Plus X Designer Profile
Plus X is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Plus X

Plus X is a creative partner who designs Brand eXperience. They design the elements to accurately deliver the goal that the brand pursues in the various communication points to the users and provide the optimal design solution accordingly. They are carrying out projects with experts from various fields such as BX Strategy, BX Design, UX / UI Design, Development, Motion Graphic Design and Product Design. Creating the best synergy, they have been doing wonderful project like BTS, YG ENTERTAINMENT, 11STREET, DOOTA, L.POINT, 29CM, ID FRAME etc.

PRO RE NATA Cosmetic Brand Identity & Package Design
ID FRAME ID Card Holder
VAUNCE Trampoline Park Brand Identity Design
TETRAPOD BREWING CO. Brand Identity, Package and Media Design
BTS Brand Identity Design