Hakan Gürsu Designer Profile
Hakan Gürsu is an award-winning designer with 77 featured award-winning projects.
Hakan Gürsu

Industrial Designer Dr. Hakan Gürsu, has succeeded as an extraordinary illustrator, designer and intellectual internationally. DESIGNNOBIS Design / Innovation firm that he has founded is selected among Turkey’s Top 40 Entrepreneur Firms. He’s been honored in world’s prestigious design competitions by winning over 205 design awards within 14 years and made Turkey rank second in design field. He contributed to several national and international organizations as a speaker on innovation, creative thinking, design and R&D. Ranging from boats, toys and furniture to electrical devices, his environmentally friendly and visionary projects are introducing unusual solutions to common problems. He continues to train design students at METU.

Hakan Gürsu
Foscat-32 Folding Solar Catamaran
Pebble Heater
Creative Wooden Creatures Wooden Toy
Steam Tea Maker
Twist Stovetop Kettle
Cans'n Caps Promotional Lids
TAXI Taxi Station
Self Smear Test Kit Self Smear Test Kit
Triton Warning System
LedMax LED Curing Light
Solar Fishing Lure Fishing Bait
Snow Sailing Yacht
Restpoint Airport Seating
Torchia Lighting and Charging Unit
Lollypop Pencil Sharpener
Naxe Axe
Shelter Pack Post Disaster Shelter
Fume Marker Pen Stand and Package
FIRE KNIGHT Fire Fighting Vehicle
AGT Bench
Phaeton Electric Vehicle
Attention! Cutlery Set
Manta Chair
Flame Stovetop Kettle
Pet-Tree Vertical Eco-Planting System
V-Tent Car Charging and Protection Unit
Satellite Grater
Solbooth Sustainable Communication Point
Modular Hand Tools Portable Tool Set
Phone Box Public Phone
Solar Taxi Vehicle
Eco Barrow Unmanned Electric Vehicle
Parabosol Water Cleaning Unit
Tentative Post Disaster Tent
Wraparound Cord Wrap
Milko Multifunctional Card Reader
Mini ST Toolset
Sistem Range Pole and Tripod
Taxea Sea Taxi
Reverence Tea Brewer
Delphi Sea Taxi
Monochrome Bench
Comfort Zone Bench
SurfSail42 Sailboard for windsurfing and sailing
Biyopsi Biopsy Device
Wow Chair
D-eco Brick Decorative Ecological Bricks
Trinova Award
Corneround Book Edge Protector
Tumbler Lamp
Loft Table
Eryigit Hospital Bed
I-Cube Water Packaging
SASA Bottle Water Packaging
Crocodile Foil Dispenser
Scorpion Lamp Desk Lamp
Office on the Go Stationary Kit
LeapVox Videophone
Kardinero Medical Treadmill
Heat-X Cooking Pot
FLOGER Lounge Chair
Beetling Bench
L.S.P. Indoor and Outdoor Lightning Unit
PowerTower Wooden Toy Set
Aquarius Toy Kit
Relax Lounge Chair
Birds & Eggs Toy Kit
Monster Lemon Juicer
LeapVox All In One IP/PBX
Orca Nut Cracker
Origami Chair
Pets for Pets Water and Food Dispenser
Elovan Camping Trailer
Panfold Camping Pan
Zavinna Furniture Handle
Wave LED Lighting System
Alpina D-DSNB Private Airplane