Laura Ferrario Designer Profile
Laura Ferrario is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Laura Ferrario

She deal with Visual Design with the sole objective of making every single project to measure and always placing her customer in the center to convey her message to the target audience in the most direct and immediate way. The phrase that best describes her philosophy is: for all those companies that want to move at the pace of the world, but catch the glance of those who observe them. Reaching this goal is not easy, due to the amount of visual input that everyday life exposes us to; this is why we need to make ourselves as recognizable as possible, and capture our viewers’ attention with few, but well-defined messages. Creativity thus becomes the most important means to convey the visual message, by attracting the attention of its viewers, even if just for a second. In brief: being memorable! In a world in which everyone races each other to get ahead, it is crucial to understand how people observe things and how important it is to offer clear and visually impactful communication. This is the winning approach, which she had implemented over time for the most diverse customers, and which has allowed me to maintain that openness of mind and that creative freshness necessary to guarantee surprising and unpredictable solutions. Because working in different fields every day means having only one specialization – Quality.

Laura Ferrario
Il Mosnel QdE 2012 Sparkling Wine Label and Pack
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WeAre4810 Brand Indentity
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