Plus X Andmarq Corporate Identity Development
Andmarq Corporate Identity Development is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Andmarq Corporate Identity Development

Andmarq's logo is expressed in a unique and refined Serif to deliver its creative perspective and personality. The shape where 'And' and 'Marq' are placed at the center side by side is symbolic of the balanced win-win partnership between the artist and the management company. Meanwhile, the space between the two words indicates the progress of finding potential artists, performing integrated managing, and realizing mutual growth between the company and the artists.

Andmarq Corporate Identity Development
Plus X Andmarq
Plus X Corporate Identity Development
Plus X

Plus X is a creative partner who designs Brand eXperience. They design the elements to accurately deliver the goal that the brand pursues in the various communication points to the users and provide the optimal design solution accordingly. They are carrying out projects with experts from various fields such as BX Strategy, BX Design, UX / UI Design, Development, Motion Graphic Design and Product Design. Creating the best synergy, they have been doing wonderful project like BTS, YG ENTERTAINMENT, 11STREET, DOOTA, L.POINT, 29CM, ID FRAME etc.


Started by people pursuing the trend of changes in the business, ANDMARQ is an agency specializing in managing actors. ANDMARQ has proceeded with this project to realize its vision of establishing a reasonable structure where there is mutual respect between actors and agency to break the existing system and behaviors of the industry.