The Design Prize.
Worldwide fame, immense prestige and international publicity awaits the winners of the A' Design Award which recognizes the best and brightest in design. The A' Design Prize comes with comes with an excessive amount of benefits to ensure your good design is properly recognized and promoted for its excellence.
Design Award Trophy
A' Design Award Trophy

A' Design Award trophy, also called the “Omega Particle” was the World’s first ever 3D Metal printed award trophy when introduced, today, at the hands of World’s best designers, creatives, brands and architects, the A' Design Award trophy symbolizes your excellent design capabilities and unlimited creativity. Pro-edition winners will be given the metal trophy, free of charge, during gala-night.

Design Award Winner Logos
A' Design Award Winner Logos

A' Design Award winner logos, given as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron levels, outright communicates design quality and perfection. With billions of impressions worldwide in a variety of media, the A' Design Award winner is respected and trusted by consumers worldwide. You will also have the chance to obtain the Prime Design Mark as well as download industry-specific award winner logo variants. Winners are granted a worldwide, unlimited, perpetual license to use the design award winner logo in any media, without any fees or costs.

Design Award Exhibition Design Award Exhibition Certificate Design Award Exhibition Certificate Design Award Exhibition Design Award Exhibition Space Design Award Exhibition Space
A' Design Award Exhibition

A' Design Award exhibition is one of the most inclusive design exhibitions in the World, bringing the very best designs and projects from across thousands of industries under a single roof. The A' Design Award exhibition is organized in Italy and then it is usually moved to other countries to have a wider reach.

Design Award Certificate
A' Design Award Certificate

A' Design Award laureates are given a special certificate of design excellence to remind the winners of their outstanding design talents, immense success and victory. Laurates can use their Certificate of Excellence in Design to push and promote their name.

Design Award Book
A' Design Award Book

A' Design Award Yearbook of Best Designs is published by Designer Press in several volumes with a distinct ISBN number for each different volume featuring the very best designs and projects in a super set of industries and design domains. A' Design Award and Competition covers all pagination, printing and publishing fees of the book.

Design Award Galanight Design Award Galanight Design Award Galanight Photo Design Award Red Carpet Design Award Gala Venue Design Award Gala Stage
A' Design Award Gala-Night

A' Design Award Winners will be invited to the Gala-Night and Award Ceremony where the World’s leading designers will be recognized, celebrated and given the attention they truly desire in front of the World’s most qualified audience of designers, brands, government officials and press members.

DesignPRWire Design Award Galanight Design Award Galanight Design Award Galanight
Prime PR Campaign

A' Design Award and Competition is one of the World’s best design accolades in terms of public relations campaigns and promotion efforts, providing you with more than dozens of tools and services to take your design publicity to next level with interviews, social features, press releases, electronic press kits, award classification certificates and more.

World Design Rankings
Grand Jury Panel

A' Design Award entries are judged by a 200+ person grand jury panel of university professors, academics, influential journalists, editors, and established design professionals. Entries are judged by blind peer-review process and voted on pre-established evaluation criteria, scores are normalized, and entry presentations are standardised, all of which makes the competition very ethical, fair and meritocratic.

World Design Rankings
Design Rankings

A' Design Award and Competition manages six World-prominent rankings and classifications for design, the most important of our rankings being the World Design Rankings where you will have chance to be the flagbearer for your country, representing it worldwide. Winners are included in WDR - World Design Rankings, R+ Designer Rankings, DAC - Design Award Classifications, Design Leaderboards, Brand Rankings and Popular Designers Index.

World Design Ratings
World Design Ratings

A' Design Award and Competition, in collaboration with the World Design Consortium publishes World Design Ratings. By taking part in A' Design Award with your good design, you will be able to ascend in design ratings and will have the unique opportunity to obtain elevated design honorifics and titles such as Master and Grand Master.

World Design Consortium
Business Promotion

A' Design Award and Competition laureates get the opportunity to be part of the ListOf.Net, Secret Society of Design, Prime Clubs and World Design Consortium in order to extend their global reach and business possibilities, to reach prospective clients and leads globally.

Salone del Designer
Sell Award-Winning Designs

A' Design Award laureates are able to index and list their award-winning products for sale at Design Mega Store and their award-winning design concepts at Salone Del Designer websites. A' Design Award actively promotes and advertises the sales platforms to get direct business opportunities for your award-winning products and concepts in addition to actively searching for potential new clients for your products, projects and design capabilities through BuySellDesign Platform.

Best Design Creative Network
Be Best in Your Region

When your work is recognized with A' Design Award, you become eligible to get your works listed within the BDCN network, and have your work showcased as one of the best designs in your locality. Having your design, products and projects discovered and found as examples of best designs in your locality not only feels great but is also good for business.

International Design News Network
Truly International

A' Design Award winner designs will be published through the IDNN - International Design News Network; a vast network of international, foreign-language design magazines and publications that showcase the very best designs from across the globe. Nominate your work today to get your design promoted truly globally, reach designers, design-buyers, press members and decision makes in all countries in over 100+ native languages.

Designer Interviews
Get Interviewed

A’ Design Award & Competition winner designers get exclusive video, audio and text interviews made and published about their designs at various platforms including but not limited to Design Interviews, Designer Interviews, Magnificent Designers and Design Legends websites as well as at online broadcasting networks to effectively promote their works.

Design Exchange Network
Good Media Coverage

A' Design Award winner designs will further be published through the DXGN - Design News Exchange Network which ensures all winning works get guaranteed placement and publication that helps create a good recognition and reputation. Furthermore, award-winning works are shared with 50+ official press partners, that reach millions of readers every year.

Good Design Network
Good Publicity

Good Design is Good Business. Gain trust of customers and consumers with award-winning good design that symbolize and recognize your design quality and excellence. Your work, if awarded the A' Design Award, will be published in the GOOD Network. GOOD Network consists of beautiful design publications, blogs and inspiration boards that are solely designed for publishing, disseminating and promoting award-winning designs. Get discovered as an award-winner. Convince prospects and convert leads.

Prestige Framework

Grand designers, artists and architects have all the rights to get their names immortalized and their works eternalized. Using the Prestige Tokens obtained by winning the A' Design Award, one opens a door to a whole new World of exclusive opportunities and amazing possibilities and gain marvellous benefits such as getting your name written on the wall of a super contemporary design museum with large golden letters, or to be welcomed to private design events, restricted happenings and invitation-only programs.

Prime Editions
Your Design Book

Prime Editions are extra-large, super-premium, limited-edition, high-quality monographs and anthology books featuring gold embossed covers, special archival grade, acid-free, pH buffered, high-opacity, bright white, museum-grade, thick paper pages, digitally printed, perfect bound in hardcover case, presented in dust jackets and cardboard sleeves. Eligible A’ Design Award laureates obtain the unique, life-time prospect to get their own Prime Editions book completely dedicated to their works.

Design Star
A' Design Star

A' Design Star is a very special recognition and highly coveted emblem provided to excellent designers, artists and architects to celebrate and recognize their time-proven good design, art and architecture capabilities. A' Design Award & Competition annually lists the outmost creative professionals, design studios and creative agencies at the A' Design Star guide to help enterprises, businesses and governments find the very best design talent with proven track records to work with. Getting listed at A’ Design Star guide, and having the emblem, is an achievement like no other.

Museo del Design
Design Museum

Laureates of the A’ Design Award & Competition will have the unique and priceless opportunity to get their works accepted and exhibited as part of permanent collection and year-long exhibition of Museo del Design – the super-contemporary museum of good design, art and architecture, located in Como, Italy just behind the most famous landmark in Como, Villa Olmo. Laureates further obtain a unique certificate that commemorates to acceptance of their works to the design museum.

Media Partners
Media Partners

Get your good design, great architecture and amazing art showcased to World’s greatest design, art and architecture publications to help you reach audiences far and beyond. Reach design-oriented, intellectual and affluent audiences that are looking forward for the newest products, latest projects and hottest creations.

Press Kit Platform
Press Kit

A' Design Award will present you with your very own electronic media kit that consist of your award-winning work, your public relation images, your exclusive interviews, your press release, your logos, and photographs together with support documents and presentations to help you maximize your media coverage.

Press Kit Platform
Brand Design Rankings

A' Design Award winner brands get included in the Brand Design Rankings, helping brands increase their visibility and credibility within the design industry. Getting listed at the Brand design Rankings communicates a sense of trustworthiness and quality to potential customers, investors, and partners, allowing brands to stand out from the competition and build a positive reputation in the marketplace.

Press Kit Platform
Design Leaderboards

A' Design Award winner brands gain free inclusion in the Design Leaderboards. Getting your name in the Design Leaderboards with other talented designers can help boost your career, open up potential job opportunities and give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Prime Clubs
Prime Clubs

A' Design Award winners are granted right to apply for free membership to prime clubs. You will have opportunity to gain lifetime membership to AIBA - Alliance of International Business Associations, IAD - International Association of Designers, IBSP - International Bureau of Service Providers, ICCI - International Council of Creative Industries, IDC - International Design Club, and ISPM - International Society of Product Manufacturers.

Prime Clubs
Daily Promotions

A' Design Award winners are promoted continuously throughout the year on thousands of participating websites as well as social media. A' Design Award daily promotions feature award-winning designers and their good design work. Daily promotion initiatives such as Design of the Day, Designer of the Day, Design Team of the Day, Design Brand of the Day, Designer Highlight of the Day, Design Interview of the Day and Design Legend of the Day help create positive exposure, increase consumer awareness and contribute towards your brand reputation.

Design Award Package
All Inclusive

A' Design Award pro-edition nomination is all inclusive. Once you are a winner, you are treated with uttermost appreciation and you are given the highest regards; your success is celebrated properly with all due respect. Your exhibition space, gala-night tickets, your public relations, your multi-lingual promotion and advertising campaign are all booked and offered with the compliments of A' Design Award. The A' Design Award Winner Kit, which includes physical components of the winners’ package that includes but not limited to your framed certificate, 3D printed metal trophy and hardcover yearbook, will be given to you, free of charge, during gala.

Design Award Winner's Manual
Winner's Manual

The A' Design Prize includes the Design Award Winner's Manual which explains you how to exploit the A' Design Award to maximize your gains from your victory. You will learn how to effectively use the A' Design Award to attract clients, consumers, customers and leads to your business and discover tips and tricks to run an amazing public relations campaign surrounding your design award victory. Logo
Premium Profile

A' Design Award winners are provided free premium portfolio profile at where their award-winning works will be promoted to further design oriented audiences. Logo
Business Listing

The listing provides eligible A' Design Award winners a unique platform to promote and expand their innovation, research, creativity, architecture and design consultancy businesses.

Design Award Announcement

The A' Design Award winners are further promoted via our newsletter that reaches key personalities in design industry such as editors of most respective design journals, magazines and publications as well as design oriented clients, customers and consumers.

Design Encyclopedia Logo
Design Encyclopedia

Get increase their exposure, credibility, and success. Winning the A' Design Award provides you with the unique opportunity to have your name included in the Design Encyclopedia, the grand repository of knowledge for good design. Having an article published about you in this highly regarded encyclopedia serves as a validation of your talent and expertise, adding credibility and prestige to your work. Furthermore, the article serves as a permanent record of your accomplishments, ensuring that your work is remembered and celebrated for years to come, establishing a lasting legacy of your achievements in the design industry.

World University Rankings Logo
World University Rankings

The World University Rankings offer A' Design Award laureates an exceptional platform to showcase their achievements and the prestigious academic backgrounds that nurtured their talents, enhancing their visibility and recognition. Inclusion in the World University Rankings not only highlights the symbiotic relationship between individual creativity and institutional support but also elevates both the laureates and their alma maters within the global design community, underscoring their contributions to innovation and design excellence.

Ancestry Mark Gold Seal
Ancestry Mark

The Ancestry Mark provides A' Design Award laureates with a structured framework to legally attest to the agency and authenticity of their creations, distinguishing their award-winning works in a crowded market. By securing an Ancestry Mark Standard or Ancestry Mark Gold Seal, these creators gain enhanced visibility and credibility, as it signifies adherence to the highest standards of originality and personal creative involvement, at no additional cost for A' Design Award-winning works.

Design Newswire Logo
Design Newsroom

Design|Newsroom provides each A' Design Award winner with a personalized newsroom showcasing their award-winning designs through multimedia content, press kits, and high-resolution images. This makes it easy for journalists and editors from leading publications to feature the winning designs, increasing the winners' visibility and media coverage globally.

Design Newsroom Logo
Design Newswire

/DESIGN/Newswire is a newswire specialized in the distribution of press releases within the design industry, connecting A' Design Award winners with a network of influential design journalists and media publications around the globe. /DESIGN/Newswire aims to enhance the media coverage and presence of award-winning designers, ensuring their innovative and creative achievements gain widespread recognition and appreciation in the design world and beyond.

Design Award Logo
Symbol of Excellence

The A' Design Awards, which governs the World Design Rankings, is one of the World's largest and most influential design accolades. Entries to the A' Design Award are peer-reviewed and voted by 200-person large jury panel. Results will be published and promoted in over 100 languages. When you win, you really win; there are no contractually obliged winner's fees to obtain the A' Design Prize.

Great Prestige & Honour

A' Design Award and Competition is one of the World’s most prestigious design accolades that you could ever win that does not require any further fees from its laurates. A' Design Award is a great source of prestige and pride for its laureates thanks to its unmatched ethics policies and organizational strategy, such as the blind peer-review process, predetermined criteria based voting, preliminary score and bias-removal mechanisms aimed at making the A' Design Award one of the most fair, transparent and competitive design accolades in the World. A' Design Award provides great prestige not only because it grants the most inclusive, rich and varried design prize known to man but most importantly you can truly be proud when you win the A' Design Award since the entries are judged by one of the World's largest jury panels with many influential jurors in the most fair way possible. The award trophy, the certificate, yearbook, international design exhibitions, gala-night and award ceremony, public relations services and dozens other components of the winner kit, which are all provided free of charge to our laureates during gala-night, is overpowered by the immense prestige the A' Design Award provides.

Black Award Trophy
Get Started

Your simple steps to Universal Fame, Prestige and Publicity : First, “Create a Free Account”. Second, it is completely free of charge to “Upload Your Design, Product or Project”. Third, after uploading your work, you will get your free, completely confidential, secret and anonymous “Preliminary Score” that tells how good your design is, together with preliminary jury feedbacks and suggestions to perfect your presentation. Finally, decide at your sole discretion to “Nominate Your Work for Award Consideration” before the deadline.

Design Prize
Complete Design Prize

A' Design Award is specifically designed to help you communicate the excellent qualifications of your award-winning designs and projects, to help convince prospective clients towards a purchase. A' Design Award will also actively communicate and promote your brand to design oriented audiences worldwide through media sponsorships and international media features. There are many other things we could not mention here, including the Certificate of Design Excellence which is given to all laureates. Learn more about the complete design prize now.