Tetsuya Matsumoto Designer Profile
Tetsuya Matsumoto is an award-winning designer with 22 featured award-winning projects.
Tetsuya Matsumoto

Tetsuya Matsumoto is the founder and Head Architect Designer at KTX archiLAB based in Japan, and a Lecturer of a space design course at Osaka University of Art. After graduating from the same university, he specialized in commercial space design and built a large portfolio of projects varying both in type and scale, from shops and restaurants to offices and clinics, and from a small pharmacy to a large Hospital. Tetsuya has received more than a hundred local and international design awards and became a jury member for several prestigious prizes.

Tetsuya Matsumoto
Cloud of Luster Wedding Chapel
The Cutting Edge Dispensing Pharmacy
WADA Sports Flagship Store
The Duplicated Edge Office
Origami Ark Show room
Toshin PostPandemic Office
The PolyCuboid Office Building
Kawaii : Cute cramming school
The Panelarium Urology Clinic
Inami Koro Udon Restaurant and Shop
The Cutting Edge Dispensing Pharmacy
Pekin Kaku Chinese Restaurant
The OmniDirectional Internal Medicine Clinic
Nautilus Restaurant
Moritomi Japanese Restaurant
Toshin Takarazuka School Office
Miyabi Dental Clinic
White and Steel School office
Lumiere Hair Salon
Wavy Stillness Sports Bar
Learning Bright Office
The Parallel Blue Aquarium Dining