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A' Design Award and Competition have the rare opportunity to collaborate with World's leading media, publications, press, journals and channels to bring you latest news on design, highlighting award winning design work from all facets of design business, worldwide.
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Checkout A' Design Award Media Partners and Press Network to discover the latest news on art, architecture, design, technology and innovation. Discover and follow daily design trends and stay inspired. Learn and become part of the ongoing conversation in design. Alternatively, also consider checking A' Design Award's results announcement.

Arch Daily

Arch Daily is collecting the most important information to help architects create better architecture, became a fast growing technology company that delivers inspiration, tools and knowledge to the architects that visit and use it each month.


Designboom is the world's first and most popular digital architecture and design magazine based in Milan, Beijing and New York. It aims to bring together professional and young creatives from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Design Taxi

Design Taxi is the leading online reference source for the creative world, reaching millions of industry taste-makers and influencers monthly.

Design Milk

Design Milk is dedicated to modern art and design which offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology.

Yanko Design

Yanko Design is an online magazine dedicated to covering the best in international product design. It started as a little blog back in 2002 covering student work and over time, has grown into an international publishing company with millions of readers.


iGNANT is an award-winning online magazine featuring the finest in art, design, photography, fashion and architecture. It is bringing a curated selection of the most captivating work from both established creatives as well as emerging talents.

Creative Boom

Creative Boom is an award-winning online magazine that celebrates, inspires and supports the creative community. It focuses on art, crafts, graphic design, illustration and photography.


Contemporist a community that celebrates contemporary culture, focused on architecture, design, art and travel.


Juxtapoz is a monthly magazine that covers contemporary artists who deserve crucial attention. It is providing coverage of the most dynamic, unconventional, and innovative art being produced today.

We Heart

We Heart is an award winning online magazine which is exploring the intersections between art, design, lifestyle and travel.


Scene360 is an art magazine that focuses on giving a refined and innovative take on the world’s most unusual and striking artistic creations. It is covering art, photography, tattoo, design, and cinema.

IdN World

IdN is an international magazine for creative people and its mission is to amplify and unify the design community. It is pledged to bringing designers from all parts of the planet together to communicate.

Desire to Inspire

Desire to Inspire is an interesting source of wonderful design projects worldwide for interior designers and decorators, architects, stylists and photographers.


Whudat is a great publication to reach latest design projects and news related to art, street-art, fashion and lifestyle, photography and music.

Design Street

Design Street is an independent Italian Design Magazine. It is a web platform that designers could follow the most recent design projects all around the world.


Tuvie is a magazine dedicated to uncovering and sharing the best in concept and design from industrial, automotive and architectural design to concepts in technology and fashion.

Design Diffusion

Design Diffusion World is a publishing house specialized in the publication of periodicals dedicated to the design world.


Attitude interior design is a bimonthly international magazine focused on interiors, architecture, art and lifestyle, with a worldwide distribution and based in Porto, Portugal.

Graphic Competitions

Graphic Competitions is a leading online portal for illustrators, designers, artists, and creatives of all kinds.

Design Curial

Design Curial covers the latest news, expert opinion and in-depth features for audiences with an interest in architecture, design, interiors and art. It is ethos strives to bring people together to inspire and share ideas with its authoritative and stylish editorial, alongside cutting-edge projects and an all-encompassing project database.


Arredativo Design Magazine dedicates to the world of furniture, architectural design and national and international interior design.


Italianbark is an online place where to scout for the latest interior trends, design news, amazing homes and original interiors from Italy and abroad.

Swagger Magazine

Swagger Magazine features man's lifestyle, trends, latest products and gadgets.


Estiloproprio magazine tries to feature architecture, art and design projects all around the globe.

Inkult Magazine

Inkult Magazine is a publication about art, design and lifestyle. The magazine is placed as a cultural platform dedicated to the promotion of new proposals from creative, self-taught, students, professionals, dreamers and eager to show all their creations.

More with Less Design

More with Less is a design magazine with a clear philosophy of "more with less". Its goal is to showcase the best projects of architects and designers from around the world.

Design Outfit

Design Outfit is an online magazine which is featuring wonderful articles and trends related to interior design.


Artnagrada is a popular platform for artists, photographers, designers, architects, curators, representatives of other types of visual arts. It is publishing and promoting information about the various possibilities of the creative sphere.

Recursos Culturales

Recursos Culturales aims to promote the development of creative, sustainable artistic and cultural ideas, projects and ventures.

Design Me

Design Me is a platform for designers, musicians, photographers and make up artists all around the world.


Inspirationist is a daily updated source of lifestyle inspiration from architecture, design, fashion and many more cultural areas. It is a carefully curated place of the latest news in the creative world.


Typeroom is an online platform for the typophile generation. Showcasing outstanding typographic works, featuring inspiring stories about the letter-forms that matter, premiering breaking news and interviewing type designers from around the globe.


Polpettas is a web magazine about contemporary culture. Madrid based, Italian-English speaking, with a wide open eye over the international artistic scene.


Shift is an online magazine about culture and the creative industries, namely art, design, fashion, music and multimedia. It provides in-depth articles, such as interviews, exhibition/event reports, publications reviews, in three languages of Japanese, English and Chinese.


Supertacular was created with the intention to detect fresh, fascinating, inspirational design projects and share them with those on the look-out for eye-grabbing, time-worth stories. It aspires to infuse creativity and spread inspiration, to serve as a point of reference for everyone who is passionate about design, architecture and fashion.


The deBop is the realization of an effort to redefine the Athens identity through culture and its people, carrying the public proposals for events and urban events and information for creative people in order to develop a daily routine more social.

Temper Magazine

Temper Magazine is an award winning publication that promotes fashion scene sprouting within Beijing, Shanghai and China overall from street style, photographers and designers.


Berlogos is an online international magazine of design and architecture which is promoting articles, projects and interviews relevant to the community of designers and architects.


Infodesigners is born with idea to collect all great, most interesting challenges and competitions worldwide.


ArsCity is a place for talking about design, furniture and creativity in general, a magazine where interested people could find useful tips for interior design and art and discover interesting news together.

Futurist Architecture

Futurist Architecture is committed to providing architectural design information and inspiration from around the world.

Roc 21

Roc 21 is a blog of graphic design, advertising, creativity, technology, news, trends and all the works that make creative people around the world.


Archistudent is a complete online portal which is updating visitors in terms of articles, presentations, drawings, design concepts, material galley, discussion forum and polls.


Peopleofdesign is about design, art, architecture, fashion and other.

Thy Magazine

Thy Magazine is about art, design and lifestyle which is featuring interesting information and sector, through articles, interviews and collaborations.

Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration is a minimalist blog with product design and crowdfunding.


Favorite Design promotes the design by putting forward every day a new creation with a large public. The website, social networks and the annual book brings a real light on international creativity.

Dettagli Home Decor

Online magazine of architecture, design, furniture where to discover trends and novelties of home decor.


Homesthetics is picking up and delivering a daily doze of the most exciting and outstanding selection of design & architectural ideas.

Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab is an architecture and urban design magazine dedicated to everything related to architecture, urban design, research studies, and sustainable design.

GRAD Review

GRAD Review is a new architectural e-magazine for talented designers and professionals all around the world.


TOPYS is one of the earliest and most popular creative websites in China, dedicated to finding the most representative and distinctive voice in the fields of global creativity, arts and culture.


FunDesign.TV is the best magazine for professional designers all around the world in different categories.


DesignWant is a design media covering interior space at home and abroad, sharing daily examples from interior design teams around the world, from home decorating, residential buildings, commercial spaces and more.

Des1gn'ON is a blog for students, professionals and agencies who enjoy design and arts. And also it is a blog to update designers and artists about the design of everyday life!

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