Hakan Gürsu Alpina D-DSNB Private Airplane
Alpina D-DSNB Private Airplane is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Aerospace and Aircraft Design Award Category.
Alpina D-DSNB Private Airplane

This plane is designed for 4 people’s usage. Because of being able to land and take off in short distances, it can be used in mountainous area where there is a lot of altitude differences. Also, half wings under the main ones provide more balanced gliding. The supporting parts between the main and half wings supply more stability to the main wings. Furthermore, it is lightweight and has a spacious interior design thanks to perforated seating units and high-top glass cover.

Alpina D-DSNB Private Airplane
Hakan Gürsu Alpina D-DSNB
Hakan Gürsu Private Airplane
Hakan Gürsu design
Hakan Gürsu design
Hakan Gürsu

Industrial Designer Dr. Hakan Gürsu, has succeeded as an extraordinary illustrator, designer and intellectual internationally. DESIGNNOBIS Design / Innovation firm that he has founded is selected among Turkey’s Top 40 Entrepreneur Firms. He’s been honored in world’s prestigious design competitions by winning over 205 design awards within 14 years and made Turkey rank second in design field. He contributed to several national and international organizations as a speaker on innovation, creative thinking, design and R&D. Ranging from boats, toys and furniture to electrical devices, his environmentally friendly and visionary projects are introducing unusual solutions to common problems. He continues to train design students at METU.

AQUILA Aviation

AQUILA Aviation is a growing medium-sized company located in Schönhagen. They provide perfection in every detail, handwork on a high level. Their core skills include lightweight / fiber composite material and aircraft maintenance. In cooperation with some partners and suppliers AQUILA command a strong, motivated and reliable network.