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Boost Media Placements and Brand Recognition with Tailored Newsrooms for Journalist Engagement

Design|Newsroom, offered by A' Design Award, revolutionizes brand visibility and recognition through custom newsrooms and media showcases that engage journalists effortlessly, presenting award-winning designs with multimedia showcases, comprehensive press kits, ready-to-publish content, and high-resolution images to attract global media to your good design, making your work attractive and accessible to top editors and journalists worldwide.

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Showcase to Spotlight: Tailoring Your Design's Media Journey with Design|Newsroom

Design|Newsroom revolutionizes how award-winning designs gain visibility, offering a media-friendly platform that showcases your work to the world. Design|Newsroom service provides each winner with a personalized newsroom, equipped with everything needed for instant media appeal: from downloadable high-resolution images and insightful designer interviews to comprehensive press kits with texts in multiple languages. By centralizing and beautifying the presentation of your achievements, Design|Newsroom makes it irresistibly easy for journalists and editors from leading national and international publications to feature your work, ensuring your design stories are seen, heard, and celebrated globally.

The Design|Newsroom is a valuable asset for A' Design Award winners, strategically enhancing their design's visibility and media coverage. It simplifies the media's access to your work, thereby increasing the likelihood of features in prestigious design outlets. The elevated exposure brought forward by Design|Newsroom highlights your innovative designs and supports A' Design Award's mission to broadcast the importance of good design worldwide. With Design|Newsroom, your achievements are not just acknowledged—they're spotlighted in the global arena, opening doors to new opportunities and affirming your place in the international design landscape.

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Relaying Your Legacy: The Power of Brand Newsrooms

Design|Newsroom's Brand Newsrooms consolidate and highlight the essence of your brand’s design excellence to showcase your award-winning projects and to narrate the story of your brand’s journey, achievements, and vision in a cohesive and immersive manner. By integrating press-ready feature spotlights, latest brand news, and product launches, Brand Newsrooms serve as a dynamic archive and a marketing powerhouse, ensuring that journalists, editors, content creators and potential collaborators can easily access and engage with your brand’s portfolio. The continuous and updated stream of information and visual content presented by the Design|Newsroom keeps journalists informed and captivated, fostering increased media engagement and coverage.

The Brand Newsrooms provided to A' Design Award winners are valuable in amplifying your brand’s presence on a global scale. Design|Newsroom's Brand Newsrooms offer a strategic avenue for brands to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the media, industry stakeholders, and the market at large. By facilitating direct access to a comprehensive collection of designs, press materials, and high-resolution images, Brand Newsrooms empower winners to take control of their narrative and strengthen their market position. The increased media visibility and engagement brought forward by Design|Newsroom not only enhances brand recognition but also aligns with A' Design Award’s commitment to showcasing design excellence. Design|Newsroom enables A' Design Award winners to promote their innovative designs and brand stories to journalists worldwide.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize represents a key achievement for designers and brands worldwide, offering a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to celebrate and amplify their good design. The prestigious A' Design Prize package includes access to very special services designed to enhance the winners' global visibility and marketing capabilities. Among these valuable services is the Design|Newsroom, an exclusive platform that showcases award-winning designs through visually compelling newsrooms and media showcases. Tailor-made to facilitate easy access for journalists and media outlets, the Design|Newsrooms helps your award-winning designs receive the broad coverage and recognition. By including the Design|Newsroom as part of the A' Design Prize, A' Design Award winners are provided with a unique opportunity to engage with journalists, media members and content creators worldwide, transforming their award-winning achievements into a powerful marketing and branding tool. The A' Design Prize honors outstanding design and actively promotes it across various media channels, supporting A' Design Award's mission to create a global appreciation and understanding of good design.

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