MrSmith Studio Tone Wireless Home Speaker
Tone Wireless Home Speaker is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award Category.
Tone Wireless Home Speaker

Tone is a wireless home speaker with body made in concrete, material chosen for its dense nature providing a solid enclosure. It's equipped with two full-range and one subwoofer speakers that provides a continuous power output of 200W. Built-on batteries and Bluetooth allows Tone to be placed anywhere in the house providing a Hi-Fi sound experience. Both color of the concrete and material of front and back panel can be customized and the optional aluminum front grid is kept in place trough magnets.

Tone Wireless Home Speaker
MrSmith Studio Tone
MrSmith Studio Wireless Home Speaker
MrSmith Studio design
MrSmith Studio design

CONCRETAmente is the new brand of furniture, furnishing and appliances made in concrete. Obtained from the crasis between the two words "concreta" and "mente", the brand name itself tells a lot about how the products are. "Concreta" is the Italianization of the English word concrete, "mente" in italian is mind, the part of human body most stimulated by the functionality and aesthetics of these products. This brand collects UHPC concrete furnishings and objects, useful and functional with a strong aesthetic personality.