A' Design Award True Prestige
A' Design Award and Competition is truly the World’s most prestigious and honorable design accolade, respected by design scholars, coveted by design professionals and dreamed by design oriented brands from across the globe.
What is Prestige?

Prestige is when you gain widespread respect and admiration by your peers, professional designers, design scholars and press members thanks to your A' Design Award achievement.

  • Grand Jury Panel Keystone #1
    What makes any design award truly prestigious? Its Jury. A’ Design Award has one of the World’s largest and most influential jury panel, voting entries the most ethical way possible.
  • Methodology Keystone #2
    You can be truly proud when you win the A’ Design Award. A’ Design Award is the only design accolade where meritocracy prevails over everything; true talent and creativity wins.
  • Competitive Keystone #3
    Every year, tens of thousands of designers compete for the A’ Design Award. When you win the A’ Design Award its euphoric; you feel true satisfaction and accomplishment.
  • Design Prize Keystone #4
    A’ Design Prize is the only design prize that was synthetically created to boost, promote, publicize and advertise award winning works, helping you gain widespread recognition you truly deserve.
Jury Panel

A’ Design Award Jury Panel is composed of the World’s leading design professionals, established and prominent academics, influential press members, and well-known enterprise patrons. Winning the A’ Design Award is the single greatest honor and highest achievement in design, mostly thanks to its grand jury panel.


Blind Peer-Review, Anonymous Review, Voting on Predetermined Criteria, Score Normalization, Bias-Removal, Preliminary Score, Presentation Score, Large and Professional Jury Panel, Public Presentation Guidelines are all but some of the mechanisms and processes that we have implemented to make the A’ Design Award the Worlds’ most fair and just design award accolade.


When you win a design award, you want to win a design award where you compete with the best of the best in the World, you want to be one among thousands, you want to be showcased among the very best; that is what you would expect from A’ Design Award. Compete with tens of thousands of World’s best designers, artists, architects and design-oriented brands and companies.

Design Prize

The A' Design Prize is what adds substance to the whole event, catalyzing the prestige aspect of the design accolade further by making it a known fact that you and your design was announced and recognized as the winner of the World’s most prestigious, most respected design accolade.