Lawrens Tan Designer Profile
Lawrens Tan is an award-winning designer with 10 featured award-winning projects.
Lawrens Tan

The Branding Giants Pte. Ltd. is an idea-centric advertising and graphic design agency that does a good range of work from branding to conceptual ideas and below the line collaterals. We start our work with a core idea which gives the entire project a soul and with a core idea, we can easily add legs and further pushing the boundaries of the design.

Lawrens Tan
Tee-Saurus English Office Buddy Stationery
Post-it Colleague Care Kit Media Kit
Buckets of Love Logo Design
Tee-Saurus Logo Design, Graphic Tees
3M PTL Starter Kit Educational Kit
Totally Random Talking Cards Visual story telling playing cards
10 Year Logo Corporate Identity
Post-it Epic Proportions Media Kit
WAAA Logo Design Corporate Identity
JT Foxx Branding Logo Design