Plus X Ep Brand eXperience Design
Ep Brand eXperience Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Ep Brand eXperience Design

The overall brand design encompasses and portrays an organic place that can capture various kinds of episodes of life in keeping with the brand name, which signifies a place where people who seek a diversified lifestyle gather together to create new stories. In order to express such brand characteristics, we created designs that can be flexibly modified, for a design system and brand experience that can exhibit the full spectrum of the brand's experiential nature.

Ep Brand eXperience Design
Plus X Ep
Plus X Brand eXperience Design
Plus X design
Plus X design
Plus X

Plus X is a creative partner who designs Brand eXperience. They design the elements to accurately deliver the goal that the brand pursues in the various communication points to the users and provide the optimal design solution accordingly. They are carrying out projects with experts from various fields such as BX Strategy, BX Design, UX / UI Design, Development, Motion Graphic Design and Product Design. Creating the best synergy, they have been doing wonderful project like BTS, YG ENTERTAINMENT, 11STREET, DOOTA, L.POINT, 29CM, ID FRAME etc.


EPISODE provides the ideal residential life experience. It sets up a space where not only the basic issues of life such as security, hygiene, and noise are taken care of but personal values and preferences are nurtured as well so that individual development is realized in the midst of friendly relations with neighbors.