Juan Carlos Baumgartner Designer Profile
Juan Carlos Baumgartner is an award-winning designer with 10 featured award-winning projects.
Juan Carlos Baumgartner

For Baumgartner it is important to create spaces with sustainable technology that improve the environment, according to the essence, values, characteristics and needs of the project. Baumgartner reflects, “Architecture can be a tool to improve society”. That is why, in order to fully understand the organization he has developed with his own methodologies that empathically help understand the entrails of the company, helping to align strategies, providing architecture solutions that enhance organizational productivity and efficiency, inspiration and happiness of the individual.

Juan Carlos Baumgartner
Red Bull Workspace
Gentera Inn Lab Workspace
ALD House Residential, Weekend, Retreat
Axa Office Space
Osram top tier work environment
Firmenich happiness and wellbeing
Colegio Maguen Education and Training
Aon Wellbeing environment
CP Group Corporate Interior
Astra Zeneca Global Technology Center