Juan Carlos Baumgartner Nubank Corporate interior
Nubank Corporate interior is Silver Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Nubank Corporate interior

The design concept, based on the social network as a support for liquid modernity, reflects a conscious adaptation to the changing demands of the environment. In this sense, the design of this social network stands as a creative response to the tensions and paradoxes of the contemporary era, providing a meeting space that balances the need for constant adaptation with the pursuit of genuine and meaningful relationships. One of the challenges of the project was to ensure that each room, every corridor, and every corner, in general, became part of the conceptual narrative and was unique.

Nubank Corporate interior
Juan Carlos Baumgartner Nubank
Juan Carlos Baumgartner Corporate interior
Juan Carlos Baumgartner design
Juan Carlos Baumgartner design
Juan Carlos Baumgartner

For Baumgartner it is important to create spaces with sustainable technology that improve the environment, according to the essence, values, characteristics and needs of the project. Baumgartner reflects, “Architecture can be a tool to improve society”. That is why, in order to fully understand the organization he has developed with his own methodologies that empathically help understand the entrails of the company, helping to align strategies, providing architecture solutions that enhance organizational productivity and efficiency, inspiration and happiness of the individual.


Human beings spend about 80 percent their time indoor areas. Therefore interior architecture becomes to a large degree responsible for health and performance for million people all over the world. Space has started operations focusing on interior architectural design, which branch is actually a new-comer into Latin America world. Space interpret this indoors space as the great tool to establish an emotional connection with users as well as to help improving life conditions for an always larger number of human beings. Space has kept in mind our original purpose to remain forefront and so it has developed the right tools and interdisciplinary strategies which allow us to clearly understand our customers, their projects and specific requirements, always providing them with a fresh and innovative outlook.