Tetsuya Matsumoto Kawaii : Cute Cramming School
Kawaii : Cute Cramming School is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Kawaii : Cute Cramming School

Surrounded by neighboring girls’ high schools, this Toshin Satellite Preparatory School is taking advantage of its strategic location on a busy shopping street to display a unique educational design. Matching convenience for hard studies and a relaxed atmosphere for fun, the design promotes the feminine nature of its users and offers an alternative materialization for the abstract concept of “Kawaii” largely used by Schoolgirls. The rooms for bunches and classes in this school takes the shape of the octagonal gabled roof house as illustrated in children’ picture book.

Kawaii : Cute Cramming School
Tetsuya Matsumoto Kawaii : Cute
Tetsuya Matsumoto Cramming School
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
Matsuo Gakuin

Matsuo Gakuin is one of the franchisee to provide cramming school for students in Japan. The company established in 1979 and have since then opened more than 20 schools mostly in Himeji, Osaka, and Kobe, this number is still increasing. Matsuo Gakuin is ranked in the top category of schools, 72% of their students can enter their chosen college, including most renowned and high-demanding ones, which is considered as the highest record for cramming schools in japan.