Tetsuya Matsumoto Inami Koro Udon Restaurant and Shop
Inami Koro Udon Restaurant and Shop is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Inami Koro Udon Restaurant and Shop

How can architecture represent a culinary concept? The Edge of the Wood is an attempt to respond to this question. Inami Koro is reinventing the traditional Japanese Udon dish while keeping the common techniques for preparation. The new building reflects their approach by revisiting the traditional Japanese wooden constructions. All contour lines expressing the shape of the building were simplified. This includes the glass frame hidden inside the thin wooden pillars, the roof and ceiling inclination rotated, and the edges of vertical walls all being expressed by a single line.

Inami Koro Udon Restaurant and Shop
Tetsuya Matsumoto Inami Koro
Tetsuya Matsumoto Udon Restaurant and Shop
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
Tetsuya Matsumoto

Tetsuya Matsumoto is the founder and Head Architect Designer at KTX archiLAB based in Japan, and a Lecturer of a space design course at Osaka University of Art. After graduating from the same university, he specialized in commercial space design and built a large portfolio of projects varying both in type and scale, from shops and restaurants to offices and clinics, and from a small pharmacy to a large Hospital. Tetsuya has received more than a hundred local and international design awards and became a jury member for several prestigious prizes.

Miki City.

The earliest residents of Miki who arrived more than 1300 years ago lived along the banks of the Minogawa River. In 1954, Miki declared itself a city after the four main towns amalgamated under a single local government. And Miki enlarged its size by merging with Yokawa in 2005.Today Miki boasts many attractive facilities that promote cultural, social, and recreational activities such as Horse Land Park, Mikiyama Forest Park, Greenpia Miki, and the Yamada-Nishiki-no-Sato.