Blackandgold Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Designer Profile
Blackandgold Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an award-winning designer with 10 featured award-winning projects.
Blackandgold Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Based in Paris, Shanghai and New York, we have been working for 30 years to develop strong brands, with high standards and passion. But also with a certain amount of hindsight and humility. With us, jargon is prohibited. Certainties too. It is this constantly renewed curiosity, this duty of candor and this desire to understand that drives the daily life of the agency, from our approach to trends to that of your briefs. In China, we work with big international and local clients.

Mix Milk Tea
Small Satine Kid Milk
Mizone Seasonal Beverage
Mizone Mystery Beverage
Plant Selected Beverage
Mizone Zero Beverage Packaging
Durex Condom
Plant Selected Beverage
Nestle Ice Cream
Satine Milk