Florian Seidl Designer Profile
Florian Seidl is an award-winning designer with 11 featured award-winning projects.
Florian Seidl

Florian Seidl is an Austrian designer with several years of professional experience. Currently he is working as Lavazza's design manager at the Innovation Center in Turin and teaching at the Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan. Before that he was part of the design team that developed the Fiat 500 successfully into a whole range of different models and several other projects that can now be seen on the road. He has also done work for KTM and as freelancer for various other non-automotive brands. Always with a strong feeling for brand identity and the bigger picture beyond the project as a mere product.

Florian Seidl
Lavazza Desea Coffee Machine
Lavazza Idola Coffee Machine
Lavazza Tiny Espresso Machine
Lavazza Voicy Coffee Machine
Lavazza Classy Plus Coffee Machine
Lavazza Elogy Milk  Coffee Machine
Lavazza MilkEasy  Milk Frother
Lavazza Tiny Eco Espresso Machine
Lavazza Inovy Mini Coffee Machine
Lavazza MilkUp Milk Frother
Kateem trail running shoe