Lawrens Tan Buckets of Love Logo Design
Buckets of Love Logo Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Social Design Award Category.
Buckets of Love Logo Design

Design for a social enterprise in Phnom Penh (Alma Café) which helps the needy through the Buckets of Love campaign. By donating a small sum, a pail containing food, oil, necessities is donated to the needy villagers who need it. Share the gift of love. Here the idea was simple, featuring the buckets full of graphic hearts that depict love. By portraying it pouring out, it signifies showering the needy with the well needed love. The bucket carries a smiley face that lights up not only the receiver but the sender as well. A little gesture of love goes a long way.

Buckets of Love Logo Design
Lawrens Tan Buckets of Love
Lawrens Tan Logo Design
Lawrens Tan design
Lawrens Tan design
Lawrens Tan

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Alma Café (Phnom Penh)

We pay for the actual Bucket from Alma's (a cafe set up to empower and transform the lives of the local Cambodian people -rescuing people from the sex trade as well as other local Cambodians and giving them a new means of living) profits and then we collected money to buy the items which go inside. It is Rice, Oil, Tea, Sugar, canned Fish, Fish Sauce, Canned Milk, coffee, Shampoo and Soap. ( The coffee, soap and Shampoo are all comprised of donated small size hotel bottles and Bars as well as single size 3 in one coffee powders) 'Buckets of love', Cambodia, Oct 2013 (done) We did the last wave of Buckets of Love to a place where Yamel, a missionary from Mexico, has been ministering. It is all Ethnic Vietnamese who have lived for generations in Cambodia but they are minorities who live in the margin and are not given any rights. They can't vote, own property or get diplomas. When the children do get to go to school they are not permitted to wear a uniform and they are not allowed to graduate. We are doing weekly projects for them and next we will be blessing them with water filters so that they may have the power to have portable water for their families.