Lawrens Tan Designer Profile
Lawrens Tan is an award-winning designer with 13 featured award-winning projects.
Lawrens Tan

The Branding Giants Pte. Ltd. is an idea-centric advertising and graphic design agency that does a good range of work from branding to conceptual ideas and below the line collaterals. We start our work with a core idea which gives the entire project a soul and with a core idea, we can easily add legs and further pushing the boundaries of the design.

Lawrens Tan
Tee-Saurus English Office Buddy Stationery
Post-it Colleague Care Kit Media Kit
3M PTL Starter Kit Educational Kit
Totally Random Talking Cards Visual story telling playing cards
Tee-Saurus Logo Design, Graphic Tees
Buckets of Love Logo Design
JT Foxx Branding Logo Design
Dumpling Republic Branding Project
Hey Summer Days Logo Design Logo Design
Command 101 Ideas Corporate Identity
Post-it Epic Proportions Media Kit
WAAA Logo Design Corporate Identity
10 Year Logo Corporate Identity