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This page explains the A' Prestige System, Prestige Tokens and Prestige Management.

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Every year, A’ Design Award & Competition provides the coveted A’ Design Prize to its respectable laureates. The A’ Design Prize has everything that you need to promote, advertise and uplift your brand and good design products, and each and every A’ Design Award Winner is granted the same, amazing winner kit package and winner’s services, for their extraordinary success and for the recognition of their good designs that make the World a better place. In 2021, A' Design Award & Competition created the “Prestige” System for one important reason; to provide to our laureates, new and exciting, limited space, limited edition, exclusive services that are not normally listed in the A’ Design Prize due to their intrinsic exclusivity and limited availability. The Prestige System allows A’ Design Award to offer capacity limited, exclusive and restricted services and benefits to its laureates. A’ Design Award laureates decide themselves which events, services and benefits that they would like to use their Prestige to participate in, all in addition to the A’ Design Prize, so not only all A’ Design Award laureates obtain the A’ Design Prize and its wide list of benefits, but A' Design Award laureates are also able to gain additional Prestige Tokens which they could later use to gain more profits, benefits and utility from their success, by means of unlocking access to exclusive events, happenings and offerings that could not be offered exclusively.

What is A' Prestige?
Prestige, as its word definition refers to a good reputation and high esteem, more specifically prestige refers to the quality of how good the reputation of an entity is, how favorably an entity is regarded. Prestige also refers to the level of regard normally accorded to an entity by the society at large; entities with higher prestige are generally considered by the society to be superior, in high regard, important and relevant. Winning the A’ Design Award, is very prestigious; your entry gets judged by a Grand Jury Panel of prominent press members, leading academics, established design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs that anonymously vote on your entries on pre-established award criteria; winning works get translated and published in almost all languages, award-winning designs get published in hardcover yearbook, there is an amazing gala-night, and a great exhibition in Italy which is moved to other countries, and a special public relations and marketing campaign for laureates that make it all worth it. When it comes to A’ Design Award, we consider all A’ Design Award laureates in highest regard; obtaining the A’ Design Award, to be selected as a winner by the Grand Jury Panel, is already a highly prestigious grand achievement by itself that deserves highest recognition and is highly prestigious, and this prestige is augmented with the equally coveted and highly regarded A’ Design Prize. However, what we refer here is about our Prestige System and Prestige Tokens, which were shortened as Prestige, which is different from the linguistic definition of prestige, and the prestige provided by A’ Design Award in that definition. Prestige (mind capital P, as it is not referring to prestige as is understood linguistically but as the special noun we define as the Prestige), refers to a very specific type of wealth and value accumulated, mainly by taking part in A’ Design Award & Competition and several other partnering design institutions and initiatives, which in return, could be used to take part in further design initiatives and events. In A’ Design Award’s Prestige System, your “Prestige” represents the amount of philanthropic design karma you have accumulated. You gain Prestige by winning the A’ Design Award as well as by contributing to philanthropic design initiatives and institutions, including but not limited to supporting our design museum, sponsoring design award scholarship programs and by providing patronage, sponsorship and donations to our design events, as well as by organizing exhibitions for our laureates and by promoting our winners via editorial media coverage in your publications. You can use your “Prestige” to obtain exclusive perks and benefits from A’ Design Award and its partners, including but not limited to taking part in A’ Design Award Exclusive Events, obtaining or unlocking Museo del Design perks and benefits and/or joining A’u  – Premio d’Oro special recognition programs organized by the Secret Society of Design.

What is a Prestige Token?
The Prestige Tokens are the currency of Prestige System. Prestige Tokens is the medium of exchange, and store of value that could be traded within the Prestige System. A single Prestige Token is the minimum amount of any Prestige value involved in an interaction or transaction. When we talk about how much Prestige you have, we refer to the amount of Prestige Tokens you hold. You use your Prestige Tokens to take part in events, to enjoy exclusive benefits, to utilize special perks and to unlock exclusive extras at A’ Design Awards and its partnering institutions including but not limited to Museo del Design and others. You may manage your Prestige Tokens at Prestige Management page and spend your Prestige Tokens to enhance and augment your experience with A’ Design Awards. We have created the Prestige Token and the Prestige System because we come up with many new and exciting value propositions each year for our laureates, however we cannot accommodate all laureates to these all these new extra benefits; yet we want to continue coming up with new and better benefits, and through the Prestige System, our laureates are able to choose which new exciting benefits they would like to profit from. It is important to note that all special perks that you could already use and benefit from, as an A’ Design Award laureate, are already noted in the A’ Design Prize page, what we are referring to here are some really new and really exciting benefits, very special occasions, time-limited events and super-exclusive services that we did not even mention in our Design Prize; things that we come up occasionally as opportunity permits, to provide more value to our laureates, but due to space or time limitations or due to exclusive nature of these perks things that we would not be able to provide to all laureates, therefore make them available for “Prestige Tokens” which are themselves earned by winning A’ Design Award, and which could be obtained without any added costs to our laurates, but do provide an opportunity cost; if you use your “Prestige” to join an exclusive event, you may not have enough “Prestige” to join another event or activity, but that’s good news as it means, another great designer would have an opportunity totake part in the space limited events instead.

How to earn Prestige? How to increase your Prestige?
You may gain and accumulate Prestige by several ways, most prominently and firstly (1) You may accumulate and gain Prestige by winning the A’ Design Award, when winning the A’ Design Award, it is interesting to note that higher design award status such as Platinum, Gold would provide you with higher amount of Prestige Tokens. Please refer to Prestige Token Rewards for Winning A’ Design Award table to see which account types, entry methods and award levels provide which amount of Prestige. (2) Secondly, you may contribute to our philanthropic design initiatives, cover design award scholarships, sponsor design events, support our design museum, organize exhibitions for us, and/or provide editorial coverage for our laureates. For each type of philanthropic support, the amount of Prestige Tokens you would gain varies. Please refer to Prestige Token Rewards for Patronage, Sponsorship and Contributions table for detailed amounts and conditions. Finally, it is also possible to purchase Prestige Tokens, however kindly note that these are not intended towards A’ Design Award laureates and targeted towards organizations and institutions which wish to donate to A’ Design Award & Competition, as well as to our philanthropic initiatives, events and the design museum.

Table 1. Prestige Token Rewards for Winning A’ Design Award
Design Award Achivement Base Multiplier1 Minimum Prestige2 Maximum Prestige3
Platinum A' Winner
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range for Platinum A' Design Award achievement. Actual amount will depent further on account type and entry type.
64 160 320
Gold A' Winner
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range for Gold A' Design Award achievement. Actual amount will depent further on account type and entry type.
32 80 160
Silver A' Winner
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range for Silver A' Design Award achievement. Actual amount will depent further on account type and entry type.
16 40 80
Bronze A' Winner
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range for Bronze A' Design Award achievement. Actual amount will depent further on account type and entry type.
8 20 40
Iron A' Winner
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range for Iron A' Design Award achievement. Actual amount will depent further on account type and entry type.
4 10 20
Runner-Up Status
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range for Runner-Up for A' Design Award achievement. Actual amount will depent further on account type and entry type.
2 5 10
Honorable Participation
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range for obtaining Participant status in A' Design Award. Actual amount will depent further on account type and entry type.
1 1 2
Entry Under-Evaluation
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range for a design that is under evaluation. Entries under evaluation do not count towards Prestige calculation.
0 0 0
Withdrawn Status
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range when your entry is marked as Withdrawn graceously. Withdrawing an entry reduces your Prestige ever so slightly.
-1 -1 -1
Disqualified Status
Prestige Tokens Multiplier and Range when your entry is disqualified. If your entry is disqualified, this will greately reduce your Prestige.
-640 -640 -640

*1 Base Multiplier indicates the relative effect of winning A' Design Award for gaining Prestige. * 2 Minimum Prestige amount is the minimum amount of Prestige Tokens provided by a single design award victory, regardless of the entry type and regardless of competitiveness of their category, regardless of account type selections or the award year. Base Multiplier refers to the multiplier used for calculating Maximum Prestige, when also taking into consideration account types, entry methods, category competitiveness as well as the award year. * 3 Maximum Prestige is the maximum amount of Prestige Tokens that could be obtained solely by winning the A' Design Award, it does not take into consideration any bonuses or modifiers.

Table 1. Prestige Token Rewards for Patronage, Sponsorship and Contributions
Package Name Base Multiplier4 Base Reference5 Maximum Prestige6
Turn-key Exhibition Organization
Base Reference is Meter Square m2 of Exhibition Space provided to our laureates. Please kindly note that location of Exhibition and Advertising and Promotion done for Exhibition will also be taken into consideration.
2 m2 2500
Complimentary Editorial Coverage
Base Refence is Thousand Views for Articles and/or Videos, per each article or video, video or articles published within less than 7-days of each other are considered a single item. Please kindly note the quality of publications and media are also taken into consideration.
1 1 t.v. 5000
Transaction Gratitude
Base Reference is based on the amounts paid for obtaining any sort of service from A' Design Awards, including but not limited to nomination tickets, these financial contributions allow us to organize the event in a fair, democratic and meritocratic manner.
1 40 € 2500
Patronage and Promotion
Base Reference is based on the number of members for patronage providing organizations, and the number of patronage actions undertaken by governments, ngo and non-profit organizations within a given year.
1 1 m. 1000
Sponsorship and Kind Donations
Base Reference is based on the amounts paid or costs incurred for sponsoring A' Design Award & Competition initiatives, as well as sponsoring our design museum and/or helping us organize events and happenings.
1 10 € 8000

To calculate how much Prestige Tokens you would gain, you divide the amount of your offering by Base Reference first, and then multiply with Base Multiplier. For example, 100 m2 Exhibition space would yield 100 x 2 = 200 Prestige. Publishing a video that reaches 400.000 views would yield 400.000 / 1.000 = 400 units, 400 x 1 = 400 Prestige. Likewise for each 10 Euro of sponsorship, you would obtain 1 Prestige Token.

Where can you use your Prestige? What can you use your Prestige for?
You may use your Prestige and spend your Prestige Tokens on (1) Museo del Design Perks and Benefits, (2) A’ Design Award & Competition – For obtaining complimentary digital edition nomination tickets and/or for access to exclusive events and happenings organized by A’ Design Awards. (3) You may also use your Prestige towards taking part in A’u – Premio d’Oro special recognition programs as organized by the Secret Society of Design.

How can you use your Prestige?
You may use your Prestige via A’ Design Award’s Control Panel. To Access Prestige Management pages, first Login to A’ Design Award and find the Post Competition tab in your Control Panel. The Prestige Management page is available to you only if you have a positive amount of Prestige Tokens. In general, you need to be a laurate of A’ Design Award to have access to Prestige Management page; in most cases you need to be a winner of A’ Design Award to have any Prestige, however if you had earned Prestige Tokens in some other ways, such as by means of making kind donations to our design museum or by taking part in our initatives, in this case you will also have access to Prestige Management page. The complete list of perks, benefits, events and initiatives for which you could use your Prestige Tokens towards, to take part in and benefit from, will be displayed at the Prestige Management page. You will be able to automatically activate perks, benefits and obtain deliverables such as tickets, codes or authentications yourself.

Why does Non-Concealed (Regular) Categories gain more Prestige?
As you would know, primary A’ Design Award & Competition Categories may be indicated as either one of Concealed or Non-Concealed. Non-Concealed (Regular) Categories are the default, standard competition categories where if your work is awarded, then your work would be published publicly. Concealed Categories however are special design award entry categories, mostly designed for patent pending works, works that contain trade secrets, designs that contain sensitive business information or projects that you have designed but do not have rights to publish. If you nominate a work for consideration in a Concealed Category, your results would not be published and kept confidential. Non-Concealed Categories are considered more prestigious in sense that getting your works published, promoted, advertised, exposed and disseminated creates recognition, fame and prestige, but also exposure to risks that arise due to wide and public reach, and therefore we have by design decided that we would allocate more Prestige Tokens to works that are nominated to Non-Concealed (Regular) Categories.

Why does different Account Types gain different amounts of Prestige Tokens?
While the difference is small, there is still a difference. For almost all Account Types, the actual cost of services and benefits provided by A’ Design Award (see the A’ Design Prize, which we provide to all laureates) far exceeds the actual costs paid by the participants, and unlike other awards which charge extra fees from their laureates (such as costs for charging gala night table reservation, winner’s package fees, trophy and certificate fees and/or similar), A’ Design Award & Competition does not charge any further fees, and on the contrary, A’ Design Awards has a very strict no further fees policy; we believe our laureates, who demonstrated excellent and superior designs are true winners; true winners should not pay any further fees and we also believe fair and democratic participation, which requires subsidizing participation costs for those who need support such as young designers, academics, small start-ups and individual design professionals. A’ Design Award’s benign policies of supporting and subsidizing young designers, academics, small start-ups and individual professionals are costly for us, yet we do it and we do it very well through hard work and intelligent design. There are two main reasons why A’ Design Awards are able to continue to operate under these conditions; first and foremost, a significant portion of A’ Design Award budget comes from sponsorships, patronage and crowdfunding campaigns that supplements our budget, and the second yet another very important reason is that A’ Design Award engages in positive price discrimination; doing so A’ Design Award charges large companies, brands and enterprises significantly higher entry fees; which effectively means that the large companies, brands and enterprises not only lift the competition up with their well-researched and grand designs, but also subsidize entry fees of young designers, small start-ups, academics and individual professionals, creating an immense value for the competition in all levels. The higher entry fees paid by large companies, brands and enterprises, therefore make the competition significantly fairer and more democratic, as they allow A’ Design Award to provide cost effective participation to young designers, small start-ups, individual professionals and academics which may not be able to afford non-subsidized entry fees. This is why account types that provide a higher financial contribution, effectively subsidizing and supporting other account types, in return gain higher Prestige. A’ Design Prize is same for all laureates for all account types, except for the Prestige Tokens granted per each account type, indeed we created the Prestige system to solely express our gratitude to our philanthropic patrons and sponsors whose financial contributions and ongoing support make the A’ Design Award realize its goals and reach its vision to make the World a better place with superior designs, architecture and engineering that benefit society, in the most democratic and meritocratic way possible.

Why does Gold Entry provide more Prestige Tokens?
A’ Design Award have several entry methods, one of them is Gold. Participants who join the competition with Gold Nomination Tickets are provided all the same benefits with Pro-Nomination entrants, the design award jury does not know which entry is nominated via which method and the only difference between the Gold entry and the regular Pro Nomination is the slight price difference; Gold entry costs more. The reason why Gold entry costs more is solely due to the fact that participants who are making a Gold entry are given more Prestige Tokens if they win the A’ Design Awards. The additional entry fee amounts, as paid by Gold Entry participants are used towards supporting our design promotion initiatives, for maintaining our design museum as well as used for design award scholarships, given all these information, the Gold entry provides more Prestige Tokens due to the fact that it financially supports us, enabling us to provide more value to other participants who are not in a position to provide such support. We feel obliged to once again note that obtaining a Gold entry ticket does not change your chances of winning the A’ Design Award; the design award jury does not know how you nominated your work, and entries are voted anonymously following a blind peer-review process, however if you are affluent, if you have the means available, we welcome you joining the A’ Design Award with Gold Nomination tickets, which in return provide value to all A’ Design Award winners; the additional funds are used to subsidize and lower entry fees for those participants who cannot contribute, which makes the competition fairer, more meritocratic and democratic, and also the additional funds allow us to realize innovative projects as well as to sustain our design museum.

Why does Pro Entry provide more Prestige Tokens?
By its design, Pro Entry provides more Prestige Tokens. When we described why different account types gain different amount of Prestige upon A’ Design Award victory, or the reason why Gold Entry provides more Prestige Tokens, we focused mainly on the financial support aspects which were used to make the competition fairer, more democratic and meritocratic by means of subsidizing entry fees for different account types as well as for the differences in financial contributions which were utilized for sponsoring design events, design award scholarships and sustaining and maintaining our design museum. While the amount of Prestige Tokens gained does get affected by financial contributions which allow A’ Design Award to subsidize young designers, academics, new start-ups and design professionals and to effectively make the competition more fair, more democratic and meritocratic, as noted earlier, the amount of Prestige Tokens gained also significantly depends on the final outcome of your participation and the award level achieved. In addition to award level and finances, the amount of Prestige Tokens generated are also affected by the type of your entry, namely there is a difference between digital and pro edition participation. Taking part in the A’ Design Award Gala-Night, joining the A’ Design Award exhibition in Italy and exhibitions abroad physically, and getting published in the Hardcover Yearbook of best designs naturally augment and contribute to the prestige of our laureates, therefore we decided that the Pro-Entry participation would provide more Prestige Tokens, as a way to promote pro-edition participation which we think is highly relevant.

Why Can't I buy more Prestige Tokens?
You cannot buy more Prestige Tokens, because are not available for sale and are meant to be earned rather than purchased. However, as part of our transparency policy, we shall note the following very clearly; We do indeed provide Prestige Tokens to all benign and philanthropic entities that support A’ Design Awards, as a way to keep track of their donations, supports, patronage, and sponsorships. We also provide Prestige Tokens to entities that sponsor and/or provide scholarship to A’ Design Award Laureates via A’ Design Awards. Since Prestige Tokens are not actually meant to be purchased, the exchange rate for gaining Prestige Tokens in return for kind donations is quite high and it is much more cost effective to earn Prestige Tokens by taking part in the competition than to try to obtain them in other means. Funds obtained from kind donations, sponsorships, patronage and various support programs, for which we provide Prestige Tokens in return as a gratitude, are used towards promotion of award-winning designers, artists and architects, to subsidize award participation costs of young designers, new start-ups, academics and individual designers as well as to sponsor philanthropic design initiatives to promote a global appreciation for good design. It is also important us to note that having high or any amount of Prestige Tokens do not affect your chances of obtaining the A’ Design Award, which is purely judged by anonymous peer-review process where entries are voted on pre-determined evaluation criteria. On the other hand, if you are an institution, a government entity or a large enterprise, we would be pleased to offer you with Prestige Tokens in return for your kind support, patronage, donations and sponsorships and we look forward for your contacts.

Can my Prestige Balance ever go Negative?
Your Prestige Balance, under normal conditions would not go negative; the system would not allow you to spend more Prestige Tokens than what you have in your current account, however certain conditions and actions may result in your Prestige Balance to go Negative; these include but not limited to Disqualifications (Which will significantly reduce your Prestige), Regular to Concealed Conversations (Which will have a small effect), Changing Account Types (Which may potentially have a small effect, positive or negative) and similar. In summary, your Prestige Balance could potentially go negative, but not in normal conditions. It is important to note that if your Prestige Balance goes negative for whatever reason, we may take one of the following actions at our sole discretion, possibly depending on how much Negative Prestige Balance you have; we may first of all not take any action at all especially if the amount is low, if the owed amount is high, we may either kindly ask you and/or legally oblige you to cover your Negative Prestige Balance deficit by kind donations, new express nominations and or by direct deposits. If you choose direct deposits as a means to cover your deficit, we would send you a link to pay for your Negative Prestige Balance with a 1:8 Exchange Rate where 8 Euro's would provide 1 Prestige Tokens, this exchange rate is consistent with the fact that you could use 1 Prestige Token to 8 Euro worth of account balance. You may not purchase Prestige Tokens in any other condition except for closing your Negative Prestige Balance and covering any deficits.

What is the Ultimate Purpose of the Prestige Framework?
We created the Prestige System because we wanted to create more utility and value for our participants through creation and provision of infinitely new services, extra benefits, advertising and promotion possibilities, however as you could imagine, while our hearts and minds desire to provide all the possible added values, benefits and services to all our laureates, in reality, financial, space and time constrains were limiting what we could offer extra to all laureates (notwithstanding the fact that some events and opportunities had real space limitations and therefore it was not also technically feasible to provide certain benefits to all laureates; for example there are certain number of people that could fit in a venue or there are certain number of items that could be placed within a space) and since we were already offering a wide array of services and benefits to most laureates, not all new benefits and services would be as relevant and as important for all of the laureates. In order to bypass all such financial, space and time limitations, we have devised the Prestige System which not only allows us to extend what more we can offer to our laureates above and beyond the A’ Design Prize; but also helps our laureates obtain select benefits that they desire and deem worthy of their Prestige Tokens. The Prestige System helps us create significant more value to our winners by helping the winners select which extra benefits and services they desire to have, using their credits.

How can I use my Prestige Tokens towards services, benefits and opportunities?
You need Prestige Tokens to activate and/or benefit from opportunities that are provided to you above and beyond the A’ Design Prize. The complete list of Prestige Opportunities is listed at Prestige Tokens Management page, that you can access from your Control Panel. This panel is not accessible to non-winners; you need to be a winner of A’ Design Award & Competition to access the Prestige Framework. From the Prestige Management page, you will see list of all Prestige Opportunities, and you will be able to click [Activate] buttons or links to learn more and/or activate certain opportunities. If you are one of the esteemed laureates of the A’ Design Award, to get started please kindly visit Prestige Tokens Management now.

It is important to remember that Prestige Tokens are not available for sale, if you are offered Prestige Tokens for sale. Please kindly note that Prestige Tokens are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged back or redeemeed for money, and cannot be sold or traded outside of A' Design Award ecosystem. A’ Design Award & Competition, at its sole discretion reserves the right to exclude you from any events, perks and benefits, as well as restrict or forbid your use or access to Prestige, Prestige System, Prestige Tokens and Prestige Management functionalities, without informing you, without obligations to you, at any point, for whatever reason. If you have a negative account balance, you will not be able to access Prestige Management page and/or utilize your Prestige Tokens in any way.

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