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A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award

The A' Camping Gear Design Award is an international industrial design competition recognizing good camping equipment by leading brands and designers worldwide.

Silver Award Winner
Cell by Takanori Urata
Silver Award Winner
Horizontal Long Mesh by Shigeru Yamada
Silver Award Winner
Cooker by Yansheng Xia
Silver Award Winner
Tentagon by Wei Chen and Chi-Yung Li

The A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award is a prestigious competition for global camping and outdoor equipment designers, brands, and manufacturers. Entrants have the opportunity to demonstrate their creative abilities and be recognized for their excellent design capabilities, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the industry and inspiring future trends. By taking part in this prestigious award, participants have the chance to gain international exposure and recognition for their good design, while also showcasing their work to key industry influencers and decision makers. Winning the A' Design Prize for Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment is an outstanding opportunity to gain well-deserved global recognition and enhanced profile within the fiercely competitive industry.

A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award Winner Badge

The A' Camping Gear Design Award is a highly regarded, very prestigious and internationally recognized design accolade where designers, design companies and design agencies across the globe compete to attain national and international fame, showcase their skills and experience on a global stage, and get recognized for their design excellence in the camping gear sector and ultimately obtain the A' Design Prize.

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Camping Gear Submission Requirements

When submitting to the Camping Gear Design Competition keep in mind that your submission will be evaluated on multiple dimensions, your camping gear design is judged together with presentation and packaging. Applicants should send high-resolution images of the camping gear, showing the product from different angles, together with a textual presentation of their work. Main image is especially important and should either be an isolated image on white background or a highly professional photograph, preferably taken outdoors. In addition to images, user manuals, installation instructions and maintenance guides could further be uploaded as support documents to enhance the presentation.

Item Dimensions Format Notes
Key Visual
Main Image
3600 x 3600 Pixels JPEG The Key Visual should encapsulate the essence of the camping gear, presenting a high-resolution, clear image that immediately conveys the product's purpose and innovation. Ideally, the gear should be displayed against a neutral background that does not detract from the design, ensuring the focus remains on the gear's functionality and aesthetic appeal.
Showcase Image #1
Optional Image 1
1800 x 1800 Pixels
72 DPI
JPEG Showcase Image 1 shall display the camping gear in various configurations or with different accessories, demonstrating its versatility in outdoor settings. The image should reveal how the gear can adapt to different camping scenarios, such as a tent's modularity or a sleeping bag's temperature ratings, providing a visual representation of the product's range of use.
Showcase Image #2
Optional Image 2
1800 x 1800 Pixels
72 DPI
JPEG Showcase Image 2 ought to focus on a close-up view that highlights the camping gear's unique features or superior craftsmanship. This could include material textures, innovative closure systems, or any specialized elements that set the gear apart, allowing the viewer to appreciate the quality and thoughtfulness of the design.
Showcase Image #3
Optional Image 3
1800 x 1800 Pixels
72 DPI
JPEG Showcase Image 3 must place the camping gear within a natural environment to showcase its practical use. An image that captures the gear in action, such as a backpack being worn on a hike or a tent pitched in a scenic locale, will help potential users envision the product's effectiveness in real-world conditions.
Showcase Image #4
Optional Image 4
1800 x 1800 Pixels
72 DPI
JPEG Showcase Image 4 should capture the camping gear as it is engaged by users, emphasizing ease of use and ergonomic design. Whether it's hands adjusting a portable stove or the comfortable fit of a hiking backpack, this image should convey the user-friendly nature and benefits of the gear during actual use.
PDF Document
Highly Optional
Up to 40 Pages
A4 Page Size
PDF Documentation for the camping gear shall include comprehensive details such as weight, dimensions, materials, and any innovative features that enhance the camping experience. Technical specifications, user instructions, and maintenance guidelines will provide a deeper understanding of the product's durability and functionality.
Video / Audio File
Highly Optional
Max. 10 MB.
Up to 45 Sec.
AVI The video accompanying the camping gear submission should offer a narrative that brings the product's features to life, such as demonstrating assembly or showcasing the gear in various weather conditions. It should highlight the gear's portability, resilience, and the comfort it provides to campers, offering viewers a compelling visual story of adventure and utility.

Silver Award Winner
B2Q Kit by Qinwen Feng
Bronze Award Winner
Up Down Grill by Takashi Sekimitsu
Iron Award Winner
Escape by Xun Peng
Bronze Award Winner
Emmett by True Places

Camping Gear Evaluation Methodology

At the heart of the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award is our commitment to celebrating excellence in camping gear design through a fair and transparent evaluation process. The cornerstone of our judging system is a diverse and expert jury panel, comprising established academics, leading design professionals, prominent journalists, and influential entrepreneurs. This eclectic mix ensures a rich variety of perspectives in evaluating the merits of each design. Prior to the main assessment, a preliminary jury diligently works with all entrants to standardize the presentation quality of their submissions. This critical step is designed to eliminate any presentation biases, ensuring that every nomination is judged solely on its design quality, creative and functional merits, and not on its presentation. Our blind peer-review process further reinforces this impartiality, where entries are evaluated anonymously, safeguarding against any undue influence from political affiliations or personal biases. Jurors are bound by a strict agreement to uphold fairness and integrity in their judgment, with their votes being meticulously analyzed for any anomalies. Our rigorous process involves the standardization and normalization of jury votes, followed by a sophisticated statistical ranking based on standard deviations. This method allows us to objectively evaluate the consistency of each design's reception among jurors, ensuring that those designs with uniformly high ratings are distinguished. Designs are then ranked according to these evaluations, from the most consistently acclaimed to the least, with adherence to our established award-level thresholds - platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and iron. This methodical approach not only ensures a meritocratic competition but also imbues our participants with confidence that their camping gear designs are evaluated purely on their intrinsic qualities and merits.

Camping Gear Evaluation Criteria

Best camping gear are selected according to Innovative Approach to Camping Gear Design, Eco-Friendly Material Usage, Functionality and Usability, Design Aesthetics, Ergonomic Comfort, Durability and Longevity, Ease of Assembly and Disassembly, Compactness and Portability, Weather Resistance, Integration of Technology, Safety Measures, Versatility of Use, Lightweight Design, Cost-Effectiveness, Sustainability in Production, Inclusion of Multi-Functional Features, Adaptability to Various Environments, User-Friendly Maintenance, Cultural Relevance and Inventive Storage Solutions.

Bronze Award Winner
Capra by Amit Naor
Iron Award Winner
Clickseal by Avner Balachsan
Silver Award Winner
Elves by Qing Yan
Bronze Award Winner
Katipo by Elad Achi
Silver Award Winner
Portable TPR Car-rescue-track by Xuesong Li
Gold Award Winner
Solar Fishing Lure by Hakan Gürsu

Camping Gear Entries

The Camping Gear Award is open for all type of camping gear, including but not limited to camping gear design, outdoor equipment innovation, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, hiking boots, camping stoves, outdoor clothing, portable shelters, camping furniture, binoculars, navigation tools, survival kits, camping cookware, water purifiers, inflatable mattresses, camping hammocks, multi-tools, thermal wear, trekking poles, outdoor lighting, portable power solutions, camping coolers, outdoor games, fishing gear and wildlife watching equipment.

No Further Fees Policy

Winners of the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award are not contractually obliged to pay any "further fees", "hidden fees" or "winner fees" for claiming the A' Design Prize. The A' Design Prize is awarded free of charge to all eligible laureates, ensuring there is no confusion of price and prize. The prestigious A' Design Award program distinguishes itself by ensuring its laureates are exempt from the typical charges often required by other camping gear award programs; such as Publication Fees, Exhibition Fees, Award Ceremony Tickets, Logo Licensing Fees, Marketing and Advertising Fees, Membership Fees, Certificate Fees, Trophy Fees, and any other "contractually obliged further fees for winners". Eligible laureates receive the comprehensive A' Design Prize free of charge, without any additional costs, solely by achieving victory in the A' Design Award & Competition.

Platinum Award Winner
Geely Galaxy E8 by Geely Design
Platinum Award Winner
Formation 01 by Samuel Ross
Platinum Award Winner
Exeed Es by Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.
Platinum Award Winner
Transparent Turntable by Per Brickstad
Platinum Award Winner
Spirito by Alexey Danilin


The vision of A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award is centered on empowering designers and innovators with a platform that not only celebrates creativity but also significantly boosts their commercial success. A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award is designed to be a catalyst for increasing camping gear sales, enhancing brand exposure, and providing a valuable opportunity for differentiation in a competitive marketplace. By winning the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award, you will be eligible to obtain a lifetime license to use the exclusive A' Design Award Winner Logo, a mark of excellence and innovation, a distinguished symbol that sets your products apart in the market. The A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award is a strategic tool for trendsetting, attracting consumer and media interest, and forging lasting brand value, showcasing your commitment to good design, innovation and quality. The ultimate aim of the A' Design Awards is to incentivize designers, brands and institutions that help create a better world with superior products and projects that benefit and advance society by recognizing their original contributions and good designs.

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Winning the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award offers a multitude of prestigious benefits, encapsulating recognition, exposure, and opportunities for growth in the camping gear industry. The top three standout benefits include the A' Design Award Winner Logo, symbolizing excellence in camping gear design and global recognition; the extensive PR campaign and media exposure, featuring syndication across various networks, thereby enhancing visibility and credibility in the camping gear design community; and inclusion in exclusive networks and rankings, such as the World Design Rankings and International Design News Network, providing networking and outreach opportunities. Additionally, Pro-Edition winners receive a comprehensive winner's kit during the Gala-Night and Award Ceremony in Italy. The physical components of the A' Design Prize, distributed during the award ceremony to eligible laureates, include, but are not limited to, the award trophy, a printed and framed certificate of excellence in camping gear design, as well as the annual yearbook, featuring the year's best camping gear designs. The A' Design Prize further includes digital and physical exhibition opportunities for eligible laureates, among 88+ benefits and services.

A' Design Award Logo

Camping Gear Award Participants

The Camping Gear Award is open to Camping Gear Designers, Outdoor Equipment Designers, Product Designers, Industrial Design Studios, Camping Gear Brands, Outdoor Equipment Brands, Camping Gear Manufacturers, Outdoor Equipment Manufacturers, Design Consultants, Adventure Sports Companies, Outdoor Recreation Retailers, Material Science Specialists, Industrial Designers, Design Engineers, Adventure Tourism Operators, Camping Gear Innovation, Consultancy and Research and Development Companies from all countries.

Platinum Winner. Midnight by Archer Aviation
Platinum Award Winner
Midnight by Archer Aviation.
Platinum Winner. Da50 Rg by Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
Platinum Award Winner
Da50 Rg by Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH.
Platinum Winner. Drift by Nikolaos Karintzaidis
Platinum Award Winner
Drift by Nikolaos Karintzaidis.
Platinum Winner. Lhov by Fabrizio Crisa
Platinum Award Winner
Lhov by Fabrizio Crisa.
Platinum Winner. Pure Advance Flex by Pure Electric
Platinum Award Winner
Pure Advance Flex by Pure Electric.

Value Proposal

Winning the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award symbolizes a significant achievement in camping gear industry, offering winning brands worldwide acknowledgment, international recognition, prestige and esteem. The A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award serves as a testament to camping gear design excellence, enhancing your brand's global reputation. A' Design Award Winner designs are showcased across a multitude of platforms, receiving attention from a diverse international audience. This exposure is not just about visibility; it is an endorsement of design ingenuity and creativity, placing the laureates on a global stage where their camping gear design is celebrated and appreciated. The translation of their accomplishments into various languages further broadens this recognition, ensuring their winning camping gear designs resonate across different cultures and markets.

Participation in the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award opens doors to a world of networking opportunities with camping gear industry leaders and creative minds. This interaction goes beyond mere connections; it fosters potential collaborations and partnerships, expanding professional horizons. The award ceremonies, exhibitions and related events offer a unique platform for personal interaction, while digital showcases and online communities provide continued engagement. These interactions are invaluable for any camping gear brand or institution seeking to grow their professional network, explore new collaborations, connect with journalists, engage with media, persuade influencers and gain insights from global design leaders.

The A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award acts as a powerful marketing instrument. Award winners are equipped with promotional assets and tools, including a distinctive award logo that signifies symbolizes excellence in camping gear design. The A' Design Award Winner emblem can be a game-changer in differentiating a brand in the competitive market, attracting new clients, and building trust with the existing customer base. Moreover, the camping gear award offers an educational aspect through expert feedback and resources, guiding participants towards better design practices. This educational value is crucial for ongoing development and inspiration, encouraging continuous innovation and excellence in design. A' Design Award is a catalyst for growth, renown, recognition, and global engagement in the camping gear industry, bringing fame, prestige and publicity to its laureates.

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Celebrating Design Innovation Through Our Winners' Experiences

2025 Camping Gear Design Awards

Schedule and Entry Periods for the 2024 - 2025 Camping Gear Award are noted below. Participate in the 2025 Camping Gear Design Awards with diverse entry periods, each tailored to your readiness and preference.

Early Entry Period

April 1st
to June 30th

Standard Entry Period

July 1st
to September 30th

Late Entry Period

October 1st
to February 28th

Detailed Schedule for the 2024 - 2025 Edition

Step Description Period
01 Design Submission
First step of entry is to submit your work. Submission is free. Update your work anytime until voting begins. You will get free design score and suggestions to improve your entry.
April 21, 2024
February 28, 2025
02 Design Nomination
There are three main entry periods: Early, Standard, and Late. There are also First Bird, Late and Last periods. We recommend you nominate your work latest by the Late entry period.
April 21, 2024
to February 28, 2025
03 Design Modifications
Unlimited revisions or changes to your entry are allowed until the end of the Late entry period, or once the jury starts voting on your entry for those who entered during Last or Omega Entry periods.
April 21, 2024
to March 30, 2025
04 Winning Designs
Informal non-official results are first announced to winners. At this stage, winners are prohibited from sharing their results as they are not yet final.
April 15, 2025
to April 21, 2025
05 License and Declarations
Designers are requested to upload licenses permitting us to publish their awarded works in books, and on local and international publications, exhibitions, social media, and design platforms.
April 15, 2025
to April 28, 2025
06 Yearbooks Sent to Print
Yearbook page drafts are created. Issues in text, images, naming, and account types are resolved, and yearbooks are prepared in both digital and hardcover editions before being sent to print.
April 29, 2025
May 5, 2025
07 Official Winner's Announcement
Winners are informed about their final award status, and their results are published online at the A' Design Award winners' list and syndicated to other design news platforms.
April 29, 2025
to May 5, 2025
08 Winner's Kit Shipment Orders
Pro-edition winner kits are distributed during the gala-night and award ceremony. Shipment orders can be made for those not attending the gala.
April 29, 2025
to May 31, 2025
09 Exhibition Items Shipping
Award-winning designers are invited to send their works for design exhibitions in Italy and abroad. The physical exhibition is free for pro-edition entrants.
April 29, 2025
May 31, 2025
10 Gala-Night and Award Ceremony
The gala-night and award ceremony are key events for celebrating winners' achievements. Dates are announced in advance and Pro-edition winners receive free invitations.
As noted in Gala-Night & Ceremony.
11 Cocktail Party, Dinner and Luncheon
Ars Futura Cultura meetings, Pre-Gala Cocktail Party, Post-Gala Dinner, and Happy Lunch bring together winners for networking and celebration.
As noted in Ars Futura Cultura.
12 Design Exhibition in Italy
The A' Design Award Winner's exhibition is first organized in Italy, often coinciding with the gala-night for added guest pleasure.
As noted in Design Exhibitions.
13 Design Exhibitions Abroad Italy
Award-winning designs are exhibited in multiple countries and cities each year, with no additional fees or costs. On average, six more exhibitions are held annually.
As noted in Design Exhibitions.
14 Media Placements
The media campaign starts with the announcement of results, including the preparation of electronic press kits and outreach to journalists.
May 8, 2025
to January 8, 2025
15 Design Rankings
Design rankings are updated annually. For instance, the World Design Rankings are updated at the beginning of each year in January.
July 8, 2025
to January 8, 2026
16 Public Relations Campaign
The Public Relations Campaign for award winners takes the whole year, usually lasting from the moment of award results announcement to the conclusion of the competition period.
April 29, 2025
to April 7, 2026

Camping Gear 2024 - 2025 Awards
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Frequently Asked Questions

Winning the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award offers your brand a significant competitive edge. The most notable advantage is the privilege to use the A' Design Award Winner Logo, a symbol of design excellence and design quality. This prestigious logo can be integrated into your brand's marketing and visual identity, greatly enhancing credibility and prestige. It serves as a powerful tool to influence customer decisions, boost brand visibility, and drive sales.

Displaying the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award Logo also reflects your commitment to innovation and superior camping gear design, setting you apart from competitors. It's an effective way to attract attention from journalists, influencers, and potential clients, leading to increased market presence and recognition.

Internally, this achievement fosters a culture of excellence and innovation within your organization, boosting employee morale and attracting top industry talent. It also strengthens business relationships, creating opportunities for growth and expansion.

Winning the A' Design Award and using the Winner Logo in your communications can significantly enhance your brand's market position, lead to increased demand and potentially increased sales, and provide a lasting impact on consumer preferences and purchasing decisions.

Absolutely! We wholeheartedly welcome camping gear designs that have already achieved recognition in other competitions. Participating in the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award with a previously awarded product is not just an opportunity; it's a strategic move to further elevate your design's status on an esteemed international platform.

Winning or being recognized in another competition showcases the quality and creativity of your design, and presenting it at the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award can amplify its acclaim, opening doors to new markets, audiences, and opportunities. This is your chance to showcase your design's versatility and appeal to a global audience, which can lead to increased visibility and potential collaborations.

Furthermore, being recognized in multiple prestigious accolades can significantly enhance your design's credibility and the reputation of your brand or studio. It serves as a powerful testament to your commitment to excellence in design and can set a benchmark in the Camping Gear industry. This dual recognition can be a pivotal point in elevating your profile and paving the way for greater success and influence in the design world.

Participating in the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award offers substantial benefits for brands looking to elevate their camping gear design market presence and establish design leadership. Winning can significantly boost your brand's visibility and credibility. Recognition in this prestigious camping gear design competition serves as a testament to your commitment to excellence in design, enhancing your brand image and setting you apart in a competitive industry. It is an opportunity to showcase your innovative design capabilities on a global stage, attract new business opportunities, and engage with a network of top-tier designers and companies. This participation can be a pivotal moment in your brand's journey towards market leadership and influence.

Joining is straightforward. Register on our website, choose the category as camping gear design 048 , and submit your design. Creating an account and uploading your camping gear design is completely free. Within 72 hours of your submission, we will provide a free, confidential preliminary score for your design. This preliminary assessment will give you valuable insights into the potential of your design in the competition. Once you receive your preliminary score, you can decide whether to proceed with the nomination process. Please note that while account creation and initial submission are free, moving forward with the nomination is subject to a fee. We guide you through every step, making it easy for designers of all levels to participate and make informed decisions.

Yes, we welcome submissions of conceptual designs, prototypes, and even ideas. The camping gear competition celebrates creativity and innovation at all stages, whether your product is in its nascent conceptual phase or a fully realized prototype. However, for conceptual submissions, exceptional presentation and high-quality rendering are essential. A compelling presentation not only brings your idea to life but also communicates its potential impact and value effectively. It helps the jury and the audience to visualize your concept in its intended form and understand its functionality, aesthetics, and potential market viability. Good presentation bridges the gap between an idea and its practical realization, making it crucial for your design to stand out and be seriously considered in the competition.

The A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award presents brands and companies with a unique platform to showcase their commitment to design and innovation. Participating in our camping gear competition allows your brand to gain international exposure, establish design credibility, and demonstrate camping gear industry leadership. It is an opportunity to benchmark your designs against the best in the world, receive critical acclaim, and engage with a global community of design professionals. Winning or being recognized in this award can open doors to new collaborations, enhance brand value, and attract attention from potential clients and design-centric audiences. It's not just a competition; it's a chance to position your brand at the forefront of design excellence.

Yes, you can submit as many designs as you like to the camping gear category, with each design offering a new opportunity to win. When submitting multiple designs, you can benefit from significant savings in two ways. Firstly, product families or collections can be submitted as a single entry. This approach allows you to use the A' Design Award Winner logo for all products within the family, utilizing just a single nomination fee. Secondly, if you have multiple different camping gear designs, you can avail of a discount by contacting our support team to request pricing for a multiple nomination package.

However, if your goal is to enhance your rankings, consider submitting camping gear designs in the same family as distinct entries. When choosing this path, ensure that the presentations for each camping gear design are significantly different from each other. This strategy not only increases your chances in the competition but also allows each design to be distinctly recognized and appreciated for its unique qualities.

Definitely! We encourage entries from around the globe. The A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award is not only a platform to showcase your work internationally but also a celebration of global design talent. Indeed, A' Design Award plays a crucial role in managing the World Design Rankings, with participation from almost every country annually. This makes it one of the most international design accolades, showcasing a diverse range of perspectives and design philosophies from different cultures and regions.

Moreover, we are committed to ensuring that our competition is accessible to a global audience. We publish the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award results in over 100 languages, making it easier for designers from all corners of the world to participate and understand the competition's outcomes. This inclusivity underscores our dedication to celebrating and promoting design excellence on an international stage. So, no matter where you are from, the A' Design Award offers you a unique opportunity to gain worldwide recognition and be part of an esteemed community of global designers.

No worries! Winners who cannot attend the A' Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design Award ceremony are still fully eligible to receive their awards and benefits, ensuring global recognition regardless of physical presence. For those who are unable to travel to Italy for the ceremony, we offer a convenient solution. Winners can simply request the delivery of their trophy, certificate, and yearbooks directly to their addresses by ordering the Winner Kit shipments.

This service ensures that all camping gear winners, regardless of their location or ability to attend the ceremony, can receive their well-deserved accolades. It's our way of making sure that every winner gets to celebrate their success and enjoy the prestige of the A' Design Award, even if they can't be there in person. The trophy, certificate, and yearbook serve as tangible symbols of your achievement and creativity, adding value and recognition to your professional portfolio.

Yes, you can submit the same camping gear to multiple categories if it fits the criteria for more than one. This approach can increase the visibility and recognition of your camping gear across different fields. However, each category submission requires a separate nomination process and fee. It is crucial to note that you cannot use the same exact presentation for each submission. Different key visuals and showcase images must be used for several important reasons.

Firstly, to ensure you are making an optimized entry. Different categories often require presentations tailored to highlight specific aspects of your design. A targeted presentation can more effectively showcase the strengths of your camping gear in the context of each category. Secondly, varied visuals can optimize for increased media pickup. Submitting the same design with different visuals offers a broader opportunity for journalists to feature your work, as it provides them with a range of angles and stories to cover.

Lastly, distinct presentations can be advantageous for the jury’s assessment process. Unique and category-specific presentations allow jurors to better appreciate the versatility and adaptability of your camping gear. Therefore, when making multiple entries of the same design, highly distinct and thoughtfully crafted presentations are recommended. This strategy not only enhances your chances for recognition in the competition but also maximizes your design's potential for media exposure and jury appreciation.

Media Partners

At the A' Design Award and Competition, we are honored to collaborate with the world's foremost media, publications, press, and channels, bringing you the latest in art, architecture, design, technology, and innovation. Our Media Partners and Press Network spotlight award-winning designs from all facets of the design business, offering a window into the vibrant world of design trends and ongoing conversations. We invite you to discover, follow, and be inspired by these insights, and also encourage you to explore the A' Design Award's results announcements, where creativity and ingenuity find global recognition and set the stage for future design trends.

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