Juan Carlos Baumgartner Naos Corporate Interior
Naos Corporate Interior is Bronze Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Naos Corporate Interior

The design concept for Naos is providing the user with flow-experiences in spaces that encourage creative and strategic thinking from a series of objectives: generating a space based on sensory stimuli that encourages betterment through dynamism, creativity, agility and efficiency in everyday life; valuing the places of concentration and focus as much as the collaborative ones to achieve organic feedback; balancing skills with challenges and increasing efficiency through planning, recreation and organization.

Naos Corporate Interior
Juan Carlos Baumgartner Naos
Juan Carlos Baumgartner Corporate Interior
Juan Carlos Baumgartner design
Juan Carlos Baumgartner design
Juan Carlos Baumgartner

For Baumgartner it is important to create spaces with sustainable technology that improve the environment, according to the essence, values, characteristics and needs of the project. Baumgartner reflects, “Architecture can be a tool to improve society”. That is why, in order to fully understand the organization he has developed with his own methodologies that empathically help understand the entrails of the company, helping to align strategies, providing architecture solutions that enhance organizational productivity and efficiency, inspiration and happiness of the individual.


Space have structured a new way of seeing architecture therefore developed methodologies inline with this vision. A new way of looking at architecture: Intending to be the best if not the biggest, we have integrated an interdisciplinary staff of highly talented and compromised professionals. Space take into account the importance of research and technology development, then we include them both in our method of thinking and working, always seeking after sustainable solutions which not only respect environment but actually help to improve our natural habitat.