Tetsuya Matsumoto Cloud of Luster Wedding Chapel
Cloud of Luster Wedding Chapel is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Cloud of Luster Wedding Chapel

The Cloud of luster is a wedding chapel located inside a wedding ceremony hall in Himeji city, Japan. The design tries to translate the modern wedding ceremony spirit into physical space. The chapel is all white, a cloud shape enveloped almost entirely in curved glass opening it to the surrounding garden and water basin. The columns are toped in hyperbolic capital like heads smoothly connecting them to the minimalistic ceiling. The chapel socle on the basin side is a hyperbolic curve allowing the whole structure to appear as if it is floating on the water and accentuate its lightness.

Cloud of Luster Wedding Chapel
Tetsuya Matsumoto Cloud of Luster
Tetsuya Matsumoto Wedding Chapel
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
Tetsuya Matsumoto design
117 Group

117 Group is a set of facilities providing various family-related ceremony services, mostly weddings and funerals. 117 Group Head Quarter is located in Himeji City Japan. The group activity, throughout its different components, is spread through all the Kansai Area and beyond.