclusive, and does not cause harm to society. At the A' Design Award, we believe that design ethics matter, and we expect all participants to abide by our code of conduct and ethical guidelines for intellectual property rights, social value creation and respectful conduct towards other participants.

A' Design Awards believes in fostering an environment of diversity and inclusivity, where designers, companies and institutions from all backgrounds, all countries can participate and be recognized for their contributions. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all participants. By promoting ethical standards and inclusivity in design, we believe we can help create a better future for all.

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Ensuring Ethical Evaluation: The A' Design Award Juror's Code of Conduct

As part of our commitment to design ethics, the A' Design Award has established a Code of Conduct for Jurors to ensure fairness, transparency, and objectivity in the evaluation process. A' Design Award Jurors are expected to abide by Juror's Code of Conduct and follow the evaluation criteria, which are based on intrinsic design qualities, to provide a fair and unbiased evaluation of all submissions.

The A' Design Award's evaluation process is anonymous, and jurors are required to maintain confidentiality and not disclose any information about the submissions or the evaluation process. The A' Design Award values and promotes ethical behavior in the design community, and we believe that adherence to these principles is essential to maintain the integrity and credibility of the award, and ultimately deliver true prestige and recognition to our winners.

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Fair and Impartial Evaluation Process: The Values Underlying A' Design Award

The A' Design Award's anonymous evaluation process means that the identity of the designer or design team is not revealed to the jurors during the evaluation process. Anonymous voting ensures that the design evaluation is based solely on the quality and merit of the design itself, rather than the reputation or other factors related to the designer or design team. Anonymity helps to eliminate biases and provide a fair and objective evaluation of the design.

The A' Design Award places significant value on ensuring impartiality and fairness in its evaluation process. To this end, in addition to anonymous voting, the jury panel is refreshed annually to maintain a diverse and unbiased pool of experts, with new jurors selected based on their experience and expertise in their respective fields. Annual rotation of jurors ensures that new perspectives and ideas are taken into consideration, which is crucial in promoting the highest standards of design and ensuring that the most deserving submissions are recognized. The inclusion of new jurors also helps to maintain the integrity and credibility of the award and underscores our commitment to promoting ethical behavior in the design community.

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Distinction and Prestige: A Mark of Excellence for Good Design

The A' Design Award attracts a significant number of entries each year, making it highly competitive and relevant. However, the number of competitors is not the only or most significant factor in the award's prestige. The A' Design Award is highly prestigious due to its rigorous evaluation process and the high caliber of its jury panel, which includes established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals, and experienced entrepreneurs from around the world.

The use of pre-established evaluation criteria, a highly advanced voting and scoring mechanism, and the utilization of Z-scores in the scoring process provide a standardized measure of performance, ensuring fairness in the evaluation of designs nominated to the A' Design Awards. As a result, the A' Design Award is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious design competitions globally, with winning entries being a testament to the excellence and innovation of the awardees and their work.

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Platform for All: Good Design for Everyone

A' Design Award is open and accessible to designers from all over the world, regardless of their background, experience, education, political, social or religious views. A' Design Awards promotes inclusivity and diversity in design, and provides an opportunity for designers to showcase their work on a global stage.

A' Design Award aims to make the design world more accessible to everyone, by breaking down barriers to entry and creating a level playing field. This means that the A' Design Award is open to both established designers and up-and-coming talent, as well as designers from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, disciplines, and design fields, in addition to large enterprises, institutions and big brands.

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Inclusivity and Accessibility in Promoting Good Design

Within the framework of "Good Design for Everyone", the A' Design Award has implemented a positive price discrimination policy that promotes accessibility and inclusivity. The policy involves charging larger enterprises more, while start-ups, design agencies, and individual participants pay less to nominate their work. In addition, the competition offers several ways for designers to participate for free through sponsorships and initiatives, making the competition accessible to all.

In this way, A' Design Award is working to promote a culture of design that is inclusive, diverse, and truly global. A' Design Awards recognizes that good design can come from anywhere, and that everyone should have the opportunity to showcase their work and be recognized for their talent and creativity, regardless of an individual's financial status or resources. By promoting accessibility and inclusivity, the A' Design Award is living up to its commitment to "Good Design for Everyone".

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Ensuring Fair and Equal Evaluation: A' Design Award's Assessment Criteria

At A' Design Award, our top priority is ensuring fair and unbiased evaluation of design. As part of this commitment, we have thoroughly researched and developed pre-established criteria that account for all important aspects of design, creating a level playing field for all entrants.

Our evaluation criteria are standardized and weighted to ensure a fair evaluation of all submissions, thereby eliminating personal biases and ensuring that relevant questions are answered by the appropriate jurors. The weighted raw scores, which reflect the quality of a submission based on the pre-established evaluation criteria, are used to calculate an overall z-score for each entry. The z-score determines the award status, provided the submission meets the minimum raw score threshold for each category. A' Design Award's methodological approach allows for a fair comparison of the scores across all submissions, regardless of the number of jurors or differences in their expertise or bias.

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Fair Evaluation Methodology: Using Z-Scores and Pre-established Criteria

Our voting system and highly advanced methodologies for design which makes use of pre-established evaluation criteria, standardized scoring, and preliminary review helps to prevent personal biases and ensure a merit-based evaluation process that is fair for all participants. To further promote fairness, preliminary scores are not revealed to the jury members to prevent anchoring effects. The elimination of positive presentation bias also ensures that entries are judged based on intrinsic qualities, rather than on how they are visually presented.

A' Design Award's diverse and non-political jury panel, which includes established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals, and experienced entrepreneurs from around the world, from all continents, helps promote equality in design evaluation. Multinational, large, diverse and inclusive jury panel ensures that the evaluation process is not influenced by nepotism, religion, belief systems, race, gender or politics, but rather is based on the objective evaluation of the design's merit. Through our commitment to fair evaluation, we strive to recognize and promote the best design submissions, regardless of the designer's background or nationality.

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Reducing Presentation Bias in Design Evaluation and Assessment

The positive presentation bias is an error in judgment of jurors who tend to give higher scores to designs whose visual representations were made better, regardless of the intrinsic properties of the design. The Positive Presentation Bias is a phenomenon that affects many design competitions, and it can be a significant obstacle to fair and accurate evaluation. By implementing a range of tools and approaches, such as the Uniform Submission System, Uniform Jury Presentation System, Preliminary Score and Feedbacks for Presentation, and the Submission Optimizer Software, A' Design Award is taking important steps to reduce the impact of presentation quality on the evaluation process.

A' Design Award's efforts to reduce Positive Presentation Bias are commendable and necessary. A' Design Award's detailed Presentation Guidelines Book with Hints and Suggestions, Showcasing Prior Winner Works, and Voting Guidelines for Jury Members, are all valuable resources that help ensure that jurors are evaluating designs based on their intrinsic qualities, rather than just the presentation. A' Design Award's efforts to reduce Positive Presentation Bias demonstrate our commitment to promoting fair and accurate evaluation, as well as our dedication to recognizing and celebrating truly exceptional design. By taking steps to reduce the impact of presentation quality on the evaluation process, the A' Design Award is creating a more level playing field for designers, which ultimately benefits the design industry as a whole.

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Good Design, Great Impact: How Design Can Change the World

We have created a very detailed, very advanced methodology and we employ a very large jury panel because of the positive impact of good design on society and the world at large. Good design has the power to solve complex problems, make our lives easier, and enhance our experiences. By recognizing and promoting good design, we can create a better world for everyone.

We firmly believe that the A' Design Award is an opportunity to showcase your best work and gain recognition for your talent and hard work, in a very fair, very meritocratic setting. Whether you are an established designer or just starting out, remember that good design has the power to make a positive impact on the world, and your work is a vital part of that mission. Keep designing, keep innovating, and never stop pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and we will be there to recognize, cherish and promote your work that makes a difference.

We are committed to recognizing and promoting good design, and we are proud to have you as part of our community.

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The A' Design Prize equips you with every tool necessary to elevate your brand to new levels of recognition and excellence, and we are dedicated to supporting you on your journey towards success. Our commitment to fair evaluation and a large, diverse, inclusive, expert, and fair Grand Award Jury Panel following meritocratic evaluation methodology ensures that your win is a true testament to your design excellence. As a winner of the A' Design Award, you can be truly proud of your achievement, knowing that you have won an award that truly matters and is a proof of your design excellence.

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