Laura Ferrario WeAre4810 Brand Indentity
WeAre4810 Brand Indentity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
WeAre4810 Brand Indentity

WeAre4810, WeAreFamily is the new concept used to relaunch the Brand. It becomes the container and symbol of all the group's activities. The use of highly contemporary and solid numbers conveys the feeling of certainty and contemporariness as the numbers can in their turn become containers of images. From Rental to Shopping and up to the true novelty the Food. WeAreFood is the space where every day is divided into 4 moments; a concept that is enhanced by the clock whose arms are a fork and a spoon. A clock that from the graphical point of view is a mix between present, past and future.

WeAre4810 Brand Indentity
Laura Ferrario WeAre4810
Laura Ferrario Brand Indentity
Laura Ferrario design
Laura Ferrario design
Laura Ferrario

She deal with Visual Design with the sole objective of making every single project to measure and always placing her customer in the center to convey her message to the target audience in the most direct and immediate way. The phrase that best describes her philosophy is: for all those companies that want to move at the pace of the world, but catch the glance of those who observe them. Reaching this goal is not easy, due to the amount of visual input that everyday life exposes us to; this is why we need to make ourselves as recognizable as possible, and capture our viewers’ attention with few, but well-defined messages. Creativity thus becomes the most important means to convey the visual message, by attracting the attention of its viewers, even if just for a second. In brief: being memorable! In a world in which everyone races each other to get ahead, it is crucial to understand how people observe things and how important it is to offer clear and visually impactful communication. This is the winning approach, which she had implemented over time for the most diverse customers, and which has allowed me to maintain that openness of mind and that creative freshness necessary to guarantee surprising and unpredictable solutions. Because working in different fields every day means having only one specialization – Quality.


The studio is specializes in visual communication consultancy for companies and in this the client is assited at 360°: logo design, corporate identity, catalogs, brochures, exhibition design, packaging and digital. Ferrariodesign worked as a Visual Designers for over 30 years, aiming to face every single project by asking: who is the message to be communicated aimed at and how can be reached the end user in the simplest and most immediate way. In fact, the phrase that represents the studio is: " For all companies who want to keep up with the pace of the world, but attract the gaze of those watching". To achieve this in a society full of visual inputs, it is necessary to strike immediately to be recognized with a few well-directed messages. Creativity is being able to attract attention through the visual message and make people stop, even just for a moment. It is being remembered! In a world where everyone is racing to go faster it’s important to understand how things are being observed and the importance of providing a clear communication and a strong visual impact. Here is the winning approach, adopted over the years for the most diverse clients, who have enabled me to maintain an open mind and that creative freshness needed to guarantee solutions that are never obvious or predictable. Because working every day in different sectors means having one single specialization, that of quality.