Tetsuya Matsumoto Toshin Takarazuka School Office
Toshin Takarazuka School Office is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Toshin Takarazuka School Office

For its Second created office since the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, the challenge Matsuo Gakuin was facing is to find a solution for protecting its office users while keeping the aesthetic values the company has always cherished. Two broken thunder shaped tables take place in the office dividing the space into staff and guest areas. glass panels were sandwiched between the board and its duplicate hanging from the ceiling. the glass panels run alternatively through parallel lines. This disposition forms a protective shield while allowing air and documents circulation.

Toshin Takarazuka School Office
Tetsuya Matsumoto Toshin Takarazuka
Tetsuya Matsumoto School Office
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
Matsuo Gakuin.

Matsuo Gakuin is a franchisee of the larger Toshin Satellite preparatory schools. These preparatory schools are used by high school’s final year students to prepare for their national university entrance exam. The lessons are standardized for all schools in japan and are prerecorded. Matsuo Gakuin offers accesses to these lessons through its computer equipped classrooms.