>" can be changed to suit different coaching programmes, making it comtemporary.the entire font portrays a sense of stability, focus and clean executed graphics. showing that solutions could always be simple, not overthinking or exaggerating. less is more." />
Lawrens Tan JT Foxx Branding Logo Design
JT Foxx Branding Logo Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
JT Foxx Branding Logo Design

The brief was to create a logo for a Business Coach, with the very concept of being on top. JT Foxx believes in coaching his client, creating massive success for them, with his tagline "Powered by YourSuccess". The execution was miniminalist, with the elements "#1" in the J and the concept of forward thinking using the symbol ">>", breaking new grounds in the business world and success stories. The key alphabets are highlighted in gold or other colours or textures.

JT Foxx Branding Logo Design
Lawrens Tan JT Foxx Branding
Lawrens Tan Logo Design
Lawrens Tan design
Lawrens Tan design
Lawrens Tan

The Branding Giants Pte. Ltd. is an idea-centric advertising and graphic design agency that does a good range of work from branding to conceptual ideas and below the line collaterals. We start our work with a core idea which gives the entire project a soul and with a core idea, we can easily add legs and further pushing the boundaries of the design.

JT FOXX Organisation

JT Foxx is widely known when introduced on stage or in the media as the world's #1 wealth coach. His various coaching organizations have widely been hailed as the world's top organization. What makes this organization is two folds. One is the culture that has been built based on a "Powered by Your Success" philosophy that means the more successful our clients are the more successful we become as an organization. Our second is our #FamilyFirst mantra. We treat all our clients as if they were our family and as cliche as it may sound, it's what has really differentiated ourselves from the rest of the competition. Every client is assigned to a personal relationship manager who is a liaison between you and the coach and constantly is in contact with the client. They are like accountability partners and also track your progress and report back to the director of coaching, the CEO and even sometimes Mr. Foxx personally. We take our coaching very seriously. We coach in the areas of business, start ups, real estate, internet marketing, passive income and mindset. Most of our coaches are people who have been coached personally with Mr. JT Foxx or have taken our 3 day intensive coaching certification process. We don't teach from a manual or a script every coach is individually matched based on experience, needs and desired outcome.