Tetsuya Matsumoto The Cutting Edge Dispensing Pharmacy
The Cutting Edge Dispensing Pharmacy is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Cutting Edge Dispensing Pharmacy

The cutting Edge is a dispensing pharmacy related to the neighboring Daiichi General Hospital in Himeji City, Japan. In this type of pharmacies the client doesn’t have direct access to the products as in the retail type; rather his medicines will be prepared in the backyard by a pharmacist after presenting a medical prescription. This new building was designed to promote the image of the hospital by introducing a High-tech sharp image in accordance with an advanced medical technology. It results in a white minimalistic but fully functional space.

The Cutting Edge Dispensing Pharmacy
Tetsuya Matsumoto The Cutting Edge
Tetsuya Matsumoto Dispensing Pharmacy
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
Tetsuya Matsumoto

Tetsuya Matsumoto is the founder and Head Architect Designer at KTX archiLAB based in Japan, and a Lecturer of a space design course at Osaka University of Art. After graduating from the same university, he specialized in commercial space design and built a large portfolio of projects varying both in type and scale, from shops and restaurants to offices and clinics, and from a small pharmacy to a large Hospital. Tetsuya has received more than a hundred local and international design awards and became a jury member for several prestigious prizes.

Eri Matsuura Himeji Daiichi Hospital

Himeji Daiichi Hospital is one of the major Hospitals in Himeji city, Japan. Since its establishment 40 years ago the hospital have been providing services related to surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, rehabilitation, artificial dialysis, emergency services and chronic diseases. The hospital has a capacity of 100beds and does cooperate with other local facilities, among them Matsuura Hospital and the Hikarigaoka Health Center for the Elderly.