Patrick Sarran Designer Profile
Patrick Sarran is an award-winning designer with 7 featured award-winning projects.
Patrick Sarran

Patrick Sarran is a self-taught designer and an experienced cabinet maker. He also studied engineering. His design process is an ever-evolving combination of 3D CAD, personal prototype workshop and use of digital machines. In June 2007 he founded QUISO, a furniture editing house that sells his creations to gourmet restaurants worldwide. Patrick Sarran enjoys a special relationship with chefs. Like them he creates, manufactures and sells directly to end users, while always striving to be responsive. Patrick Sarran also seeks to support projects and people he cares about. He created the exhibition case for Gilles Azzaro’s art work “The New Industrial Revolution”, presented to President Obama at the first White House Maker Fair in June 2014. Since 2014, Patrick Sarran has also been involved in the innovative project WITOA, promoting the social inclusion of autistic people.

Keza Chilled cheese trolley
Coq Chilled cheese trolley
Sweet Kit Chilled desert trolley
Herbal Tea Garden Hot drink service with fresh plants
iLOK  Removable tables
Km31 Multifunctional trolley
Ami Bridge armchair