Marco Mascetti Designer Profile
Marco Mascetti is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Marco Mascetti

Marco Mascetti is the founder and owner of MrSmith Studio, a Milan based design studio active since 2005. The holistic approach to the project based on the “design thinking” method allows the Studio to thrive in all ventures, satisfying the innovation needs of clients from a variety of fields. The Studio members’ different backgrounds and skills contributed to build a team able to face with enthusiasm and different points of view every new project. Curiosity, elegance, meaning and approachability are elements of the synthetic design process to which the Studio is committed and appreciated for. Despite the strong brand identity, the Studio’s mission is to empathize with the client, motivate it and lead it to success. Since its early days MrSmith Studio deals with industrial, furniture, lighting, packaging and graphic design.

Marco Mascetti
Embossed Nutella Jar for spreadable cream
Edro Street furniture system
100 percent Food Packaging
Osvaldo Table clock
Midori Chair
Fiume Coffee table