Marco Mascetti Fiume Coffee table
Fiume Coffee table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Fiume Coffee table

Fiume is a system of coffee tables made in marble. Three different shapes and sizes for the table top and three different hight for the legs. Legs have different hight in order to give the chance to partially overlap the tables. A sophisticated look with a reasonable price thanks to the right selection of materials and technologies.

Fiume Coffee table
Marco Mascetti Fiume
Marco Mascetti Coffee table
Marco Mascetti design
Marco Mascetti design
Marco Mascetti

Marco Mascetti is the founder and owner of MrSmith Studio, a Milan based design studio active since 2005. The holistic approach to the project based on the “design thinking” method allows the Studio to thrive in all ventures, satisfying the innovation needs of clients from a variety of fields. The Studio members’ different backgrounds and skills contributed to build a team able to face with enthusiasm and different points of view every new project. Curiosity, elegance, meaning and approachability are elements of the synthetic design process to which the Studio is committed and appreciated for. Despite the strong brand identity, the Studio’s mission is to empathize with the client, motivate it and lead it to success. Since its early days MrSmith Studio deals with industrial, furniture, lighting, packaging and graphic design.

Pietre di Monitillo

Pietre di Monitillo is a collection of stone objects, the result of a cooperation between Monitillo Marmi and international designers, from disparate experiences and language, with a shared passion for the expressive potential of the material. Stones, carefully selected by master craftsmen, are processed by numerical control technology to create sculptures for the daily life, to experience and enjoy.